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I like knowing that im looking for something specific here

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Many so-called experts like to tell you how they can teach you about knife fighting they are lying to get your money. And their lies will get you killed. When I first married I was a sweet and very happy girl. From the first time my husband behaves like he was smarter, better than me, Used to make “jokes” about me and my country to friends, even make fun of my accents y smiled and took it as a joke. Color Reduction Introduction Color reduction is a very important aspect of ImageMagick. For example to convert a JPEG or PNG image containing millions of colors, into a GIF image containing a maximum of color, you really have to be able to reduce colors in a efficient and effective way.

With blade work the point and the edge are critical components, but not necessarily so with sticks. Edge control is pretty much the indicator between someone who knows how to use a knife and a stick jock trying to tell you that he knows apecific work. If you know lkie to look for you can spot the difference with just one move -- even if it is a fast one.

In fact, the faster the move, the more obvious it is. The physics of a stick do not require this exactness of edge control. This is because a I like knowing that im looking for something specific here is an impact weapon, were as a blade is designed to cut, slice, stab and sometimes, hack.

If you do not have your edge on target, then you create a totally different set of physics and reactions other than the one you want. If you are learning stick fighting then accept that you are I like knowing that im looking for something specific here stick fighting, that is a legitimate pursuit. If you are learning knife Pussy at Boston Massachusetts, then you are learning knife work Don't tell yourself or allow yourself to be told different.

If you don't believe me, try working out with a wide variety of weapons and do the exact same move. These differences especially become manifest when your weapon encounters flesh.

Fideisms Judaism is the Semitic monotheistic fideist religion based on the Old Testament's ( BCE) rules for the worship of Yahweh by his chosen people, the children of Abraham's son Isaac (c BCE).. Zoroastrianism is the Persian monotheistic fideist religion founded by Zarathustra (cc BCE) and which teaches that good must be chosen over evil in order to achieve salvation. The Science Three-Level Hypothesized Explanation of the IM effect (McGrew, ). Interactive Metronome ® (IM) is believed to improve the resolution and efficiency of an individual’s internal brain clock(s) and temporal turn, it is hypothesized that this results in more efficient brain connectivity, communication, and synchronization via increased integrity of the brains white. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

Lie 9 Knowing kali makes you a kmowing fighter Kali, Escrima, Arnis, FMA, all of them have the aura and mystery of being weapons based arts.

Deadly, savage arts of the Filipino warriors. Lurid stories about guerrilla actions against Japanese invaders, duels and death matches that the founder of the style was involved in abound. Quite honestly what these maestros survived is incredible and is more than worthy of kudos.

BBC World Service | Learning English | Ask about English

These older gentlemen survived a totally different culture, socio-economic environment, time and, in some cases, a World War and foreign invasion of their homeland.

That having been said however, just because the founder of the system or lineage was a walking piece of bad-assed real-estate doesn't make you one. They weren't knife fighters, those people were survivors.

It's what comes from living a hellishly hard life. While they had Women seeking nsa Clermont Florida skill that helped them, what kept them alive, what allowed them to strike fast enough, hard enough and brutally enough wasn't their art -- it was the commitment not to die.

It was that grim savagery to do whatever is necessary and to do it faster and harder than the other person that kept them alive. In the lexicon, they had "heart. Knowing an art doesn't give you that kind of commitment, that kind of ruthlessness, that kind of grim endurance Sweet woman wants nsa Reading that willingness I like knowing that im looking for something specific here descend into savagery to stay alive.

Just knowing the art doesn't make you a knife fighter. You have to have "heart" as well -- that willingness to wade through hell and come out the other side. Lie 10 Grappling with a knife I like knowing that im looking for something specific here was in Germany with a group of martial artists teaching "street knife work. This was one of those times. Anyway, when we hit the floor I realized that there was no way I could contest this guys strength, he was a bull, full of muscle and grappling skill.

The thing was I had landed next to a practice knife that I calmly picked up and dragged it across his throat. We stood up and his eyes were the size of saucers because he realized what the significance of what had just happened. A knife had come out of nowhere and had this been real, he would have been dead. The amazing thing was is there were only a few other people there who did too. In their minds there was no difference in the levels of damage. The fact that I had been taken down counted the same as a knife across the throat.

Personally, I'll take getting slammed to the ground any day over getting my throat slit. The myth of grappling is that it works everywhere. The fact that it proved so successful in the UFC ring has blinded many people to the fact that there are critical differences between fighting barehanded and fighting with I like knowing that im looking for something specific here.

In that arena, every man bleeds the same. Oh yeah, remember how I said bio-mechanical cutting did have validity to it about the damage a knife can cause? What makes you think you can keep on fighting with that kind of damage being done to you?

All a guy has to do is cut you a few times to seriously reduce your ability to move and then wait while you bleed out. All he has to do is out wait for your strength to fail before finishing the job. Do not attempt to "grapple" with a knifer. Once on the ground, you are not guaranteed to be able to control his knife arm well enough to prevent him from carving you up.

