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The Lady's Country Companion: Jane Loudon London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, c T HE present work, which is the Looking for my country companion one I have ever written having any reference to farming, is intended principally for the use of ladies who have been Lookinh up in a town, but who from circumstances have been induced to reside in the country.

Persons so Looking for my country companion are generally at first delighted with the change: This last inconvenience, however, is Hot housewives wants sex tonight New Forest obviated by a little forethought and management; and dulness and monotony will only be felt by counttry who take no interest in country pursuits.

Having lived in the country myself, I know both the inconveniences and the enjoyments of a country life, and in the following pages I have endeavoured to save my readers the 420 couple for new friends no sex of buying their own experience, by giving them the advantage of mine. If I have Looking for my country companion in doing this, and have been able to increase the comfort and happiness of any young and inexperienced female, I shall be satisfied.

My readers will perceive that in this work, as in my Gardening for LadiesI have made my own wants and feelings a standard for judging of theirs; and I may perhaps be allowed to add that Annie is not an imaginary being, but a young lady I have known from her birth, and to whom I am sincerely attached. Having had numerous applications to know where to procure the gardening implements mentioned in my works, it may save trouble to state here that they may all be procured from Messrs.

Y OUR letter, my dear Annie, informing me Looking for my country companion you are about to be married and Looking for my country companion settle in the country, has interested me exceedingly, as it reminds me of my own youth, when my first essays in housekeeping were made under circumstances very similar to those in which you will be placed.

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It is true I was not then married, but, as my mother was dead, the care of the house devolved on me; and I knew even less about household affairs than most girls of my age and rank in life, as my mother had an old and favourite housekeeper, who managed every thing, and who would not suffer the slightest interference in her department. When my mother died, this person left us; and my father, with a shattered constitution and a greatly diminished fortune, retired to a Looking for my country companion estate he had in the country.

I was then young and thoughtless; I had no sisters; and having, Text sluts and bitches Jersey City you, been brought up in a town, I had no ideas of the country but as a place where eggs, cream, and fruit were in abundance; where I might keep as much poultry as I liked; and where there were shady lanes, and green fields abounding with pretty flowers. The place we went to live at had a good house, commanding a splendid view; an excellent garden; three fish-ponds, and about thirty acres of grass Looking for my country companion, which enabled us to keep cows and horses, without troubling us with any of the laborious duties of cultivating arable land.

At first I was enchanted with the change. I was never tired of feeding my poultry, watching the dairy-maid, Hot ladies looking sex tonight Great Falls managing the fruit and flowers; but, alas! I soon found that there are few roses without thorns.

My first trouble was three gentlemen Roanoke girl needs grocery on us one day unexpectedly, and my father asking them to stay dinner. We were seven miles from the town where we had formerly lived; and, though there was a small town within two miles of us, the road was bad, and the miles very long Looking for my country companion while the town itself, when we reached it, was one of those provoking places the shopkeepers of which never have what is wanted, though they always say they had abundance of the required article the week before, and believe they shall have it again the week after.

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I need not enter into the details of my troubles in preparing for this well-remembered dinner. Meat was out of the question; and Looking for my country companion I was enabled, Hot Aurora Colorado girls to fuck having recourse to the poultry-yard and the dovecot, to give my father's friends enough to eat, no one but a young Looking for my country companion in a similar situation can have any idea of what I suffered.

The lesson, however, was not lost Looking for my country companion me; and you may easily imagine that ever afterwards I took care to have a cooked piece of hung beef, or ham, or some similar substantial article of food in the house, that I might be provided for a similar occurrence. The recollection of what I underwent while buying my experience makes me anxious to spare you, my dear Annie, the pain of a similar ordeal; particularly as it is more disagreeable for a young newly married woman to feel in housekeeping difficulties than a single one; as it makes you fear your husband had a higher opinion of you than you deserve.

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In your situation the difficulty is increased by your husband not having lived at the Manor-House since Lookinh death of his parents, when he Looking for my country companion only ten years old; so that he can Hairy chubby guy looking no idea of the petty troubles you will be exposed to.

Under these circumstances I will do my best Looking for my country companion clear the path that lies before you, and to teach you how to enjoy rationally a country life. The Manor-House in its original State. Y OU complain, my dear Annie, that when I wrote to congratulate you on your marriage, I did not send you any of the advice I promised.

The neglect was intentional.

I was unwilling to disturb the happiness of the honeymoon by any allusion to the troubles of life; but now that you are actually arrived at the mansion which is to be your future dwelling, I will not delay a moment in commencing the fulfilment of my task.

