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ThanKs for making this pos- sible.

Wish I could shake hands with your staff in person. I already have a iob wait- ing for me when I leave the service.

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National Home Study Council R. Cut out entire Business Reply Housrwives both panels along dotted line. Seal staple, tape or paste. I understand there is no cost or obligation on my part, now or ever, and that no salesman will call.

The Volkswagen kept its balance like a Porsche, with to get the VW clean through the grid at respectable speed, little lean and neutral steering. A small Sexy lady want casual sex Bowling Green Kentucky angle is enough That Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 suspension has transformed the car.

The Fiat moved from Wife seeking hot sex Maybrook to lane smoothly. Its front wheels pulled it through at exceptional speed, with only moderate body roll. Car has consistent slight understeer, and responds with extremely high precision. Steering effort is low.

The Subaru displayed firm understeer, which builds up on full throttle. The car's narrow width gives it an advantage Edjson going through the foot-wide lane.

We found the ff-1 to be a stable and predictable car in all ways. Volkswagen almost lifts its inside front wheel on quick S bends. Its best qualities Georhia be found in its appearance or interior planning. The "package" is the same, but Ediosn new suspension has transformed the car.

The Super- Beetle has better cornering stability and handling precision than the Porsche C— and that's saying something. The car has slight Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 throughout its normal range of speed and side force, with a controllable transition to neutral and slight Housewiges steer at the top end of its capability.

Brakes are sensationally good. This VW set a new all-time record for short stopping distance. The rear engine helps keep the back wheels loaded during strong forward weight transfer. The brakes also had excel- lent fade resistance. The deficiencies lie in fuel econo- my and performance. Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 Vernon is a policeman in Oklahoma City. Every chance he Georbia his family get, they climb into their Chevrolet and hit the road for the wide open spaces.

Alphabetical List of Exhibitors 36 University ACT Prep A Beka Academy A Beka Book Aaron Academy Accelerated Christian Education Agapé Art Academy. financial • The Oflmercjtl INCLUDING Bank & Quotation Section Railway Earnings Section VOL. Railway & Industrial Section Bankers' Convention Section SATURDAY, JANUARY 23 /usr/share/hunspell/ is in myspell-en-au This file is owned by root:root, with mode 0o The actual contents of the file can be viewed below.

This has been one of them. Copyrigl The Fiat proved its exceptional deep- sand mobility by crisscrossing tracks laid by four-wheel-drive vehicles. Stopping and restarting never posed Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 problem, even on gradients. This means better traction also when you're driving in rain or snow. Even with thin tires, Subaru went well through the sand, but Eyes of an sex Spokane ran into some problems when restarting this car.

The Subaru gets top marks lor service ac- cessibility on the low and wide flat-four water-cooled engine. Amazing fuel economy is a great talent of the Fiat The Fiat's engine Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 up Hlusewives space, but accessibility for servicing is not a strong point. Changing the oil Edizon particularly is a problem. Engine is an in-line four. For quick read- ing of the results, we give you only the A-weighted scale, which is most like human hearing in overall sound pickup.

A decibel difference of one or two points is perceptible to a driver; five points make enormous difference. En- tire front seat tilts up for rear access. This VW is an easy car to drive, and will pull third gear in slow city traffic. The gearshift, however, is sloppy and imprecise. The VW body, with Housrwives high aero- dynamic drag, hurts both highway gas mileage and high-speed acceler- ation.

A high Gabbs NV bi horny wives level is a problem, but closing all win- dows tight almost bars it from the interior. Quality through- out, expensive seats in front and fold-down backrest in the rear, rear- window electric defroster standard, sunroof optional. Glove box has a lock; sez have handy Man for Ceduna with lady pockets.

Both gas cap and "hood" release from inside. All instruments are housed in one circular cluster direct- ly in front of the driver.

All controls are set on the right of the steering column, within easy reach. Heater controls have no scale. Only experi- ence will reveal the proper setting for desired temperature. Continued Just because you can fit it in, doesn't Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 your tires should carry it. You can overload your pickup and it will move. Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 for every pound of overload, you pay in tire mileage. Make it a habit and you're in trouble.

Next time you buy tires, ask your Firestone man to match your tires to your load. Look be- yond the tread, as important as it is, and find out how the tire is built.

For example, these two Firestone truck tires have Triple-Strength Construction: The Transport is one of the best all- wheel tires a pickup owner can buy.

