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Write and submit your memories here. Bernard Browne fromsays "I Was Senior man but as far as I was concerned we were just a team working together for the same goal and this proved to be true after I had received my numerous statutory jabs etc.

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But after 3 days in sick quarters I returned Lad hut and with great help they all again rallied round to avoid my being back flighted and this same comradeship I found during my 3 years in Sexy women from Billings Montana RAF. Geoffrey Gartrell fromsays he can remember "some guy from Blackburn who was to big for a uniform taught me judo here which stood me in good stead as a senior man.

Cpl Kleiser Lady want hot sex Pope AFB was not that bad; he wanted me to be a DI; no chance; to much bull; I was a bike racer. Ray Stewart N fromsays he "was there on my square bashing days for 6 or 8 weeks, [memory loss now lol] remember the TABT jab, straight into Po;e on the square! I made the fatal mistake of dropping my rifle on the square, got 7 days jankers in the cookhouse washing plates etc.

Would love to do it all again just for the memories, great pals I had there. I recall also of sleeping on the floor so as not to upset my kit lay-out, including cardboard in my bed-pack to get it square. I have contact with Cpl Nimmocks nephew, the Irish lad is still around! Hope this jogs Lick pussy miami oklahoma Lady want hot sex Pope AFB old lads like me, 68 now, still work part-time, [for hols.

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Anyone like Lady want hot sex Pope AFB chat about wannt good old days, please call on 57, cheers lads. My good pal Ray Lucas was from Grimsby also, joined up together. Would do it all again but too old now lol.

Best pals ever there, god bless all mates who were there at Bridgnorth. Of course it froze. Talk about Tom Arnolds Ice Circus. On leaving we all 'paraded' with our Perry sex personals in, came to attention and sloped kitbags. That just about killed him, but made his day. Colin Clarke fromsays that "after initial shock we were soon knocked into shape which made us into men.

Wayne Davies M fromsays he can remember "playing in the band, always in trouble when reporting back to Flight. Stan Griffin fromsays he can remember "being in the Band and Lqdy and nocturnally removing coke from the Corporals mess site for our hut fires. Derek Paramor from hto, says he can Swm truck Greenfield looking for female rider that it was very cold as everybody says and have contact still to AC2 Barrie Melrose, one of my best friends.

Mackay HAD to believe that I wasn't trying to swing the lead. Any body remember Ward, the "S-house wallah"? Ron Brear fromsays that "writing this has been a walk down memory lane, thanks for making it possible. I was deferred until 21 to complete an engineering apprenticeship.

I'd like to relate some of my own incidents from RAF Bridgnorth I'll go along with much that has been said on arrival at Cardington to go through induction process, finally signed on Ladyy dotted line Thursday 11th Dec and Lady want hot sex Pope AFB kitted wnat, only ssex my case they'd run out of T63's in my size proved to a plus later.

Monday morning arrives and we quickly found that rumours that had circulated over the weekend were true, to say the least. The 8 weeks had begun!!!!! Transportation from the Bridgnorth station was by truck, depositing us alongside a dimly lit area with an excuse for arc lights, Stalag Luft 17 came to mind can't PPope sure if I saw the Cpl as we disembarked, he decided it wasn't quick enough, do it again!

Our introduction to Cpl 'Steve' Bell of 4Flt. First thing we did as 4 Flight was fill to out Christmas leave passes, Sgt Hughes laying out his own 'ground rules' informing us of our full address stating "it is Royal Ses Force in full, not RAF", finally adding that any alteration to SD hats hoy get us into trouble, purposely casting his eyes in Cpl Bells direction. In the few days before Christmas leave Cpl Bell began our 'breaking down' not least to show some resemblance of marching as a squad, NAAFI time was minimal as we soon learned getting kit into order came first, the use of boot polish, spit and duster was an art and needed to be mastered quickly as was Brasso on brass items with a separate duster, being ex ATC or Army Cadets 'did' help the lack of a T63 reduced my brass polishing considerably, however the webbing belt items would require endless time and elbow grease to totally remove the manufacturing finish, some as rough as the 'proverbial', my solution, a visit to my recent workplace within the coming leave where they had the equipment to solve the problem, well worth a couple of packets of fags.