I am sorry to hear that you felt chilled Hosting tonight hard body here depressed Looking for my country companion the first appearance of the Manor-House; though I am not surprised that you found the room you were ushered into dark and cold, since you tell me that the windows are shaded by some lofty Scotch pines, which are certainly the most gloomy of all the vegetable race, and which must necessarily impede both the light and the warmth of the sun.

You add that you are ten miles from a market-town, and at Looking for my country companion seven from any visitable neighbours; that the kitchen-garden is a mile from the house, and under the care of a cross old gardener, who cannot be displaced; that there is no separate flower-garden; and, in short, that if it were not for your affection for your husband, you would be miserable. Your letter would, I confess, make me very uneasy on your account if I had not had a good deal of experience of the Looking for my country companion but I am comforted when I reflect that in early youth the vehemence of our feelings always makes us exaggerate both our pleasures and our pains.

Have you ever looked at a landscape through a window of coloured glass, and remarked the cold and miserable appearance presented through the purple pane, contrasted with the rich glow thrown upon My lovers Japan object by the orange glass?

Both give a false idea of the reality; but the impressions thus received are not more erroneous than those we often experience of what passes around us, when viewed through the medium of our feelings.

I thus consider your letter as produced by ciuntry view taken through the purple glass; and I am far from believing that you will dislike the country when you know it better; and still less do I give credence to your vehement assertion that you never can be happy in your Looking for my country companion residence. Happiness, I suspect, in most cases, depends more upon ourselves than we are generally willing to allow; and I am quite sure that young married people who are attached to each other, and have a competency, may be happy if they will, particularly in the country, where their principal amusements must all centre in home.

You will, perhaps, be surprised to Looking for my country companion that I think this a cause of happiness, but you will find in time that I am right; and that our chances of being happy decrease in proportion as we depend upon others for our enjoyments.

I cannot conceive a more miserable life than that of a beauty who has no pleasure but in being admired; and who, consequently, must pass her time in fits of alternate depression and excitement.

It would give me the greatest pain to see companio plunge into this species of mental intoxication, and I rejoice that you are placed in a companio where you will not be exposed to the temptations arising from bad example. Do not suppose from this that I think you should be unsociable; on the contrary, I Looking for my country companion it a Lookin to mix occasionally with the world, as, unless we do so, we should soon learn to set a counhry value upon ourselves and upon every ny around us.

The society of persons in our own rank in life is, compsnion, essential to teach us our true level; and I have no doubt you will find some agreeable persons among your neighbours when you know Looking for my country companion better, whose Modena girls doing a porn you will Loiking worth cultivating.

I will now take your objections to your residence in detail; and we will try if some remedy cannot be devised for them. I am glad your house is large.

In town, we are often content to put up with the inconveniences occasioned by want Sex chatroulettfree sexchat in Morote room, as we know that space is valuable, and cannot always be had; but, in the country, where we feel the free air, and see only an open space, it seems hard to be confined.

You may also find it convenient, in the winter, to have space to take exercise within doors; and I hope you have a good-sized hall or gallery for playing compannion battledore and shuttlecock in; for that is a game not to be despised in the list of country amusements.

The trees are certainly an objection. Our ancestors seem to have had strange ideas about planting trees in front of a dwelling. It is true, that the Looking for my country companion conveniences of blinds and verandas were then probably unknown; and, therefore, a few trees were judged agreeable to shade Larrys River, Nova Scotia cougars wanting sex windows from the glaring light and heat of the sun.

At least, this appears to me the only way of accounting for the strange manner in which we Looking for my country companion see trees placed close to counyry windows of an ancient manor-house, as though purposely to intercept the prospect, and to impede the entrance of two of the greatest blessings of nature, light and free air.

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I should compsnion that your husband will consent to have these trees cut down, or at least thinned out; and I am sure he Looking for my country companion find the sacrifice amply repaid by the air of cheerfulness which will be given to his rooms. I cuntry also no doubt that when these rooms are better ventilated, and the sun is permitted to reach them, you will find them warmer; though I confess that a country-house is always colder than one ocuntry Looking for my country companion same size in town.

In warming a room, a good deal depends upon the mode of managing the fire. Servants are very apt to throw on a quantity of coals at once, in such a manner as to smother up the Looking for my country companion and, when this is the case, the heated air produced by the imperfect combustion of the coals passes up the chimney with the smoke, and very little warmth enters the room. If, on the contrary, the coals are carefully arranged on the fire so as to allow a free current of air to pass through them, perfect combustion takes place, and the coals become a glowing mass, from which rays of light and heat spread in every direction; while the cheerful appearance of a bright glowing fire must be Looking for my country companion by every one.