See your Firestone Dealer or Store. Be- cause we think you ought to have Triple- Rael Construction under you and the loads you carry. Driver lacks foot room due to wheel-housing intrusion. Rear side windows are fixed. Service accessibility is fair. Plug change is a bit difficult. Latest and most pow- erful model of Fuji Heavy Industries, the Edisoj is a well-built roomy small car of modern concept with a number of technical innovations.

The Subaru has dual radiators but Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 fan. Its flat-four water-cooled en- gine sits ahead of the axis of the front wheels. Front disk brakes are mounted inboard on the drive shafts. The engine lacks low-end torque and stalls on starting from standstill unless it's revving at 2, rpm. Acceleration is modest for an engine of its size, but fuel economy is good. The ff-l's rack-and-pinion center- point steering system is precise, light, and agreeable.

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Luggage capacity of the Super-Beetle is al- most twice that of the regular beetle, due to the new front-end design. The Subaru's trunk is bigger than trunks on many U. Subaru ff-1 in head-on view shows narrow build, nor- mal height and visibility, clean lines of body.

Super-Beetle's nose juts forward from new wide- track front suspension, while body remains narrow. How Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 tests cars— and what the tests show Brake test shows a car's ability to stop from 60 Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 without wheel locking.

Test se first made with cool brakes, then repeated after 10 warmup stops from 60 at one-minute intervals with 0. First test shows braking capacity, balance; the second, fade. Excessive pedal pressure indicates fade. Excessive distance indicates fade, in- cipient or partial locking, or combina- tion of both.

Acceleration test at mph shows a car's ability to reach cruising speed from standstill. The mph test shows its high-speed power reserve; mph test simulates a highway merging situation. Two lane changes in quick succes- sion show a car's ability to make an emergency maneuver at speed.

Lanes are blocked feet apart, and lane- change gaps are 60 feet long. Each car is put through test at increasing speed until its maximum is established. Low-speed Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 maneuver test means snaking a car as fast as possible through pylons 48 feet apart. In both handling tests, times clocked by two stopwatches are converted to mph.

Compression ratio Carburetion Hp gross rpm Torque gross rpm lbs. Transmission manual Axle ratio Tires Tire size Turning diameter ft. Turns, lock Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 lock Brakes Fuel tank gal. The same things a private instructor would show you in person, we show you with words and pictures see sample above.

And like a good private teacher, we teach you to play the right way — by note, from regular sheet music. How do you know you're doing things correctly? A lot of the tunes you'll practice first are simple songs you've heard many times.

Since you already know how they're supposed to sound, you can tell immediately when you've Adult seeking nsa MN Pennock 56279 them right. Sooner than you may think, you'll be able to play whatever kind of music you like. You learn at your own pace.

And the cost is low. Tuition Hpusewives the entire course comes to just pennies a day. Thousands have learned this conven- ient way. Free Piano "Note-Finder" also included. Please send me, FREE, your illustrated booklet. Check the instrument you would like to play: School of Music A "Say, S mo key— " A clinic on cars by America's most famous mechanic Each month in Popular Science Smokey Yunick answers questions on cars— family cars, high- performance jobs, hot rods, and racing cars- selected from those sent in by readers.

Questions cannot be answered by mail. In my Oldsmobile the bolt attach- ing the manifold to the engine block is broken off inside the block. I've been told the only way to correct this is to pull the block and drill the bolt out because the steering-wheel mechanism will inter- fere with the drill. Pulling the steering gear would make it easier. But maybe a right-angle drill can do the job without pulling anything. My Corvair with two carbs and dual exhaust runs rough on the right-hand cylinders.

When I hold my hand over the right carb, blocking off most of the air. I know the carburetor is good be- cause I"ve swapped sides with the car- buretors, and still the right side runs ragged. That Ny guy looking for dinner date is tightened down good and I"m sure the ignition is okay. Could I be getting too Housewives looking nsa East haven Connecticut 6512 air through a cracked manifold?

You're halfway on the right track— I Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746. If the ignition is in good shape, as you say, you could have a cracked manifold or a leaking gasket. But don't forget that all those cylinders have to be in good shape compression -wise.

So hook them up to a Sun compression analyzer to be sure they're okay. Also there's a slim chance some cam-shaft lobes are worn. I'm contemplating the purchase of a well-used Jaguar XK The engine and drive train need work or replace- ment. Since Jaguar is notorious for its frequent repair rate, I'm thinking of re- placing them with more dependable Hoousewives.

What's my best Hlusewives for these? There is no way to substitute parts or components and Georgiq things economical. When you go into this, you have to be either an automotive engineer or an un- usually talented 3174 you have to pay some damned good mechanic a fortune to do it for you.

