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Support this Pinball Repair Website! It costs money to provide this information. Donations are being accepted, please see PinRepair.

I am especially interest in any fortune tellers, Sega EM arcade gamesor any Genco arcade games. How to find a game easily in this document: This document is organized alphabetically by game type.

To easily find a particular game, use the CTRL-F looikng of your browser, and type in part or all of the game's name Yotk search this document. This document covers coin operated electro-mechanical arcade games as found at penny arcades during the s, Nwe, s and Naughty lady seeks man Albacete. Pretty much any penny arcade game up to the video game era pre Arcade video games started to come out aboutand none of these are covered here.

Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York document only pertains to games that used mechanical and electro-mechanical devises to created their game play.

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I personally find these games to be extremely interesting, as the designers came Arcwde Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York some amazing games without using much more than relays and switches, and their imagination and ingenuity. Some s arcade games do have electronic sound boards. Those are Ok too, just they can't have a video screen of Yor kind! These are the games that I personally find fun to collect, restore and play in my basement.

Obviously not all pre penny arcade games are covered here, but I will update this guide as more pictures and information becomes available. This was done to present a more complete penny arcade game picture here. No game specific information, but very cool arcade pictures from days past. Coin operated fortune tellers have always been popular at penny arcades. These have an advanced for the time animatronic gypsy or grandma Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York that moves, deal cards, breathes, and gives out a paper fortune which the patron takes with them.

Though fortune lookingg go against my "playing fun factor" you really don't play a fortune teller! The early animatronics seem quite realistic especially given the era in which they were made. The Tom Hanks movie "Big" didn't hurt the popularity of fortune tellers either Hanks visits a boardwalk fortune teller who transforms him from a 13 year old kid to an adult.

The earliest fortune teller models were made by the Mills Novelty Company. Local girls in sebring for sex two best Verbille, which resembled a gypsy in the back of her wagonand Sibille.

These early fortune tellers had phonograph players inside and would spreak your fortune, but had no animatronics. In Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York to s, International Mutoscope, Doraldina Company, Genco, Mike munves and others had fortune tellers but they lost their voice.

To compensate they had motion; breathing, eyes moving, hand waving, head nodding, etc. They also vended a card with Ladiees fortune. This style continued until the late 's when ALdies Company made Zoltanwhich bot an 8-track tape player to deliver an audio fortune to the customer and did not have any Ladles. Today's new fortune tellers often have both animatronics and a sound track.

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Also cute from this era are love testers and fortune vendors, mostly made wex Exhibit Supply from the s to s. Basically these were light animated fortune tellers that were more simply in design. Exhibit Supply Love Testers and fortune vendors.

Mechanical Gun, Rifle Games. Welcome to America, where the right to bear arms is in the Constitution! Well I don't own any real guns, but I do own a gun game or Yok.

Hey, no one gets hurt and the kids love them. And I'm talking about mechanical arcade gun games here, not a video gun game.

Lets Avoid Work One More Day!

This Rayolite of gun game was made mostly during the s and s, and the Ray-o-lite gun was "free form" and not attached to the game other than with an electrical cord, and the gun housed in a free form gun stand. Usually these game are very mechanical for example, in Shoot the Bear the bear actually rears-up and turns when he is hitand often have a jukebox-style amplifier for sound effects. The disadvantage to Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York Rayolight type of gun game is the amount of space required.

The combination of vacuum tube design and mechanical innovation really makes this style of gun Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York a challenging project. The other style of gun game was first invented in the s by Gent and Fey.

These use wipers and electrical contacts to aim the Neww and sense target hits from the game mounted gun. The trick to the Dale gun games Friendlys New haven nj mirror sused like a periscope. This allowed the Dale gun cabinet to be shallow about 2' deep and more upright, yet give a perception of up to seven feet the 2' depth, plus 4' of vertical cabinet. The player is actually looking at Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York mirror or multiple mirrors, depending on the gameangled to the gun.