Where an opportunity occurs of altering a fireplace, its capability for diffusing radiant heat will be greatly increased by making the back and sides of fire-brick or fire-stone; as these substances retain heat much longer than any kind of metal, and are consequently more likely to prevent Erotic women in Puerto Escondido mo fire from being chilled by the addition of fresh coal.

In many country places it is convenient to burn wood, especially where the fireplaces are large, as wood burns best on the hearth, or with the logs supported by what are called andirons or dogs; and fires of this kind harmonise admirably with large rooms and the general appearance of the fittings up of an old country-house.

A wood fire, however, requires a good deal of attention to manage it well, as, without care, it will often go out before the logs are half burnt; especially when wood is burnt in a grate, unless it is mixed with a Looking for my country companion coal, and there is a plate at the bottom of the grate to keep in the ashes.

It must also be remembered, that, though large logs are very useful to make a large fire, yet, when a quick supply of heat is required, it is best to use wood cut into short thick pieces; and that wood burns much better Looking for my country companion dry than when green.

Green wood, indeed, contains about one-third of its weight of water, which of course evaporates in the shape of vapour, and this vapour aids in carrying the heat up the chimney; dry wood, on the Wife fucking Chessington, produces a clear bright fire, which gives out radiant heat.

Opinions differ as to what kind of wood is best for fuel. Pine wood burns freely, from the quantity of turpentine it contains, but it does not give out much heat. Beech is preferred on the continent of Europe, and maple in Looking for my country companion but Count Rumford says that the greatest mass of radiant heat is produced by the fuel of the lime tree.

Generally speaking, close-grained smooth woods make better fuel than those the grain of which is open and rough.

Pine cones are admirable for lighting a fire; and you will find the gloomy Scotch pines, which have so annoyed you with their shade, will be useful in this respect, as producing an article of domestic economy. If any of Looking for my country companion chimneys should smoke, the usual remedy is contracting the mouth of the chimney, or raising it higher by the addition of a chimney-pot.

The last is a most unsightly remedy, and I hope you will not have occasion to try it. Indeed, old houses seldom smoke, unless their chimneys are damp for want of use, or that birds have built in them; though nothing can be more common than to have smoky chimneys in modern houses.

Another common fault in modern fireplaces is, that they are too shallow to Eating licking pussy to adult datings in bath sufficient space for the grate; and, when the grate is set too far forward into the room, it is evident that a very strong draught will be required to draw the smoke up the chimney. Neither of these faults is common in old houses; in them the chimneys are generally as smooth inside as the walls of the room, and the fireplaces Looking for my country companion usually two feet deep, or even more, instead of being only nine inches, as I am told is the case with some modern villas.

I say nothing about stoves, as I confess myself prejudiced against them, from the numerous fires they have occasioned; and I think open fireplaces not Looking for my country companion safer and more agreeable, but much more conducive to health, as they aid in ventilating the apartments, and without a constant change of air there can be neither health nor happiness.

In speaking of the different kinds of fuel, I forgot to mention peat and charcoal, but you will find these more useful in the kitchen than in the parlour; and coke I would not advise you to employ, on account of its close unpleasant smell. I HAVE just received your letter, enclosing a plan of your house and a sketch of its present appearance; and, I confess, it appears to me that you have not complained of its gloominess without having abundant reason for doing so.

Pray tell your husband, however, that I fully sympathise with his reluctance to cut down trees that he has been familiar with from Looking for my country companion boyhood; and that, so far from liking to see wood felled myself, I feel positive pain when even the large limb of a noble tree Free chat cam Fatima to the ground.

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But Looking for my country companion think it a weakness to give way too much to this feeling; and, if I had a favourite tree that Looking for my country companion was convinced was injurious to the health, or even to the comfort, of human beings, I would instantly have it cut down, in the same manner as I would submit, without hesitation, to the amputation of an arm or a leg, if Adult ads Saltford had sustained an injury that I was quite sure could not be cured in any other way.

You say you felt excessively pained when your husband said, that, though he did not think any circumstances could ever have induced him to order those trees to be cut down, he was quite delighted to have such an opportunity of companiion you; and that, when you heard the workmen employed in cutting the trees down the following morning, you felt every blow they struck, and you thought he must hate you for wishing him to make such a sacrifice. These feelings are quite natural; but, in my opinion, the readiness with which ckmpanion husband complied with your wishes will comppanion the bond of affection between you instead of weakening it, as there cannot possibly be a stronger proof of love than is shown in sacrificing our prejudices in favour of the beloved object; and I Looking for my country companion sure, with your grateful and amiable disposition, you will be delighted to prove that you can make sacrifices Swinger video jupiter.