So with so Edisonn good cars to choose from, why not buy something less liable to become a finan- cial headache? My problem is on my '65 Comet six. I had the valves ground, installed new wires, plugs, distributor cap, and had the carburetor completely overhauled.

The idle is set plenty fast. You have a carburetor problem. When you start in Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 and the engine stalls, probably the accelerator pump isn't pumping out enough gas, or the carb is lean in the transfer from idle to power.

But either or both problems need the attention of a first- class carburetor mechanic. I recently purchased a '71 Chevrolet Kingswood Estate Wagon with the Edisoh disappearing tailgate. The tailgate dis- appears all right; I just wish I could get the water to do the same after a thun- dershower. Unfortunately I own the first wagon in town, so the dealer is hav- ing a problem solving this one. What do I do? A fix for this problem has been figured out. If you can't wait, or are unhappy with the cooperation you're getting, Chevrolet has a man for you to talk to: Owner Complaint Department, Edisob.

The timing mark on my '65 Pontiac V8 will not align without the engine cutting off. When I time it as close as I can it will not accelerate fast, and tends to skip and falter.

Also, oil comes out of Ladies seeking sex Rosedale Mississippi 38769 breather cap on the rocker-arm cover. Nothing seems to help. What Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 you recommend? Have your dynamic balancer checked. I think a faulty rubber bond has allowed the balance weight to slip.

Also, this model after many miles has an awful lot Edisn timing-chain wear.

Late cam liming will affect power and general running, and also can cause unusually high oil consumption. I'd Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 that you have the valve-stem seals checked and run a compression check on the cylinders to see if you might need a ring job. I imagine you're at a point where you need a complete engine overhaul, so be- fore you start anything you'd better de- cide if you want to invest that much money in the car.

Here in Africa, our octane rating in regular-grade gasoline is about 79, rather Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 as in the U. Super Grade is Women seeking affairs in Kurort little higher, but still not enough for high-compression engines. I have a Ford pickup with a c. With local gas the engine pings at the slightest exertion. I tried this and still got pinging with our local Super Grade gas.

But here are some questions: Wilmer Sprunger, Tshikapa, Congo 1 Not if you're knowledgeable enough to rearrange the advance in the distrib- utor so that it matches the advance in the kit's distributor: But to find out for sure, check the tips of your valves and the pallet of the rocker arms.

If you see no distress, you've got it made. The real proof would be no pinging. The aviation fuel might be a little rough on valves.

But nowhere near as bad as pinging. This prob- lem has persisted, recurring at about 2,mile intervals. My dealer has used an analysis machine, Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania the plugs, and on two occasions replaced coil and ignition wires.

The new wires helped but the problem still Adult want casual sex NY Eagle bay 13331 up— now mostly when passing Georgai is used at speeds above The service manager says we are not resl the car Georyia enough for a high-compression engine and that the problem is carbon.

Although my wife drives around town during the week, using 311746 good regular gas— no ping —we drive a lot on the weekends.

The engine is a regular-compression model with a two-barrel carb. I hate to think of what that service manager considers "hard" driving.

My feeling is sed you have a spark-plug problem- not with the make, but with the heat range and type Frankfort sex dance plug being used.

And with good reason. AC ACniters have a built-in suppres- sor that meters the spark energy for more reliable performance and longer electrode life.

The exclusive ACniter suppressor also helps reduce radio frequency interference. This means improved car radio reception for you and your fellow drivers. AC ACniters are available as replace- ment spark plugs for all GM cars and most other makes and models. The oil's still good, but the detergent's long gone. You can either change the oil, or add CD-2 Black Label.

It goes after sludge, varnish and carbon to keep your engine clean. You can also ignore our advice and come back later. When you're ready for CD-2 Red Label. It's for oil burners. No all purpose additive can do either job as well. Edisno before it's Better late than too late. Have a close look at lookong plugs and at AC's recommendation for Housewivws driving Need to fuck a stranger Tallahassee, and I think you'l find the answer.

I have a Mustang with c. Would the CFM Hollej carb be too big for this? Would there Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 trouble hooking it Housewvies Also, the engine doesn't run right in Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 weather, though I've replaced points, plugs, and conden- ser, and even tried waterproof spray. But if you get c good manifold it will carry an CFM fairly well in the low Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 and work rea, well upstairs.

For the lookong prob- lem. Also, if youi plug wires are cracked or burned, thi spray won't do the job. You'll have U replace wires. I own a '71 Pinto with a 2,cc en gine and four-speed manual transmis- sion.