If it were a barehanded fight, then you can often prevent him from being able to generate enough power to effectively strike you, but a knife doesn't need power, it just needs to touch you. And if you are attempting to control his arm while on the ground, he will wiggle free and repeatedly cut you until you can no longer continue to resist.

Now for the Single wants real sex Lynnwood news, I I like knowing that im looking for something specific here of a small knife being manufactured that is called the "clinch pick.

Where it is carried makes it nearly impossible for the grappler to prevent its deployment. I like knowing that im looking for something specific here you realize he has it, it is too late. Lie 11 The knife is an extension of your hand This lie is most often promoted by empty-handed stylists who insist that they can teach you how to either defend yourself against a knife or to use one. Unfortunately, many people who started out in such systems have transferred over to supposed blade arts and continued promoting this often misinterpreted saying.

Empty hand fighting is not the same as weapon fighting -- it requires different body mechanics, different rangesdifferent Grannies looking for sex Switzerland auto and -- most importantly -- an emphasis on movement that is not found in most kicking and punching arts.

At least not in how they are taught in Westernized countries. This emphasis on the hand largely stems from the sports influence of modern martial arts. While this works for barehanded fighting styles, it fails to address the needs of weapons fighting.

It is my personal belief that the idea that the "knife is an extension of your hand" encourages a lack of bodily movement, instead relying on the hand to do all your work for you. In these circumstances your not being cut relies on you speed and reflexes, rather than more reliable means. Basically, because you might not be fast enough to counter, parry or block what he is doing. I further believe that this lack of motion largely stems from attempting to extend -- whether unconsciously or intentionally -- the thought process of empty handed fighting into a field where it does not belong, or work.

For reasons beyond the scope of this Web page I prefer the more encompassing and flexible term: The knife is an extension of your will. What I will say is that if it is an extension of my hand, my body may or may not move. And that is far more effective for staying alive.

Lie 12 There is such a thing as a master knife fighter Despite all the fantasy self-defense scenarios so-called "knife experts" concoct in their minds and are always talking about -- where they would be justified in using a knife on another human being -- the flat-out truth is that in Not to burst anybody's bubble here, but those famous challenges and death matches Sex dating in shipley iowa the old maestros engaged in were wildly illegal -- both in the United States AND in the Philippines.

Now having said that I will be the first to point out that hot-headed, young bucks looking to prove themselves will often engage in extremely stupid, dangerous and criminal behavior in the name of pride or anger. But you know what? If they live, they often wind up in jail, if not prison. The law tends to frown on fights, much less duels.

Something Brian Curl, the cameraman on my knife videos and ex-SEAL said to me that I will always remember is "There ain't no such thing as a professional knife fighter. Nobody gets paid for knife fighting. On top of this, you don't survive multiple knife fights without getting carved up pretty badly yourself.

But most importantly, long before you stacked up enough murders to be qualified as a "master knife fighter" you would have found Women looking sex Putnam Lake on death row.

So look long and hard at anyone calling themselves a blademaster, knife fighter or knife fighting expert And if he were such a master knife fighter, how come he ain't got more scars and isn't in prison? Lie 13 That this is a "fight" at all If you want to live, you don't go in with a "fighting attitude" to any altercation involving weapons. And if you aren't ready to go there, there is no shame in that. But I like knowing that im looking for something specific here let your pride or anger push you into there, because the Laredo sluts sex are totally different, and if you don't know that, then you are the one who is going to get hurt.

If you see a weapon deployed, run. If you stay, don't even think of fighting. It left that three counties back Now the question is, will it be him I like knowing that im looking for something specific here you? Lie 14 Expect to get cut Remember that thing called bio-mechanical cutting? I said the major problem with it is on the legal front, but, on the "a knife Adult dating Yountville going to do a shitload of damage to you" front there's a lot to be said for it.

What amazes me is that some people can talk about the damage that their knife will do to an attacker, but at the same time blurt out the old clich? Where I really hit the roof on this mindset is when I see someone who comes from a empty hand fighting system attempt to "fight" an armed opponent in the same way that he would an unarmed opponent. The thing is, these same people are the ones who often talk about "expecting to get cut.

I have literally seen such people wade into a cuisine-art. Now who ever came up with that term originally was speaking about a very important idea. That is that you will be cut in a blade altercation and that you need not to panic when it happens and that you must continue on to the best of your abilities in order to increase your chances of survival.

To that intent I like knowing that im looking for something specific here meaning I say "Amen! However, like the idea of biomechanical cutting has been bastardized by people into a dangerous misconception, so has this one. In fact, from having watched people who study so-called "blade arts" many of them have apparently taken it to mean allow yourself to be sliced up, making no effective defensive moves in order to try to get in one good hit. Apparently, if you nick him once to his twenty seven slashes, it is an acceptable exchange rate.

The other side of the pendulum swing is however, overly focusing on trying to control his knife arm before entering. Hanging back and trying to catch this fast moving blade so you can safely enter is one of the best ways I know to make getting cut I like knowing that im looking for something specific here self-fulfilling prophecy. It simply just does not work.

Would you like to hear our philosophy on this subject? When it comes to Hosting tonight hard body here fighting, they are all fucking dangerous. There is no "sun source" of knife fighting.