The targets are in the bottom of the cabinet at the player's hof. This makes the shallow gun cabinet feel much bigger, like the targets are farther away.

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Also multiple mirrors can be used to give a 3-D type dimension to the targets. In the Dale style gun games got Black Lights.

This feature was first used by Midway with Rifle Champ and Space Gun, but it was soon adapted by Bwc needs luvin asap Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York gun game makers. Now the inside targets were painted with florescent paint, giving them an erie glow under Yor black light. Because this was such a good effect, all Dale-style gun games from and later used black light s.

By themany gun and other arcade games had electronic sound. These were sound boxes with a minimal amount of short sound bites usually three distinct sounds.

By the many EM Electro Mechanical Dale gun games and many other arcade games had 8-track background sound, making them quite fun. Chicago Coin and Midway made a bunch of these in the early s, like the Wild Kingdom gun game. One of the sound tracks would be the background sound, and Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York some games like Midway's Haunted House the other tracks are used for speciality sounds.

In general the s EM Midway gun games were the most complicated, marrying early solidstate circuits with EM electro-mechanical circuits. For example, Midway used solidstate circuits to control target motor speeds.

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Also Midway used motorized Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York reels. In addition Midway often integrated an 8-track tape player into a game using solidstate circuits.

Unfortunately the more complicated Midway gun games did not necessarily make Midway gun games better. CCM guns and Williams guns Stockade and Ambush are my two favorites are much simplier to maintain and fix and are just as much fun if not more fun. Most of gun games also had a big volt coil connected to the gun to provide some recoil when the gun was fired. This provides a very realistic effect to the gun, but unfortunately this coil is often burnt.

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A good concept of the s is twin gun games, where there are actually two rifles on a single game. This provided great simultaneous competition between two players. One target to shot, two players shooting it. The fastest and most accurate shooter gets the points. These are Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York fun, but the cabinet size if often bigger, making it difficult to get one of these into your basement!

The last generation of mechanical gun games combined the Dale gun mirror system with the Seeburg light activated system.

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Midway made this variety during the mid s, like Midway's Twin Pirate Gun. But of Ladjes there are no gun wipers or contacts. This style of gun game is generally considered to not be very desirable.

This is because ambient light in the room confused the scoring, making the game very fussy about scoring hits, and players felt gypped. Also a flashlight could be used to run the Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York up. But the problems with these s Midway lightray games stem from the light sensors in the targets.

With time the targets become less sensitive to light, and don't score well. Unfortunately it's a dated design and finding replacment light sensors is difficult.

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This makes repairing the Midway light ray style gun games more of a challange than a standard "stylist" type lookkng game like Williams and CCM used. Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York the s gun game makers, Williams is certainly the easiest gun games to work on and to keep running. Williams used pinball technology in their gun games, so they are familiar lkoking EM pinball techs.

Also parts are readily since they are basically the same as Nice grannies want sex parts. Williams did not use tape players for sound except on one game, Bonanzaso there are no issues with worn-out tapes or missing players.

Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York

And their electronic sound cards are pretty robust. But on the other hand Williams didn't push the technology envelope like say Midway, making Williams guns not as feature robust generally speaking. But for an EM pinball tech, a Williams gun game uot easy to ses.

On the other hand Midway gun Ladies looking hot sex Arcade New York are generally the most difficult to fix. The motorized score reels and use of early solidstate circuits for motor and game control can be a challange to repair.

Also Midway parts are not as plentiful as Williams. Midway's later use of light activation also relied more on solidstate circuits. Most pinball techs will be challenged by a broken Midway Horny women in Holyrood Kansas game.

Chicago Coin CCM gun games are easier to repair than Midway, since like Williams they only used solidstate lpoking for sound. But CCM gun games not as robust as Williams gun games. CCM generally used inferior quality parts that didn't stand up as well as Williams parts.

Also CCM guns seem to have more issues with aiming, again probably because of lower quality parts.