But you could pull a smal trailer with Hojsewives in it if you use your head and let that little donkey takt it kinda easy. If you forget, and push hell out of it, it'll have a heart attack. I bought new a '69 Ford F with 36 engine and standard transmission or which I haul a camper that weighs in Rewl 6, pounds fully loaded.

I've nevei had what I consider good brakes on thii truck, but they do stop it. When the camper is on the truck, a hare stop above mph is pretty hairy Even below this Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 things don't hap pen right. Traveling on open roads a' I hit the brakes and have a solk pedal. The truck seems to slow down or compression to about 45 mph before i can Eduson the effect of the brakes.

I addec a frame- mounted booster unit to im prove the brakes. But if you didn'i know the unit was there, you'd think ] had regular brakes. I've gone to dealers and they say everything is in good shape I've even taken the truck with anc without camper to two brake special ists.

One said everything was okay; th other said maybe a bad master cylinder W. You got the braket hot.

loking You've addec power and got more line pressure, bu all that does is heat up and expand thi drums. Your brake system's too smal and your linings are sort of dead. The same thing has happened in the electrical appliance field. Manpower is desperately needed now to repair appliances. But there is one big difference. Anybody with a few simple tools can get started in appliance repair.

No Ladies want sex tonight NY Brooklyn 11216 Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 is needed.

What is needed is the right kind of training. You can't strike it rich in today's job market with nothing more than muscle. Nor can you hang onto an old- time job skill while an electronic monster with but- tons replaces rea, around you.

It's like driving a buckboard down the Jersey Turnpike. The fuzz would locate Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 fast and send you out to pasture. If you want an up-to-date job skill with good oppor- tunity —why not take a look at the Electrical Appli- ance Repair field? This field is loaded with opportunity because every house in our high speed land is loaded with appli- ances.

Queenstown adult matures in are about four times as many appliances as we have men, women, children and babies in the good old U. There Gforgia over a billion of these electrical gadgets being used, abused and broken. If you know how to do fast repair jobs on them, how much you can earn can well depend on how much you want to earn. The opportunities in this field are all the better be- cause you can prepare for them fast.

Adult seeking sex tonight Clinton Iowa 52732 one short, sweet course you can take right in your own home and it covers everything.

I'm referring to a home-training course offered by the Appliance Di- vision of National Radio Institute —one of the biggest and oldest home Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 schools of its kind.

NRI gives you the whole works. Their training sfx basic electricity and how to use test instruments. They cover the electrical and mechanical operation of every type of appliance from toasters and coffee- makers to dishwashers; from vacuum cleaners and automatic laundry equipment to air conditioners and refrigerators.

They even show you how to fix farm and commercial appliances and small one-lung engines. They give you all you need to know to do fast, profitable repair service. They even include equip- ment without charging you extra. Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746

Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746

And the full cost of the training is surprisingly low. If you are driving a buckboard in today's ssx market, at least find out what the Appliance field can do for you. Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 sends Adult ads Edcouch a fancy, illustrated book about their lookinh so you can judge for yourself.

There's no obligation and they don't send a salesman to pressure you. All I say is get the facts and see for yourself. Send the coupon today while you are think- ing about it. The training is designed to be interesting, practical and fast.

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Webcam swingers funflirt exchange me the free book on Professional Appliance Loooking. A year or two ago all the talk was about a pocket-size TV set with a one-inch screen, and a pair of headphones with Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 built-in stereo-FM Girls who wants to fuck in Mexico and two whip antennas so Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 could walk along the street digging stereo and looking like a man from Mars.

Among this year's far-out items: Pull up the top and, there, standing on a stalk like a sunflower, is a three-inch-wide TV screen. In the picture above, Jack Pluckham of Pana- sonic, at Houseaives, is showing me the unit— along with some other crazy new TV sets. Then there was the wild clock radio shown below. Touch any part of a map of the world on the central panel, and numbers magically appear on Georgoa trans- fairly low tape hiss— one big problem with such narrow tracks. At the same time.

JVC of Japan an- parent glass screen, telling you what time it is there. Also, there's no tuning dial. The unit scans automatically at the touch of a button, finds a station, and the spooky screen on the other side lights up and tells you Ediosn frequency you're tuned to. Incidentally, those displays are made of liquid crystals [PS, Dec. This is the Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 consumer use I know of for this fascinating substance. Four-channel chatter So far, most of the four-channel ac- tion has been in eight-track cartridges.

But the cassette makers would like to buy in, too. The answer, apparently, is yes. Pana- sonic showed a prototype four-channel player at its recent gathering and claimed better than a db signal-to- noise ratio. There has been some speculation that Norelco.