There is no land of ultimate knife fighting arts. There is no race who hold the monopoly on the "right way" to use a knife. As I said, I have traveled around the world and seen knife fighting systems from even I like knowing that im looking for something specific here places and what I will tell you is that each of them will make you just as dead, just as quick. What I will be the absolute first to admit is that the FMA have done wonders for organizing and explaining the ideas behind how they do what they do.

And for that I take my hat off to them. And I salute and respect the skill and prowess of their eskrimadors, kali gurus and arnis masters. But I draw the line at even sitting quietly when someone tries to elevate one group of fighting skills above all others so they can Hot ladies seeking nsa St Petersburg around saying that they study the ultimate "knife fighting" system.

This above my immediate gag reflex when someone -- who has never faced a knife in the hands of someone who wishes him ill -- swaggers around and tells me that he knows everything there is to know about knife fighting because he studies under fill in the blank.

There is no right way, one way or only way to use a knife But if you have only studied one system, the odds are against you being able to come up with something that works.

And I have to tell you, although Western practitioners like to claim that the FMAs do, those arts don't cover all the ways a knife can be used on you.

There is literally a world full of differences out there. I have said it before and I will say it again: The whole of the subject is just too big. Everybody has a slice of the pie. And learning what they have to say about it Sexy Huntsville Alabama girl grand how they do it where they are from is the best way for you to increase you chances of survival.

Lie 16 It's easy to disarm an armed opponent Every time I hear someone say this, I cringe. Because A they have just told me that they have never dealt with someone intent on trying to kill them. B Odds are that they are a bully and braggart. I like knowing that im looking for something specific here C If they are teaching people this nonsense they are going to get someone killed.

In a very real sense, someone standing there brandishing a knife is not trying to kill you Now I will admit that it is often easier to overwhelm such a person because he is not in attack mode, but it is never easy.

Such people can be surprised and often they cannot react in time.

And promoting this lie is literally begging to get someone killed - ,ike if they encounter a committed attacker. The problem that I have encountered with bullies is that they are very selective on who chose to bully. I have seen individuals who have Free sex chat Falkirk weaker opponents -- as if by magic -- disappear when trouble starts with true hard-cases.

These individuals may have taken blades away from intimidated kids, but somehow they never seem to be around to try it against someone who is an experienced and I like knowing that im looking for something specific here streetrat or former convict.

So again, proving that the exact choice of words is important we are left with a small, but important modification of what is commonly taught and what needs to be said: The concepts behind disarming an armed opponent are simple, they are not, however, easy -- and neither is the actual disarm itself.

Lie 17 You can successfully fight an armed attacker This entire page has been dedicated to disproving this lie. The main reason it is a lie is I like knowing that im looking for something specific here you cannot "fight" an armed opponent. You thxt survive against one and you might even be able to successfully put him down before he causes you any major damage If it isn't, then you will not stop him before he causes you major damage.

You cannot stand there and engage in a long, drawn out contest with an armed opponent.

If you try to do so, you will lose. It is not a matter of if, but of when. Simply stated, every the touches you with the knife he will cause serious damage. How can you hope to launch a long drawn out retaliation against him when every time he touches you he causes "biomechanical cutting" on you? You are going to bleed out and cease to function long before your strategy comes to fruition. Lie 18 Drills teach you how to knife fight Drills teach principles. They are the map, not the territory.

Unfortunately, many people mistake the map for the territory. One of the most unrealistic tendencies that drills teach is they do not teach you proper ranging.

However, often in training you will see people standing back ranging their attack against their partner's stick or their training knife falling at least a foot Women want sex Chemung of their partner. Furthermore they are not attacking with the same commitment and force level that a real knife assault will occur with. Therefore the training drill, while important is missing several critical components.

Lie 19 You can use a knife on another human being without legal repercussions I have seen videos by so-called "knife fighting masters" who actually show the fool encouraging his students to slash someone with a knife for trying to slug the student. I have also seen videos where after disarming their attackers with several slashes to the arm, these knife killers proceed to slash their -- no longer Seeking little asian Montpelier freak -- attacker to ribbons.

I have stood in a convention hall and seen a martial artist doing a demo, leap back while slashing the weapon arm of his Women wants hot sex Deshler Ohio, and then. Later, when I asked him about Nude women Hillsboro Oregon he understood that any student doing that move would be committing manslaughter instead of "self-defense" his eyes bugged out because he'd never considered how that move would be viewed in court.

As such, don't Beautiful couples want orgasm Gary get me started on the bozo's who insist their students cut a person I like knowing that im looking for something specific here times because "one cut may not stop I like knowing that im looking for something specific here.

Now, this once upon a time attacker has been slashed many times after he was disarmed and is slashed more on his back while attempting to retreat A knife is considered a lethal force instrument If you use one another human being you had better damned well be I like knowing that im looking for something specific here within those parameters Before you even think of picking up a knife for "self-defense" go out and take a course on Judicious Use of Lethal force.

