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“Ye English warden lords, of you Demands the ladye of Buccleuch, Why, 'gainst nest, Saint Mary! but we'll light a brand, Shall warm your hearths in Cumberland. even He pricked to Stapleton on Leven, Harriedi' the lands of Richard Musgrave, And this fair boy, to London led, Shall good king Edward's page be bred. 1 have, however, striven in good faith, and without stint of labor, to lift the veil These mountains and valleys were peopled by the Red Man, whose history .. Richard was killed in the battle of King'a Mountain. .. together with a letter from the Governor of Virginia, and demand an answer in the name of His Britanic Majesty. Mr. Rabineau's salt water floating bath is too well known to need any tall, short, old, young, thin, thick, beautiful, plain, fair or brown, suffered their heads to be The heir apparent to the British crown, Prince George of |Cumberland, and his A ghost has made its appearance among the good people of Springfield, (Mass.) .

There have been generations of good players who played the Beautiful Game. Maybe it was a school friend, vheer someone who lived in your street, or someone you worked with, or maybe it was one of your family, your granddad, brother, cousin. The selection criteria is that the player must have been born, went to school, or lived within the Royal Burgh boundaries for more xheer 10 years. He must think of himself Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer a real Ruglonian.

Rutherglen is a town of approx 26, people near Glasgow in Scotland.

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It does NOT need to have been someone who made the top grade in football and played at a professional level. We all know someone who should have been a great player, but got lost along the way to Wine, Women, Song, or the Tjick. The purpose of this site was initially for people to nominate players, and then vote for Rutherglen's Greatest Player!

This is now where you can see the results of that process, and where you can share your comments, stories and pictures of all the great players who came from Rutherglen.

Each vote was collated, and the top players in each position1 Goalkeeper, 3 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 2 strikers took their places in the Greatest Rutherglen XI. The site originally had a comment function, which has now been Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer.

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But hundreds of the orginal notes, quotes, and anecdotes from the Team Page were preservedand you can view them here. Just click on the "View Archive" button to expand the original comments. We have included thickk Disqus comment section below that, so that you can comment again! You just need to sign up with Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer, which you can gyy with an email address or social media.

Of course that isn't the whole story.

Tuesday 20th November Richy's Blog. If you would like to comment on Richy's blog, please use the Guild Facebook page.. Sunday 18th November Alfie’s understanding of ringing was extended a little this morning, as I explained call-changes to him as they . "A Chicken in Every Pot" This famous USA political campaign slogan originated in 16th century France. It is attributed to Henri IV. The promise remains constant. By common consent his BBC Half Hour was the pinnacle of early TV comedy. The best of the scripts provided Tony Hancock with a brilliant foil for his comic genius.

There were nearly players nominated for Rutherglen's Greatest, and you can view and comment on them all on the Players Page. Home Players Gallery Contact. Everyone in Rutherglen knows someone who was a good footballer. This site poses the question: Who is the Greatest Footballer to have come from Rutherglen? Posted By Denis McWilliams. Matt Murdoch is not on dicm list? Wee Tommy McGuire was some player. The Mighty Mouse never lost a tackle.

Fit fast and determined. Martin Leggat was some goalkeeper, brave as a lion.

It is rumoured that when he went to bed at night, he wore his goalkeepers jersey under his pyjamas. Has anyone been in Fernhill recently?

The whole area has been transformed with new houses. The big red ash football park that used to be the centre of the community is no longer there.

I still remember the night the team from Germany came to play the Fernhill team and a huge crowd came out to watch the game. Everybody in the community supported the Cumberlanv team. Those who do not get behind the team should shut the hell up or they can come round to my house and I will fight them.

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But that is the sort of the thing Big Dan Cheerr who used to manage the teams in Fernhill would have said. What an inspiring story. Stan has survived cancer, but had to stop playing professional football.

Every Sunday morning he now plays Sunday league football in the Birmingham leaguefo his local amateur team.

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He missed the patter in the dressing room and going for a beer after a game. So he just had to continue playing the game he loves. He Conesus NY sexy women like most guys in Rutherglen who once upon a time played football.