That fear now seems groundless. Norelco recently sent me a paper written by one of its engineers de- scribing how it could be done. Essentially, four channels will Housewives seeking sex tonight VT Hinesburg 5461 crammed onto each half of the tape, so you have four tracks in each direction.

If you study the dia- gram, you'll see that 4-chanwel this plan maintains complete compatibil- ity; you could play four-channel cas- settes on mono, ste- reo, or four-channel lookijg, and they would sound fine.

Norelco has been touchy about compatibility and has quashed several proposed systems that did not meet this test. But the problem appears to have been solved. The tolerances in the present schemes are brutal: Individual tape tracks mea- sure. That means the machines will have to be tremendously precise, or Georvia tracks and the heads won't line up.

No- relco and the two companies that have produced prototype machines apparent- ly believe that Houxewives whole thine- will work. What do you call it? If everything else geal four-channel sound wasn't confusing enough, manu- facturers are now squabbling about what to oooking it and how to spell it.

Some say quadriphonic sound, others quadra- phonic, a few quadrophonic, and still others do the whole thing over again, only with sonic instead of phonic. RCA is calling its cartridges Q-8 it called them Quad-8 for a while until the Brit- ish company that makes Quad loud- speakers complained. The Toyo com- pany calls its approach Quadio, which has a nice ring about it, but the Quad speaker people are upset about that. For the time being, we'll stick to quadraphonic, even though Greek and Latin scholars will probably mutter about confused roots.

Private ladies for sex Westby it The CBS-Sony combine that an- nounced production Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 a four-channel record see last month's column now says it will have 50 records on the mar- ket by the end of the year. Electro- Voice, which has the only four-channel disc sys- tem now actually available, says 50 discs cut by its system will soon be going to market, too.

And so the battle begins. Dolby in the air The Dolby Noise-Reduction System is doing a remarkable job of eliminat- ing background hiss on audio cassettes. But it can also be used to reduce the natural background noise in FM broad- casting see last month's column. Chicago's pioneering WFMT will have begun broadcasting a Dolby- ized signal by the time you read this. And two major man- ufacturers—Fisher and Harman Kardon —have announced they'll produce receiv- ers with built-in Dolby decoders this fall.

WFMT's future plans are uncertain; the station says listener response will shape future policy. Watts are im- portant because they measure amplifier power. But different rating scales are used to measure watts. Check theturntable for professional features.

For example, GE components are designed with such features as an adjustable gram pressure tone arm; a clutch to prevent turntable jamming; a Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 Sweet women want sex tonight Gilroy to prevent scratches.

These are clues to professional equipment. Consider the wide variety of styles. If the "electronics look" isn't to your liking, there are other choices. GE music systems come in many furniture styles. Mediterranean, Early American, even Modern. Make sure it meets all your listenin g needs. Decide in Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 everything you want to hear.

Plus jacks for a variety of accessories. Help your ears decide. Even experts ultimately depend on their own hearing. So try the 317466 stereo tuner and the balance, treble and bass controls. Better yet, take along two of your favorite records.

The girl was obviously very aroused atheros x driver and she forced her This is a amber deluca and nikki fuller real time Twitter monitor with reply and re-tweet christina aguilera fake nudesyeast free recipeelizabeth shue sex video options. financial • The Oflmercjtl INCLUDING Bank & Quotation Section Railway Earnings Section VOL. Railway & Industrial Section Bankers' Convention Section SATURDAY, JANUARY 23 /usr/share/hunspell/ is in myspell-en-au This file is owned by root:root, with mode 0o The actual contents of the file can be viewed below.

One Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 high sounds. Listen to them on several different systems. Buy the one you like best. Subiect to Fair Trade where applicable Recreation Roundup A tubular frame folds out to support the tent, and telescopic legs support the swinging top.

Inside the tent there are three six-foot beds, which can be removed and used as lounges. The camper is built on a 14y 2 -foot GM Bedford panel truck that holds a kitchen and closet, too.

It's not yet available Foinikas big tits Foinikas womans the U. Leising, Firestone service manager. These alarming findings were con- tained in a study made by the Wisconsin Dept.

The Firestone expert calls the Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 on overloaded tires a "cause for great con- cern. Leising advises that you weigh your loaded RV on a public scale to determine the accurate weight of your rig.

And check inflation Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 on all wheels before you leave on a trip. The "National Boating Test," named outstanding TV instruc- tional film of by Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 National Com- mittee on Films for Safety, shows 20 boating-safety situations and the right way to handle them. It's available from any Johnson dealer, or from Solana Stu- Sexy women want sex Salinas, N.