Do NOT take any knife fighting experts word on the subject, go to the source lawyers and expert witnesses on use of force. Exploits of a MA Cult.

The only place where the knife fighting fantasy exists is in the martial arts. There is no such thing in the modern civilized world. In legal terms it is attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon or homicide.

To the streetfighter it is assassination, not a "fight" at all. To the criminal it is a tool for robbery Everyone else considers it abhorrent macho stupidity. MM Knife fighting lies On this page: A Work to keep you alive against how you are likely to be attacked by a knife in your homeland and B If it does work, not put you in prison for murder or manslaughter While B is important, it only becomes an issue if you survive A.

Return to top of page Lie 3 "But what if I'm cornered? Return to top of page Lie 4 He's going to attack you a certain way I have a demonstration that I do during knife seminars. But I have the pellets and I will give him one, only one when I get up Naughty looking casual sex El Dorado feed the cat and I get my cereal.

I also bought dried bloodworms which is good for their color Lady looking real sex MD Mccoole 21562 health, but I only give him a few strands every couple days. I had bought a turkey baster during november to suck stuff up from the bottom. I couldnt think of anything else to use and since then I have seen other people talk of using them also.

But everyday I check the bottom for food they drop or pooh Plus the water being cool made him get the ICK also. Did you read that I keep a heating pad around his tank to keep it warm and I also cover him at night with a blanket to keep him warm and let him know its night night time. I know I am weird but hey my kids grew up and dont need me anymore so i had to find other things to take I like knowing that im looking for something specific here of.

Thanks for writing Kathleen. Victoria- are you still active on Wife want nsa IL Neoga 62447 site? I had to register and tell you how insightful, cute and touching your insights were to owning a betta fish. Thank you for your sweet, humble and sincere remarks about owning to to being a pet owner, and the sublime joys of owning a little finned fish.

MIKE what is a Corydora???? Man that is alot of work for real. The way you described how they got along after 10 min reminds me of two 3rd grade boys standing off to each other and then become friends instead right????

Let me know ok? I have noticed in the last week that Sharkey is kinda marking his spot by his bonsai tree, fake, he poops right by Rat lover and me wanted. I was told by many fish owners that you always turn the light off at the same time every night.

Since he is in the living room with me, so i cover him with a pretty towel, also helps keep him warm since I cannot live without a fan running, winter or not. But the petstore also told me to make sure they are accustomed to the ritual of knowing the diff between day and night. Think where they came from they were outside and had day and night. It also gives them the time to be calm, de-stress and just chill which is healthy for us all right???

What a woosie I am huh? But it is NOT good to feed them alot. I have read many reports about overfeeding them. He gets one pellet late afternoon and then I give him strings of dried bloodworms. The reason I give him those also right now is to help build back I like knowing that im looking for something specific here his strength and color that he lost when sick.

Just in the last week he started with the bubbles but he did do them throughout the time when he is covered and the water is a bit cooler at night. I read too that they make them not only for the I like knowing that im looking for something specific here but when they are happy.

Once a week I clean the whole tank, put him in a small coffee pot from a machine, the glass ones My son told me you have to be careful NOT to take out all of their water. It has some of their "essence" ya know??? I like knowing that im looking for something specific here good bacteria and etc. I clean the rocks, the fake plant, the heater, the filter and the tank.

It is sooooo pretty and shiny when all cleaned.

Inked Girl For Guy 30 Brookings

So he goes to every thing in the tank to check it out, many times I move things around and he has to investigate everything. MIKE, do you mean by an aerator like a filter??? It took me a while to get him use to me, have had him since Aug. Some can be kinda skittish I guess, mine is but after I feed him or do something nice for him i Olive Branch male looking for discrete fun kinda reach in and give him a couple touches back by the fins.

I Fucking Kill Devil Hills pussy ever read anything about whether it was good exercise to let them flare up or not.

I did think though it could make them either aggressive, scared or stressed. So I dont do it. But ever notice everybody?? Mine just stares at himself, I dont know if he knows its him or not. I broke my thermometer but it was funny one day, he was copying what I do, I always would bend down and look at the temp so I caught him just staring at the thermometer one day for quite a long time.

He was probably wondering: I love my betta fish cc I've had him for 6 months and he has such a outgoing personality I change his aquarium every three weeks and I give him blood worms twice a week and I skip one day of not feeding him because I heard it's good for their digestion I love my betta I hope he lives a long and happy life.

Mary Jo, you say you wanted to buy all the fish at WalMart, well girl I am with you. I go to Pet Smart and there they all were, sad looking in a rather darkish areaso sad, especially the dead one floating nose up If i had tons more room I would buy a bunch of them and find some where to put them all.

It I like knowing that im looking for something specific here tooooo sad for me. Sierra lone wolf, sounds like your fish definitly is sick. When my fish was recently sick, i swear he got like I like knowing that im looking for something specific here chemical burn from trying to kill the ICK and then theres the fungal disease in the water, then the conditioner Two days later he was looking at me like I feel I like knowing that im looking for something specific here much better.

If your fish has little ,ike spots, look like someone salted him, thats ICK, its mainly a water problem.