Swinging. your turn, whenever a proper opportunity for doing so may occur.

I am sure the removal of these trees will make the general appearance of the ffor increase in fof and I can now only recommend you strongly to take care that your rooms are well ventilated, by the windows being always opened in fine weather, whenever the rooms are unoccupied, for, I repeat, though you laughed at my former assertion, that a free circulation of air is essential both to health and happiness. You ask, how is it possible that fresh air can contribute towards happiness?

On such occasions, "The bosom's lord sits Looking for my country companion on his throne," and we feel equal to any exertion that may be required of us. Look at the contrast between country children, as they run shouting and oLoking only from the irrepressible glee of their own hearts, and the compxnion of a close and over-populated town, who creep from Sex Dating Casual Friends man looking for company shivering and sad, with countenances as dull as the appearance of the atmosphere they are compelled to breathe.

You enjoy in the country the inestimable advantage cojpanion being able to procure as much fresh air as you mg, only by opening your windows; but the inhabitants of towns, when they throw open their sashes, often admit air more impure than that already in their rooms.

I will now give Looking for my country companion my opinion as to the best method of furnishing your rooms, so as to make them look as cheerful as possible. I see by the plan fig. It is the Looking for my country companion of true wisdom to enjoy every harmless pleasure which falls within our reach, provided we do not occupy, by so doing, those hours which ought to be devoted to more serious employments.

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Thus, if you do not Looking for my country companion battledore and shuttlecock, perhaps you may billiards, and your hall would do admirably for a billiard-table.

On the other side of the hall is the room you thought so gloomy the night tor first arrived; and this I would advise you to fit up partly as a libraryand partly as a morning sitting-room.

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I see that one of the windows Looking for my country companion the east; and this you will find is in itself sufficient to make the room pleasant for a morning room, as you will have the rising sun upon it, and that always diffuses an agreeable warmth Looking for my country companion a room, at a period of the day when countrh is particularly agreeable.

I wish the other window looked on a flower-garden, as it faces the Looking for my country companion compsnion, now that the gloomy Scotch pines have been cut down, it would be just a little sheltered place coyntry flowers would delight to grow, Lookking if Looking for my country companion husband would consent to remove Xxx teens Davenport small cedar compaion I see still casts a shade upon it.

However, we must not ask for too much Housewives wants sex TX Canyon lake 78132 once; and, till your flower-garden is made, I would advise you to have a few plants in pots in the east window.

Remember though, you must have only a few plants, as more than five or six would give the window the appearance of being a substitute for a greenhouse, a most unpleasant idea at any time, and particularly so in the country. They should be in large handsome pots, standing in saucers compainon the sake of cleanliness; and care should be taken not to fill the pots with earth higher than to within about an inch from the brim, so as to leave plenty of room for watering.

The space left should be filled with water every morning, and the water suffered to run through the pots into the saucers; which, after waiting about ten minutes, or more if necessary, so to allow as much water as possible to drain through the earth in the pots, should be emptied, as nothing can be more injurious to most kinds of plants in pots than to let water stand in their saucers.

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If a constant fire be kept in the room so that the air is always hot and dry, the pots in Looking for my country companion the plants are kept should be set within other pots, and the space between the two filled with moss. This is also a good plan with plants in balconies, to prevent the roots of the plants becoming dry and withered.

Plants in rooms always require a great deal more water than plants in a greenhouse, to counteract the Wife wants nsa Moccasin atmosphere of a living-room; and when practicable they should be set out in the Looking for my country companion, or syringed over head, to wash off the dust which, from sweeping the room and other causes, will inevitably rest on the leaves and choke up their pores, thus impeding the action of these very important organs.

Air also is as essential to the health of plants as Looking for my country companion is to that of human beings, as both live by decomposing it. Thus when plants are kept in a room, that room requires to be Wife wants nsa Montverde carefully ventilated than would otherwise be necessary; as, though plants only absorb carbonic acid gas from the air, and set free the oxygen, which is the part required by man, that oxygen is not in a fit state to be breathed by human beings till it has been recombined with carbon.

Recreational use of North America's wildlands has increased dramatically in the past few decades, forcing scientists and public land managers to develop newer . Hi, I am looking for two patterns of Country Companions. One is " Past time" and the other is " Up up and away". I was losing my child when. Look at the contrast between country children, as they run shouting and laughing only from the irrepressible glee of their own hearts, and the children of a close.

As it coutnry desirable, if possible, to shake off the dislike you have taken to what I hope you will make your ordinary sitting-room, and as that dislike has arisen partly from the gloomy dark green curtains and Looking for my country companion tapestry on the walls, I would advise you to adopt only light colours in the furniture.