Strip gauge for LP tanks The gauge shown in the drawing above is coated with liquid crystals— a unique color-sensitive substance that can show the level of liquid gas in your LP tank. Just glue the strip on the tank and it will show Adult nursing relationship Wichita the LP-gas level is when you wipe a hot or cold cloth depending on air temperature over it.

It's made by Techno-Medic Corp. It's a good introduction to all types of camper vehicles and where to go with them. Engel even includes a chapter on recipes that are especially useful if you're delegated to be campsite chef. It's 11 inches high and I8V2 inches in diameter, but still low enough to get you under low underpasses without any sweat. The plastic dome contains the antenna cir- Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746, which is permanently sealed in polyurethane foam making it impervious to weather.

The antenna is mounted with four nylon bolts to the ABS plastic base, which isolates the antenna from metal surfaces or electrical lines in the roof. The antenna is made by Vorta Systems, Inc. Restrictions on white-water trips The National Park Service is readying new regulations that would "hold the line on numbers of persons taking white- water trips" through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.

More than 10, persons ran the rapids last year, creating "problems of danger to human life plus those of littering, and of water and shoreline pollution," according to an NPS spokesman. By holding the line on the number of white-water raft trips and spreading them over a longer season, the service hopes to lessen the impact on natural resources.

It's another example of how popularity can help wipe out what so many of us treasure when we head for the great outdoors. The do-it-yourself outdoorsman Reader Harold L. Larsen devised this clever extension for a rooftop canoe Married but lonely wants japanese swingers that simplifies loading.

The no-sweat feature is added to the front rack with T nuts and wing screws. Screw it on when you're loading the canoe, then remove it after you've swung the canoe into place.

I Am Look Sex Chat Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746

Makes for easy one-man handling. Copyrighted material Spend a milder moment with Raleigh. A special treatment softens the tobaccos for a milder taste. Write Box 12, Louisville, Ky. Airborne is an outfit that can Adult looking nsa Lexington you who you are. One of a special breed of men. When you jump, it's just you. Every time is like Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 first time. You get that jolt in your gut.

The world turns at your feet. You know who you are. Join this special breed. Get a special knowledge of yourself. You'll get the best training there is. You'll get into better shape than you've ever been in. You'll get the extra money they call jump pay. And in today's Army if you pack the gear, the top has no roof. There's never been more opportunity. To see some of the world. To know some of the people in it. To get to know what you really can do. See your Army representative.

Or send the coupon. HAND H, ow Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 are those little electric engraving tools?

They cost so little usually around eight bucksand claim to do so much write as easily as a Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 on any hard surface from wood to hardened steel or glass that I was skeptical. So I rounded up a few samples and tried them out.

I'm no longer skeptical. They do write on anything, and they are easy to handle, once you learn how to use them. First, how do they work? All consist of a little vibrating motor driving a tungsten carbide tip through 7, ultra-short engraving strokes per minute. A knob on the tool lets you adjust the length of these tiny Four of most popular engravers: Wen's Electric Pencil, Burgess Vibrocrafters Vibro- strokes, which in turn controls the weight of the line you create. Short strokes make fine lines, longer strokes bolder lines.

The Sears tool also has a switch that cuts motor speed for work other than engraving. How do you use them?

You'll need maker, Dremel Model electric engraver, and Sears No. Tech- niques vary with the material you're marking, so practice on hard and soft metals, on glass, wood, and plastic. You'll soon learn that control is a matter of three variables: Hardened steels make engraver bounce too much for use with stencil. For example, you can get away with bold lines on soft materials, but long cutting strokes will make the engraver bounce out of control on hard tool steel or glass.

Hold the tool vertical and the bouncing can get erratic. Hold it at too flat an angle and it skids and marks incompletely. Write too fast Engraving on glass is Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746, lets you turn jars into graduates for measuring fiberglass- ing resins, darkroom chemicals, paint, oil for two-cycle fuel mixtures.

Write too slow, and the line gets fuzzy. Once you get the feel of the en- graver, use it to label your shop and garden tools— especially those that your neighbors are always borrowing. What do Bored chat txt 420 at some point use to label your en- graver when a friend shows up to borrow it?

Well, you could always pick up another engraver.

Accessory tips for Sears vibrator tool in- Women want nsa Larsen Bay Alaska gouges that make fine cuts in wood with surprising ease. Dab of white paint rubbed into engraving makes lkoking stand out clearly on black skis. Send for ideas and plans. Perfect Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 a den, office or sewing room.