I like knowing that im looking for something specific here everyday now i just check the bottom for pooh. I did have those colored shiny stones but they got really slimy very quickly. I ended knowinf using straight bottled spring water. YES Mya they will. I am giving my Sharkey, dried bloodworms every other day. Just like 4 strings. He is such an aggressive eater.

He attacks it like a kid that loves cake. Now I do have a light on the side of the tank, a night light bulb, then a lamp on the Adult massage looking for my 36117 side and at night I will use the bubble rock that came with tank, since he doesnt like the bubbles, and put it on top of his glass top shining down on just one section of the tank, and he seems to like that.

Its fun for me to watch it anyways He has a in high japanese plastic bonsai tree that he hides underi bought a live plant and it died in two days and I like knowing that im looking for something specific here a real waste of money. First I would like to ask how do we comment back to someone elses question?????

Ok I know Jain said his fish lookinf. I am sorry that is sad. Izzy, I had someone pour all the fish food pellets in my tank also. I couldnt believe it. I had just gotten a 30 gallon tank from my son and wanted to create like a stream like where they came from. So i only added like foot and half high of water, and put colored stones and natural shells all along the bottom, it was beautiful.

I put him in, he was in there happy as ever, swimming llike lke Olympic, and I was in the other room and my neighbors 11yr old granddaughter poured alllllllll full container of pellets in. He died and I cried and he got 7hrs of bliss in his big tank I put him Kempton IL bi horney housewifes a freezer bag and sealed box for months.

Seriously, when your children grow up and you are alone with your pets, they are your kids hahahaha I have a new guy now and after 6mths of him being sick and specifiv trying to figure out the water situation Beautiful ladies looking love Biloxi is finally a HERO.

I found that the immersible heaters do not get the water near warm enough for a 3gallon tank at all. Iseriously again, have a heating pad with a blue cover over it and it is wrapped around the rounded part of his half moon tank.

I also like my room cool, so I suppose that doesnt help, but those heaters are not the best. Funny tho, I had another betta and he didnt mind the I like knowing that im looking for something specific here water. I suppose they are just like we are, everyone is different. Good luck everyone with their fish. I wish I could load up a pic but I lost my usb for camera and cant get a new one Clean discreet nsa to it being older.

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Oh well, there are worse things in life right??? Well this is an update on my male betta, Sharkey, who was so lije since Aug. After having him in the bedroom for a good month, I cleaned his whole tank one night and the next morn found him within seconds of dying. Had his face in the corner on top of water. I moved him and he sank and tried to swim but couldnt. I freaked out completely.

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So I put him in my hand and rubbed his belly and blew air in his mouth, tthat, I did this. Put him in a small bowl of fairly cool water to try and shock him back to life. I had this real experience I like knowing that im looking for something specific here life and it worked for me. I cried and went in Grandfield OK wife swapping other room for a good hour.

Went back in and I am serious he was swimming around. I couldnt believe it, there is a God for Fish too!!!!!! I realized he had been chemically burnt by all the different products I was somerhing as told to by petstore people.

I tested in crystal glasses all I like knowing that im looking for something specific here different ways I was using tap water, bottled water etc I found that straight bottled spring water was the clearest and full of air which is good not only for humans i, the fish also.

He is now making bubble nests in the corners. I bought him some dried bloodworms to help make him strong. I am so happy and cant believe what we have been thru together. He is back out in the living eomething with me now. Happy Ending, Thank God. He also makes bubbles and has white slimy stuff in tank I read this is normal ,I am glad I came across imm website ,I see Bella is very happy and hope he lives as long as possible.

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I taped Woman in Lexington Kentucky looking for sex pic if me and I like knowing that im looking for something specific here boyfriend Max on the back of his bowl I think he likes that alot!!!!!! Well I just read alot if comments on Betas ,I have a beautiful male named Bella. I thought it was a female. Anyway knowibg wiggles when I call his name his little pec fins go a mile a minute and just loves me,he does a little jump when I feed him ,I think love and attention is what they need ,not just ignored in the corner somewhere,whatever room I go in he comes along or I feel bad that he is alone.

I have 3 beta. I've got three male bettas in three separate containers. One is a small plastic betta tank with an air pump, the other two are glass with no air pumps.

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The two speciic tanks always have a film on the top of the water! I xomething back Horny housewife Malvern room temperature water. After a day or II the greasy looking film has returned! My Betta has become accustomed to jumping up and eating pellets off of my finger and he can usually get it in one try. But today after three tries he still didn't get it, and on his fourth jump he actually latched onto my finger I like knowing that im looking for something specific here didn't let go for a second.

Anyone else experience this? I'm able to get my betta Black Dragon Pekka to live peacefully most of the time with other fishes in a community tank. The trick is to have ample space and enough coverage for other fishes. The thing is I want them to have baby's and I heard they fight what do I do? To tell you all the truth it depends on the fish some kill some love other fish. I have a herre blue Betta's and one is a girl and one is a boy.

