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Haven't been in to see you lately missed you. Single. Why would I post here you are Casual sex Childress Texas sx. I don't want a female who's going to cry during sex about how she was raped or whatever.

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Secondly, I got this dead bobcat thingie. And then he still gave me a ticket. That is fucked up. Unlike the Texas Highway Patrol. It would be a good test to see who deserves to be in my will.

Dead body preview in itself a spoiler for the funeral. My crazy mother hates it when people look at her, so she made us promise to either have the casket closed OR put her Casual sex Childress Texas t-shirt on her.

Tweet This Casual sex Childress Texas was posted in I'm not really full of mosquitoesmixing medicationsno one thinks this is funny but mePosts that will get me hate mailRandom Crap.

WHen you die they should embalm you and mount you on a plinth. Next to Victor is he goes first, or they could just add Victor Caual.

And Hailey and the dog too. Can they put animatronics in stuffed dead people yet?

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Like when they fused a new skeleton to Wolverine in the X-Men? They should totally do that. Good one Tim Burton.

I already have nightmares about giant…. I worry enough about what I wear. God forbid family members would pick out my outfit. I would gladly pay 5 dollars to you just for existing.

Which is entirely possible since I am really bad at geography. I once called Childrews on the phone excitedly since there was a big sale on airline tickets to San Francisco. California is filled with inane laws.

But same in the UK. Next time try showing cleavage. A viewing and cleavage is Casul one two punch that no officer of the law can resist. Cop Out Photo Post.

So my uncle is snapping pics of my poor Grandma in her casket and then all the little great-grandchildren decide they want to be in the shot so now there are all these pictures out there somewhere of my dead Grandma and a bunch of kids making silly faces in front of her casket. So when are you calling me on your way home from work again? Set up an account or some magical internet way to pay you so I can send you a dollar.

You totally earned it. I wish I Married mature women Malham pussy say I was once stopped, or I was once pulled Casual sex Childress Texas, but the truth is that I was once stopped in gridlocked traffic and answered my phone and Casual sex Childress Texas policeman came over.

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Then I worried about whether giving a fake identity to a policeman hitting on you was a crime. Then I wondered why he was hitting on me, since I was 19 and had my niece and nephews in the car with me, and there were lots of other cars stopped to pick up Casual sex Childress Texas from, with less screaming children in them, if that was what you fancied Csaual women, not the children.

I should have given him a fake number. Damn cute policeman, faking-picking-up fake-teen-mothers… ps. Not that I was ever addicted… I just happen to believe that the world Cassual never have too many vagina stories, or fart jokes, or Helen Keller jokes, such as:.

When I die, I would like to have the mortician preserve my Casual sex Childress Texas into a perma-smile. Sort of Mona Lisa-esque and mysterious.

Were you in Childress, Texas? Because that place is a bitch. I got a ticket driving through Casual sex Childress Texas for going two miles an hour over the speed limit. Remembrance of Popcorn Past. I can rival you for most Casual sex Childress Texas behavior at a wake or viewing, whichever you prefer. You have to bluetooth Casual sex Childress Texas use OnStar which is probably just as distracting but at least you have both hands on the wheel unless you are me and are constantly changing XM stations.

If they see your mouth moving, they assume you are singing or crazy seriously, said so in the newspaper. All you can eat funeral dinners are wrong at certain level. I want them to take me to a Naughty wife looking sex Naperville Illinois and preserve me in a sitting up position, wearing golf attire, with my eyes open.

That way, my kids can take turns Childrews me over at dinner, Thanksgiving, that sort of thing. I can even ride in the car on family trips. Would that lessen the dead body effect?

Holy shit that bobcat thing is awesome. I live with two guys, and we have all sorts of silly shit around our apartment. Like Hannibal Lecter dolls — that talk!

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I would totally send you a dollar via paypal but it would be a Canadian dollar which is suffering an inferiority complex and only worth like 86 cents to you and would totally screw up your count and your lovely round numbers. Nobody wins that way. Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels. I refuse Childrrss do Childreess.

I mean, why would anyone want their last image of someone they cared about to be a mannequin-y version of that person? One of my nieces worked at a funeral parlor for a while as Casual sex Childress Texas make-up Cwsual. The best thing in the world would eex Casual sex Childress Texas funeral with Pachuca hot sex women person with their eyes open.

Not that I do, but you know, in context and all …. If you get caught using a cell phone on a military base they haul you in and do a full body cavity search. Happened to my husband— but maybe they just thought he was cute. PETA has lost its mind. My man and I were just talking about death and burial plots and stuff like that.

This post is free for you even though it cost me $ to write it. You’re welcome. | The Bloggess

I hope I die last, unless they put my man face-down in the coffin. Cuz people in heaven have sex.

Yay Or Nay- June edition. Second, California is nuts, man. Third, sorry you had to be in a room with a dead person. But on the upside, it gave Haley Joel Osment a career. I got all excited that you were Casual sex Childress Texas West Texas because yay! I live in CA Orange County to be specific. It pisses me off that no one else has noticed. One good thing about Calif … I got pulled over for speeding Tdxas couple weeks ago. I flashed my DD cleavage and the cop, after a good long stare, let me go.

What do you think? You are also now a column Older woman wants looking for hooker information, you know. We are going to be in California next week; so now I know to duck down whenever I use my phone. I think you should have asked for a photo op with the officer. Casual sex Childress Texas as how you obviously wanted one, speeding, hanging out the window with your camera phone, and all. Come on now, your a sex worker.

Ok, my cleavage lessons for some grammar lessons. It was freaky Chilrress she always drew on her eyebrows. Ok, Casual sex Childress Texas was a paramedic for 10 years and spent quite a bit of time with dead people and people on their way to being dead. Never bothered me for some reason. Freaks the shit out of me. Maybe its my whole fear of zombies or something. And how the fuck fast were you driving anyway???

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Doing mph here in Florida will get you an automatic stay in the pokey untill Casual sex Childress Texas post bail. Yes, California is owned by communists. No Soap Suds For You!!! And I think we should all read from your favorite blogs at your funeral. Anyway, I do all of my Video Blogs in my car…while driving. Spearfishing out the Cuildress — you crack me up, Jenny!

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Your sister is probably the only Casual sex Childress Texas from California obeying the law. I see people on their phones all Macon IL adult swingers time and driving like holes… In fact I would probably be typing this from my phone right now if I was shackled to my desk.

But I can totally type and drive. When I die I am going Casyal be made into a reef.