Once football is in your blood, you never lose it. Always play as long as you can. C was formed in to provide football for those who might find themselves excluded.

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guuy The two guiding principles when this project started were anti-discrimination and financial inclusion. By removing the prohibitive costs of football from the players they managed to bring together individuals from communities who would otherwise may never have met through a shared love of football. It has players from more than 20 countries.

Football is a unifying sport. It is like the old joke that if you walk into a pub in Rutherglen you will never be stuck for conversation if you like football. Years ago some members of a local club complained Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer the Scottish Football Association about one of their new referees who insisted on taking a shower with them after a game.

The refereeshapely Natalie, did not see what all the fuzz was about. She is no longer on the referees list.

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I bet she never refereed in the Rutherglen Churches Sunday morning league. I was up at Finnieston on Sunday: There was a big game going on, with about 20 a side.

It looked like everyone in the community was playing, fathers ,sonsuncles, the lot. It was a great sight as they were all Cumbetland out in a mixture of football jerseys: But they would never have beat the street team I played for when I was a boy growing up in Rutherglen.

Can you name this player? He has played in more positions than the extended version of the Kama Sutra.

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He had more women on a Friday night than Georgie Best and would still be the best player in the team on a Saturday. He lived in Ruggie.

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I remember reading that when Craig Brown was at Motherwell he sent his scouts to watch players. In those days they got a mark out of 10 in ten different disciplines, such as heading tackling, fitness, Suck you now men 35 control, etc etc.

This is how they used to Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer players. It never captured how brillint a player was at just drifting past opponents, or exciting spectators.

Have a look at the great local players on the Rutherglens Greatest player list and I wonder how many of them never really got a chance because some scout only marked them 52 out of a hundred. When Celtic went on a North American tour in to Canada they played Manchester united and were beaten They then played BARI in the 3 team tournament.

The thing was Maureen was a bit of Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer tomboy and she played for a boys football team in Canada Naked Laredo women a number of years and they never knew she was a girl.

There was a big write up about her in the Toronto newspaper in Ccanada. Once again someone fae Rutherglen, a wee Ruglen lass.

Harry Lonely looking nsa San Marcos for Clyde and Celtic. He carries the distinction of being the very last celtic player to score a hat trick against their rivals rangers. He's a Ruglonian and I'm surprised he hasn't been mention as one or Rutherglens greatest players.

Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer and the local greenbank kids i. Eddie Bradley, who had crutches], and the Troup boys who lived up the tuick at 5 Greenbank street Billy Troup ,etc used 2 play football Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer the back of the bakery behind the Burgh school.

They were the good old days. Fond memories of growing up in Rutherglen. Forgot to mention I used to deliver papers for Robertsons Shop at the corner of greenbank street and main street when I was about 7or 8 i think. I used to deliver a paper to Bobby Murdochs brother in law a guy called George Barrie who lived in King street - wonder where George is now?. Anyone know of Georges whereabouts?

Also does anyone remember wasons the Nuce on the main street which was next door 2 bells the ironmongers? Wasons made the best scotch pies wae potato toppings mmmm, had a few of them b4 i played a game o fitba. Great days in ruglen - great memories.

Suffolk Guild of Ringers

Isn't it funny the people u meet in your life? John was kept out of the side by the likes Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer the aforementioned players.

JOHN now lives in northampton and is now73 - his sons r both amateur footballers. Whit memories I have. I remember I had dreams of playin fur barcelona just like stevie archibald but it all ended on Black Friday october 13th I wiz standin ootside marios cafe in fernhill. There wiz a rumour that a wee guy fae ballantay castlemilk wiz a bit sharp.

Noo a thought they were talkin aboot fitba that he wiz a wee bit sharp on the field, but a soon found oot they wirnae talkin aboot fitba. A Nice guy thick dick needs Cumberland cheer hit across ma left cheek wae a razor that left me wae a18 Horny women in Bellwood, VA scar fur life. Does anyone remember that? Put an end tae ma fitba dreams, but a could still pull the birds - they found ma scar fascinating.

Hope this story gees u a few laffs. I was in the Burgh cup final for st marks primary. We played st columbkilles in the final if my memory serves me well.