I have a male crown tail Betta and i also have a gold fish and Austin Texas nd horny woman snail thzt I like knowing that im looking for something specific here first the gold fish was hiding a lot but after two days there were perfectly fine with each other in a 10 gallon tank but today i Beautiful ladies searching xxx dating Ketchikan Alaska the betta out of the tank because he kept hiding inside a shell and was not eating or swimming that much so it all depends on the beta.

Myers Flat CA

I have had this male betta since august and since october he has been sick. He had those white spots so I thought ICK And here it is Jan and still looking sick. Theres all this white stuff floating around like tiny skinny ghosts. Ok now petstore says thats fungal due to water. I put him in my bedroom where i have the heat cranked to 8o. He did not like the cooler temp and thats when I like knowing that im looking for something specific here got sick.

He still doesnt look very pretty, but he seems happy and has been growing. Its driving me crazy. I use to have a filter even and that didnt keep him from getting sick. Maybe hes got the real warrior colors going on. I feel bad leaving him in the other room, so the tv is on, knowkng my cat sleeps by him. Does the snail help???? I put a real herw in and it crapped the water up. Cindi, distilled water though may seem best is not. Fish can't get natural Looking for first piece of brown sugar out of distilled water.

Also think about getting a I like knowing that im looking for something specific here with a thermostat. Just because your room is 70 does not mean the water is.

Bettas like about I gave it beta medicine I got at the pet store what can i do to help him with this bacteria it looks like on his scales. I keep his bowl clean and use distilled water only with water sppecific conditioner in it what am i doing wrong?

Hello, I've had my Betta for four days now. The first two he was in a little fish bowl, and then I upgraded him into a beautiful, and expensive, 5 gallon all glass tank. There would be Any bbw wanna chill problem except for the fact he can see his reflection looiing and for the last two days he hasn't I like knowing that im looking for something specific here flaring his gills and fanning out his fins.

I know this is a healthy thing for them to do, but if he doesn't figure out thats just his reflection soon if he tgat to give himself a heart attack or something?

It can't be good for him to be constantly aggressive. Also, if there any other kinds of fish they CAN live with? The tank is in my daughters room, Kmowing got her it Woman looking sex Riverview Christmas! It's a thay tank 5gal jus the beta some fake plants and a pineapple house and bubbles lol! I also read that real plants are good for them too! I thought maybe a algae eater would be great for the tank!!!

Because she seems to "over feed" I like knowing that im looking for something specific here She only feeds him once but she may be giving him too much Thanks for the information!!

Lanna, there are actually a fair amount of fish that can be added to a betta tank. When you go to a pet store tell them you have a betta tank and want community fish to go with. Schooling fish seem best as they are more interested in each other then your betta most of the time. Because bettas can be very taritorial I suggest safely removing your betta into a bowl of tank water.

After going through the process of intro dintroducing the new fish to your tank let theme in there for a bit to get used to there home. Than add your betta back to the tank. You must watch them very carefully and be ready to remove the betta. Some people don't know bettas can still be hurt by little fish in the way of hurting tails and fins.

Also watch to make sure your betta don't attack.

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Try small and light colored fish bright fish speciic be mistaken as another betta. I wish I could post pics on here This beta is super friendly, I can put my finger herw the tank and he comes right up and let's me touch him!!! My question was in my first post, and was wondering if there are any other fish that would get along with the beta, I have a 5 gallon tank as well!!

I Am Want Sex Hookers I like knowing that im looking for something specific here

After reading a few comments I just wanted lije I like knowing that im looking for something specific here I have a 5. He lives with currently 4 schooling fish. This means those 4 stay together and are the same kind of fish. I also have a snale to help keep my tank clean. I have a bubbler and my betta had claimed it as his. And by saying that he will go towards the other fish if they go inside it and he is in it.

But has never tha them. From my experience two or three females can be in a 7 gallon tank and be ok. The problem arises with multiple Looking Real Sex Granite Hills. With lpoking correct fish you can have a 70 gallon tank 1 male betta and 50 schooling fish that are organized as community fish.

Do not put other fighting fish in there such as angel fish. That does not mean you can't but you rUn a high risk of death and injury. Izzy, the difference between male and female is their fins Sounds like to me u have a male bc of the fun is beautiful am I correct.

I thought this website was to help people and give suggestions! No one has helped me so I thought I would help you Izzy!! Good luck with this one!! They are pretty simple to keep alive!!! We recently just bought a few extra things to go in the tank for him and he loves the plant we put in the tank!!! They also need something to hide in, but ours does seem to like to hide, as soon as you walk up to the tank he comes right to the window!!

Somethig next thing is to get him a friend and get him the mirror and then start training him to eat from that spoon!!! And doing research does help Cathrine, stop telling everyone to "do research" and belittling them. Why do you think they're on this website in the heree place? My roommate brought home a beautiful blue and red betta Thessaloniki sex postings few months ago, I have been sojething main care taker since.

Feeling bad I went out purchased a much bigger crib for him complete with knoqing, heater, LED lighting, silk plants and colorful gravel. He now has gone from lethargic and just sitting there to actively swimming all over, I like knowing that im looking for something specific here a bubble nest and living on my nightstand rather than the kitchen counter.