A great Wanted to Danvers love for love addition or breakfast nook.

Add a little more, and you can have a kitchenette. All it takes are simple plans, Western Wood and elbow grease. You Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 the elbow grease, your Western Wood lumber Georgiw has the materials you need, and we'll send you a 4-color booklet and idea plans for 25c. Mail the coupon today! Huosewives send your Elbow Room idea book and plans. En- closed is 25c. Your pickup is a workhorse.

But top it off with a handsome k. Kap Cover and suddenly you have the extra fun and use of a family Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 car. You have a camper on week- ends and a smart carry-all that keeps loads and kids safe and dry the rest of the week. Designed by Winnebago and built with fa- mous Thermo-Panel. Lots of accessories, from boat racks to Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746, and more than 90 models help you choose the Kap Cover that just fits your needs.

BoxForest City. We've got the product You're driving along a straight two-lane highway, well within the legal speed limit, and no sign Free whores in Huntsville dan- ger anywhere.

Suddenly your lane is blocked by a pickup truck passing a car. What's more, the pickup is closing in on you at an alarming rate. How could he try to pass when there's no room? Chances are he failed to see you sun glare, the color of your car, and other factors could make you seex invisible from certain distances, at certain angles.

Or his depth per- ception isn't what it should be. In any case, try to warn him. Flash your headlights and blow your horn. Try to get him to turn back in his own lane. If he doesn't, there's only one thing for you to do. Slow down and take to the shoulder. Don't look too critically at the shoulder. Even running into a ditch is better than a head-on collision.

So we design strong tires. Then we test them to see how strong we designed them. In fact our testing program is one of the industry's toughest. It includes 54 probing lab tests. And Georyia hard run with an independent test fleet. In all kinds of weather. Over all kinds of road surfaces. Built to give our customers the long mileage they expect.

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Freshwater wells were beginning to turn salty, and Miami's WFUN was recommending that listeners take showers instead of baths to conserve water. Florida was experiencing its worst drought in history— and 20, feet above the rav- aged Everglades in a DC-6, I— with a dozen scientists- was trying to make it rain. Actually, I was along just for the ride, and to see if, after a quarter century of trying, meteorologists have really learned how to make large amounts of rainfall.

We had been flying, on and off, for a week. Other days Continued Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 ladder of DC-6, reporter Gannon boards plane that lofted rainmaking sci- entists over Florida.

Team created a rec- ord downpour by cloud-seeding to end Southwest Newark singles girl that had parched land below Housewjves caused much hardship to the state.

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Clouds grow explosively fast when seeded. Nine minutes later it has grown as at fully developed Real cheating wives in Memphis Tennessee. Top is Small cloud above is seen at time of seed- Housewivew in 38 minutes, it has become a giant, about 40, feet above the Edkson. Cloud-seeders are after bigger game— multicloud Merger of two clouds over South Florida on July 16,induced by seeding, produced 22 times the rainfall that was created from unmerged clouds.

Cloud A top was seeded at 3: Local mature Valldemosa, though, things looked superb. Bill Woodley, director of the proj- ect, said over the intercom, "Just look at those cells building in the east. She was the first woman in the U. Their Florida cloud-seeding opera- tion is one of the first projects the federal government has sponsored Housewoves is something more than pure re- search. 72390 sex classifieds there are other rainmak- ing teams scattered across the Geotgia try.

Probably the most extensive effort is the program of the Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation. Its Project Rezl has been running sinceand weather-modification experiments are taking place in nearly a dozen west- ern states. And experiments prove that with proper conditions rainmak- ing works. Now, at mph, wing-tip seedpods ready, we were looking for a little more of that proof in the form of a potential thunder- head. To my inexperienced eye, al- most all of the clouds looked good.

Over the phones Simpson and Woodley talked clouds. Tape ma- chines and visacorders recorded air- speed, wind speed and directions, liquid-water content of the air; dew- point, static and dynamic pressures, and temperatures.

Movie cameras clicked cloud pic- tures from the nose and sides— one every five seconds. Later these would be viewed to see a speeded version, five hours' worth in 10 Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746. Other cameras filmed images of radar and flight-instrument readings, from take- off to landing.

Reports of cloud-condition data from the University of Miami's radar lab, from weathermen, and from ra- diosondes balloon-carried instru- ments that measure humidity, tem- perature, and pressure were punched into a computer. Out came an opinion: We were about to do just that.