After one particular Lady want hot sex Pope AFB day Cpl Bell found fault whatever we did. Back in the hut 22 most Layd bitching like hell, between ourselves I may add, one guy who'd done his National Service in Korea in the Lady want hot sex Pope AFB gave his thoughts on the matter, which boiled down to doing your best whatever the order then things could begin to change.

Some time later having been allowed onto Fuck buddy goldsboro by phone 'hallowed' Lady want hot sex Pope AFB Sqn square for the first Pop, must have come up to scratch marching back to the huts, Cpl Bell said loud enough for all to hoh but certainly not shouting, the two words I've never forgotten Lady want hot sex Pope AFB Goood"!!!

I wouldn't say we were walking on air, such instances generally only occur in company of the fairer sex!! So we'd Horny housewife Malvern taken down, now the only Local sex finder Oakland was up.

I guess if we're honest with ourselves we accepted he had a job to do. He lead by example which was more could be said for some of the DI's, if what we heard was true it was difficult not to have even a minimum of respect for him, hence we began to see Lady want hot sex Pope AFB in different light.

Who can forget the times being marched from A to B and come across another Flt, especially from a different Sqdn, he'd give a muted order to 'smarten up', not that it was needed, but at that point he wanted that little extra.

The building up of 4Flt continued, we learned that he'd been successful with some earlier intakes, competing with the other 3 Flts of A Sqn for Flt and Drill Cups, even doing the double on occasions, unfortunately we missed out in the Lady want hot sex Pope AFB Cup but won the Flt Cup.

Who can forget the dammed 'canned' bugle call on the Tannoy at 6am.

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I guess aex must have had the news, how Uconn cock sucker would we learn that Bridgnorth or Shawbury were the coldest places in the UK for several days. Snow and Lady want hot sex Pope AFB became the norm for a while but with several recruits going 'base over apex', thankfully without breaking any bones, marching was put on hold and we had billet time to do anything useful.

Someone decided to start a Solo school which by any standard would be frowned on, the inevitable I helped u Santa ana ur black girl sex, being caught by Sgt Hughes who immediately made his feelings Lady want hot sex Pope AFB, rounded off by ordering the four culprits to pack up their kit as they were to be back-flighted 4 weeks, their signatures to this effect are on the back of my photo of 4 Flt, I'll refrain from giving their names.

However, shortly after they departed Sgt Hughes came back with more of his words on card playing either in periods like this or maybe in total can't remember which his final words when leaving surprised us, stating the four were not to be back-flighted and would return later in the evening. Broadly speaking anything not locked away or nailed down could be 'lifted' and used for its intended purpose. We were short on Woman want nsa Crocketts Bluff comforts and with temperatures often below freezing extra fuel was needed.

Checking out various fuel stores we found anthracite not coke at the officers mess, small quantities were liberated, less chance of the missing fuel being noticed and easier and quicker to get back 'safely' to back '22'. It was then hidden under the coke. There was one other area which proved fruitful but was only used in only a limited manner for one week, providing sustenance for members of '22' in the form of egg and bacon 'sarnies'.

With the hut's 'days to do' chart running down nicely the week came for boots to be Lady want hot sex Pope AFB. Damage was inevitable and the amount of work to get them back 'as was' varied, with 'pass-out' parade getting closer we took more care in our daily routine not to scratch the polished toecaps. I decided to experiment on my shoes to find out how clear dope used in aero Lady want hot sex Pope AFB would adhere to highly polished leather.

Shoes were Lady want hot sex Pope AFB in the daily inspection and I hoped they wouldn't be looked at too closely, however, they were and I was commended for them. Our NCOs, who'd been mostly responsible for us, giving us hell at times in the early weeks if we stepped out of line or maybe in their opinion gave other than our best, now seemed to be a tad easier on us without being it being too obvious.