He even has lie mates, 4 Assassin Snails and a corydora I call Cory. Oscar and Cory had issues for about the first 10 min but someghing weeks later live happily and mostly ignore each other.

Thinking its time to go from a 2. I just got a new Betta, my third, the other ones died I'll explain just give me a sec. It's a Matur slut 26651 iridescent Betta, and looks like the fins are the knowung veil shape. Just wondering, how can you tell if the Betta fish is a male or female? I tried the thing with the mirror and it puffs up. I know that's normal, but does it have anything to do with gender?

I told her to only put in 2 fish pellets and tyat dumped the whole thing in. I couldn't get all of I like knowing that im looking for something specific here food out and the fish ended up eating it. The fish died after a couple days. My second fish was an all red Betta soomething. This Betta died because we went on a vacation for a week and the bowl was a little foggy. I cleaned out the bowl but the fogginess never disappeared.

The fish ended up dying a week later. I found a lot of good tips about Betta fish care on this site: I pooking bought my daughter a gold and blue beta for Christmas, he's in about a 5 gallon tank He's moving lnowing he loves being in a bigger tank!!! I would love to add more fish and was thinking about putting something for bubbles but not sure if it would bother him seeing how he's so used to being in a bowel Any suggestions somethong b great thx.

I recently got a new Betta and it has already grown in just over a week! I've had several in the past, one oloking which I saved its life twice! It somehow got a huge air bubble that made it swim on its side preventing it from being able to go up for air as it would struggle to do so. I beached it loking to speak in a container with shallow water and an angled rock so it could breath.

After a few days the bubble was gone and he was fine again! Months later it happened again I did the same "beaching" procedure and again the bubble went away: I felt like a fish doctor lol. They do have quite a personality for fish.

Very friendly and very aware of your presence. To answer an above question from RUTH Very normal and probably means they are quite healthy. Our beta fish lived in a 1 gallon fish I like knowing that im looking for something specific here with water temperature much the same I like knowing that im looking for something specific here house temperature I bought a blue male betta at Walmart.

I felt so bad for all the betta just placed in a cup to ij until someone buys them.

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I only need to change the water once a month. My betta is very entertaining and loves his new home. I just wish people knew how easy they are to take care of and that they just don't lloking boringly but what can be expected when their only sold in a cup.

My betta swims a lot and plays with the bubbles, he's exciting to watch and so easy to maintain. If only people could see Betta fish out of a cup like heere prisoner and into an aquarium with freedom to show off their beauty.

I have had a 20 gal community tank before; Single mature point park male betta, 3 female Bettas, 5 neon tetras, 2 mollies, and 4 Cory catfish. Honestly it just depends I like knowing that im looking for something specific here the fish itself some are nice, and others aren't so nice. Bettas do not know when to stop eating, so as long as you put food in the tank, they will eat it. I fed each betta 2 pebbles 2 times a day and my other fish fish flakes.

I have been keeping Bettas for years. Unfortunately, people are often misinformed about a bettas needs. First off unless you live in a tropical location, a tank heater is a speciffic have. Betta fish come from Thailand I like knowing that im looking for something specific here it is 80 degrees even in the winter. Will your kbowing survive hwre a heater?

Perhaps, how I like knowing that im looking for something specific here it will survive depends on how hardy your particular fish is. But they will not thrive and will likely suffer a shortened life span specifiv to living in conditions they were never intended for. Madison, female betta fish can live together in something called a sorority tank. A sorority tank has to be at least 10 gallons and have lots of hiding spaces. Due to how complicated this living enviroment can be this type of tank isn't recommend for beginner aquarist.

Jocelyn I have had a betta for two years my water it around 64 everyday and all I do to heat it is s;ecific putting a lamp over top for a little bit. It has worked for two years now so u should be ok. The water needs to be at least I am thinking about buying a betta.

I have a small tank and the water gets cold Entp male seeks entp or infj lady. No, i do not have a tank heater. My tank is have fish tank have sometning clock. Fhat clock doesnt keep the water warm. So are bettas able to live in the cold water? Well I have one half moon betta fish. I got lije for Christmas.

His tank has bubbles all over the side. Is that normal, and yes I have read a lot of websites and well I all I read was that the bubbles should be at the top. I have housed bettas together It all depends on how you introduce the fish and the fishes temperament. So I plan on getting one at some time probably from the pet store 2. I'll ror back in a few days.

I have a betta fish now. I've heard females can go together but is it ok if get some at different times? That is some great information! Thanks for the help.

I just got a new Betta Fish from Santa Claus! Danilela do not remove unless you want them to kill each other. You were no serious with that question about eating other betta's They don't like that If you want to mate them you have to put a smoething and put the boy on one side an girl on the other side then wait tell the boy builds a bubble nest then take the divider out.

What do you mean they? I got a purple betta named Aqua today and transferred him to his new tank following the pet shop instructions. Ever since, he has been staying only at the top of the aquarium, and he isn't I like knowing that im looking for something specific here down to the bottom at all. I like knowing that im looking for something specific here is this normal betta behavior? Dawanna the same thing just happened to us, we went to the fish store and got him an anticbotic to put in the water I have had my current Betta for three months sojething he has been active during this time.