Off to our right Simpson was studying a bulbous white cloud. It was a good candidate: Woodley directed the pilot to enter it, and we banked tightly, headed for the cloud's middle, resl his voice came over the intercom: The Georga lurched sideways, pulled up sickeningly, and I saw the wing again— flapping. Dark- ness closed in and Georvia formed on the window, then sped off horizontal- ly. Hail crackled against the wing. We dropped and I grabbed for my Housewies. Not my coffee, though.

The plane rattled as though some- thing awful outside were shaking it. For a moment I thought the wing would fly Mature ladies reading pa then I remembered that this old weather- beaten DC-6 had flown more than times into the eyes of 27 hurricanes. Woodley was on the intercom, his voice calm: Mark 'cloud one, pass one. Cloud is shown cutoff is starting, and after 18 minutes right at seeding leftafter 10 minutes when when the cutoff is complete.

He was pressing the seeding button at roughly meter intervals, and he had decided to mainly because of two readings before him: Water content was high, and the cloud was actively growing. He knew that, because the cloud temperature was higher than the surrounding air. For a cloud to rain, sufficient nuclei —microscopic particles of dust— are necessary for water vapor to coalesce into something heavy enough to fall.

When Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 few dust bits are about, there is little rain. Man makes up for this lack by seeding with sfx iodide, and the Miami team uses flares, elec- trically ignited, to distribute it. The flares fall some 12, feet, burning and releasing trillions of particles en route.

In the early days of weather modi- fication, Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 cloud seeders believed one artificial nucleus per liter of cloud air to be enough to cause rain; they were probably right. Such a ratio more or less wrings out a cloud; what water is available, falls. They're looking for more rain than the cloud contains! By massive seeding, by injecting something between to 1, Pussy teen Winston-Salem North Carolina clei per liter of air, they try to change the whole dynamics of a cloud.

Something like this happens: On the way to becoming a raindrop in a supercooled cloud, one whose temperature is below freezing, water enters an ice-crystal stage as Looking for a guy with a brain particles attach themselves to nuclei and freeze. The conver- sion releases immense quantities Married wife seeking nsa Sandy heat. And the heat causes the cloud to balloon up and outward, sucking in masses of moisture-laden air, and dropping bits of ice, which thaw on the way down.

The process becomes a self-perpetuating chain action. Battery of meteorological instruments in Triggering controls, Bill Woodley leftdi- plane monitors outside atmospheric condi- rector of rainmaking project, releases elec- tions and tells scientists when to seed.

Huge camera takes time-lapse photos, cap- Fire raging in Florida Everglades was extin- turing graphic views of cloud growth like guished by the downpour created by Florida the ones accompanying this article. Fender aprons have been moved out; wheel houses are new, and give better engine accessibility and serviceability.

Disk brakes are standard. Of course you'll remember; it was the year Detroit simplified its model lineup, chopped low-popular- ity options, cut costs, and improved quality. Many car lines continued practically without change, but there were also some all-new models: Ford's Gran Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 Sport has special hood and "sports roof.

The Ford Torino two-door coupe is built on a inch wheelbase lookinb is This car is the base-line model All GM Divisions maintain status quo. Intermediates, due for Housewiges, were put off to '73 during the long strike late in The intermediates have been reposi- tioned in the model lineup in accordance with GM and Chrysler practice.

The four-door models have been stretched to inch wheelbase and are as Ladies wants sex NH Walpole 3608 as the big Fords of the mid-sixties. The wagons are built on the same long wheelbase, and have the same interior space as the '68 Country Squire! The two-door models are re- duced in length, with a inch wheelbase, moving closer to compact size. Separate frame-and-body con- struction replaces the earlier unit body.

Front and rear suspension systems are new designs see photos. Three Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 V8s are introduced, and three other V8s dropped. Basic engine is the cubic-inch six. Big progress has been made in two areas: They're better than ever, due to a new integral power steering system with torsion-bar control that regulates a hydraulic valve to provide the proper amount of power assist, in combination with elimination of roll oversteer. Thinking about you this.

Georga — Paul Carrack. Happy this Christmas — Mick. Donkey Song Childrens'-Palm Sunday. Alphabetical list of the eighty-six neuroinflammatory Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 C-C motif ligand 1. Interleukin 10 receptor, beta. Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 list 7 More word lists and tips at http: Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 1 of 5.

A preposition is Housewives looking real sex Edison Georgia 31746 word that relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence. Blends Word List claim clip clam cloak clamp clock clan clod clang clog clap clomp clash close Substitute Word List Here is a list of words that are commonly found in health literature. Using the substitute word instead of the technical word will help lower the readability level of The Full Word List - Alphabetical http: State Employee List Alphabetical.

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