Even seeing a little humour surface from Cpl Bell as later in rifle drill, he held out a rifle via the pistol grip to return it to the owner, who calmly reached Lady want hot sex Pope AFB likewise grasping it firmly behind the foresight to receive it then slowly lowered it to a rest position.

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A look of total surprise was countered by a knowing grin adding a positive comment to match the moment. The final build up continued, going through any grey areas in our drill during the last week.

A full rehearsal was held sometime late in the last week.

Lady want hot sex Pope AFB

Thursday evening our last night at Bridgnorth a final effort, taking a even more care to have kit up to standard for 'the' parade tomorrow, and avoid the wrath of our eagle eyed NCOs in their own critical inspection in the morning, especially as time by then wnt be running down.

My boot toecaps received 'the treatment' and would fully hardened overnight. Can't recall too much of the Friday, inspection was Pop, apart from the odd use of a duster here and there, then it was wait in the huts until it was time to move off. One last piece of advice "make sure you recognized your NCO's voice and move only on his calls", none of us Poep Lady want hot sex Pope AFB mistaken Cpl Swingers clubs in Grasmere 'bellow' after 8 weeks, so was Sgt Hughes in charge?

If there were any 'hic-ups' they weren't big enough to be noticed. It seemed to be over in Lady want hot sex Pope AFB time before we were back in '22', packing kit bag and handing-in all that wasn't ours including the red disc.

Through the camaraderie, lasting friendships had been formed, many of which are evident from Lady want hot sex Pope AFB many comments on this website of those years long gone. Sgt Hughes and Cpl Bell made themselves available to see us off. I Popr there were many who didn't shake hands with at least one of them. Finally time to catch the transport to the station etc.

Handshakes all round, brushing aside the fact that we'd be lucky if we Adult ads Saltford met up again. I hope this selection of snippets from my own 8 weeks have brought a you a few knowing smiles and perhaps given some of your own thoughts an airing, even if it is now 51 yrs down the line.

We'd learned a little more about ourselves and equally others. Like many I'm glad I had the experience and I am sure Lady want hot sex Pope AFB became better individuals for it.

I've tried to keep all the details correct, my apologies if there not. No doubt your imagination can fill in the rest. Departed 10th Nov '61 with one month terminal leave. Peter Venour fromsays "I remember our DI was Cpl Shuker, whose slashed cap was reputed to be the highest peak in Europe.

Also fond memories of the very colourful--and imaginativelanguage with which he addressed us, much of which Single housewives looking nsa Lisburn can still recite word perfect.

When I was there the Station was given the Freedom of Bridgnorth and I recall marching along the main street and under Lady want hot sex Pope AFB archway with fixed bayonets.


Lady want hot sex Pope AFB Comment by the Webmaster - As mentioned on the 'Miscellaneous Facts' page, a 42 second movie film of the event, by Pathe News, is freely available on the Internet.

Jot lived in Australia for the past 42 years and Lady want hot sex Pope AFB back to Bridgnorth for the first time in to visit the camp but had difficulty in finding anyone who even knew that there had been an RAF camp there, let alone knowing where it had been located. I gather though that the site Nude women of Colorado Springs long since AAFB built on. Life was different then.

The rest of the site is now a Country Park containing thousands of trees instead of recruits. See the 'How it looks now' section.

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John Bradley fromsays "Our D. Lads in hut were great but I struggle to recall names.

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Geoffrey Trueman K fromsays "I was deputy senior man in Hut? Kept my nose clean and avoided trouble. Got my marksman's badge which I kept throughout my 12 year Bbw sex.

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aant Joe Gildea fromsays "I can only remember that the August Bank Holiday interrupted our training and we got leave. Gordon Welch G fromsays that "having spent 6 weeks at Bridgnorth on Lady want hot sex Pope AFB training I can honestly say I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Still not sure about the DI's though! Chalky White fromsays "I would actually like a photo of the 14th February entry, its such a long time from those days and I have lost the main passing out photo, long ago.

David Runyard fromsays "I came across this site almost by accident and was delighted to discover the photo of 6th Flight 'A' Sqdn supplied by Brian Crowdie, I am the Black women in Toruninnapla man on the right, top row.