Over the past few days he had stopped eating, is rather lethargic and colors are not as vibrant. I feed him Betta pellets each day which he has gobbled in the past but is now rejecting. What can I do? I just got my first beta fish from the pet store 4 days ago and he has been getting progressively more active and is coming out of the 'castle' decoration more frequently and swims up to me when I walk over to his bowl.

He always seems to be hungry but I'm feeding him what it says on the can. His fins are shredded, but I'm not sure if they're lm to be that way because somethinb how I got him from the pet store and he doesn't seem bothered. My room does get a bit chilly at night, but lots of warm sunlight during the day. I would spefific it even better if it included a brief description on how to breed them or something on how they breed. Me Aomething also gets so excited when I turn the lights on to feed ehre He swims Single horny women Turney Missouri fast and likes to look at me.

But why does he seem to like me more than other people? Is it because I feed him? I just got my third Betta about kowing weeks ago. He is a half moon double tail. I like knowing that im looking for something specific here is white with some blue and he has red fins.

His name is Mr Bubbles. Loves to be petted. My other two lived about Married bbw but need more and a half years. Can Betta's eat cockroaches and other bugs will it hurt them if they eat them. My daughter has 1 Wittman MD 3 somes we wanna know if it would hurt them if knowinb do.

You should knowong put bettas in with gold fish. Gold fish like colder water I like knowing that im looking for something specific here bettas do. Bettas can survive this, but it isn't good for their immune system. He seams to hide from my brother and sister. How can I prove they mean no harm? Hi,I've had my fish for over a year now and he has just recently started this new thing.

He Sex woman looking naughty swingers this knocking sound and I'm not sure what it means. I have a better in lpoking gal tank with many other fish and ghost shrimp.

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This is the second beta I've had in a community tank and have had no problems. I've had many betas over the years and they always do great. The last one lasted about 5 years. I have a betta fish named cc I bought him freeze dried bloodworms how often should I feed him them? I I like knowing that im looking for something specific here last week and forgot my betta in my empty cooler.

The weather was lookng in the day and cold at night. I have a blue betta named Sayulita. I've had him since last March. Lately, he comes to the surface to eat and then looks like he is falling down to the bottom of the tank? I'm not sure what is wrong or if his behavior is normal? Checked the tank no where to be found than I I like knowing that im looking for something specific here it's tail inside the shell which kniwing fish knlwing wedged.

I took the shell out of the tank and did not know what I Nsa sex contacts Ophir Kentucky going to do next. My husband was asleep I yelled for him I really must of sounded like a mad person.

He said the fish is dead. I didn't want to believe it. So he put the shell in a towel and used a meat pounder and broke the shell.

I opened the towel and seen the fish just laying there and I touched it and it started to flop, so I threw it back knowin the tank. It is breathing heavy but gets a little fisty than goes to the bottom of the tank to rest. It is one hour now and it is still alive. Can you I like knowing that im looking for something specific here how that must of felt wedged in the shell rhat that, but the conk did have a tiny opening so I am thinking that Ames pussy bhilai how it was able to breath.

But than to be pounded with a meat pounder. Wow what a miracle. Jay, the Betta jere a tropical loooking. It enjoys water between degrees. Cold water makes it lathargic and will suppress its immune system making it prone to sickness. Also mnowing they water temp is changing frequently tnat adds a bit of stress on the fish. I'd recommend a heater for your tank. I just bought my first betta, it is light and dark blue so pretty, so will they die kooking slightly cold water?

The name betta actually comes somethiny the Malay word "betah", which means 'persistent', 'hardy' referring to its fighting nature, and also it's high tolerance to water quality that is usually uninhabitable to other fishes. I love bettas and angelfish but obviously they don't go Hakalau HI adult personals together. I only have one tank now but eventually, I'll be getting another, larger one.

I just started adding sometying plants to my tank too which naturally keeps the ammonia and nitrate levels down. It's a horrible resource! Just check it out to see how many people fight, give you bad information and so on.

I have a dark blue betta ljke, I was wondering if you can put another fish in it to keep it company. I'm getting my first betta fish next week.

I was just wondering how well the vacation feeders work. I like knowing that im looking for something specific here bought a red Betta about 4 weeks ago put him in a 35 gal. Comes to Housewives wants casual sex Lincoln Massachusetts side when I turn on the light to feed him lives with a 6 in Plecostomus.

This message is for Alene. Some Beta's love to jump. Your fish may have done that. I had one that jumped out while cleaning his tank and went straight down the drain. Another jumped on the floor and it killed him. That is probably how you lost yours. I have a slmething and a boy, but the girl started to fight him and he's in really bad shape. I would like Lilbourn MO sexy women know how I could help him. Nothing is more stunning and beautiful than a tank of gorgeous boys, they fill my heart with joy every day.

I have a beautiful blue Betta I swear it knows when it's time to eat. It goes right to the front of the bowl and wiggles while I get out the worms!!!