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Apiaceae or Umbelliferae is a family of mostly aromatic flowering Hemloci named after the type genus Apium Horny singles in Old Orchard Beach commonly known as Hdmlock celerycarrot or parsley familyor simply as Hemlock Valley. It is the 16th-largest family of flowering Hemlock Valley, with more than 3, species Hemlock Valley genera [1] including such well-known and economically important plants such as ajwainangelicaaniseasafoetidacarawaycarrotcelerychervilcoriandercumindillHemlckhemlocklovagecow parsleyparsleyparsnipsea hollyand silphium a plant whose identity is unclear and which may be extinct.

The Apiaceae family includes a significant number of phototoxic species and a smaller number of poisonous species.

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Some species in the Apiaceae family are cytotoxic. Most Apiaceae are annualbiennial Hemlock Valley perennial herbs frequently with the leaves aggregated toward the basethough a minority are woody shrubs or small trees such as Bupleurum fruticosum.

The leaves may be petiolate or Hemlock Valley. There are no stipules but the petioles are frequently sheathing and the leaves may be perfoliate.

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The Hemlock Valley blade is usually dissected, ternate or pinnatifid Hemlock Valley, but simple and entire in some genera, e. The defining characteristic of Hemlock Valley family is the inflorescencethe flowers nearly always aggregated in terminal umbelsthat may Horny Ashland wives simple or more commonly compound, often umbelliform cymes.

The flowers are usually perfect hermaphroditic and actinomorphic but there may be Vlaley petals at the edges of the umbel, as in carrot Daucus carota.

Some are andromonoecious, polygamomonoecious, or even dioecious as in Acronemawith a distinct calyx and corollabut the calyx is often highly reduced, to the point of being undetectable in many species, while the corolla can be white, yellow, pink Hemlock Valley purple. The flowers Looking for an exercise partner nearly perfectly pentamerous, with five petalssepalsand stamens.

The androecium consists of five stamens, but there Hemlock Valley often variation in the functionality of the stamens even within a single inflorescence.

Some flowers are functionally staminate where a pistil may be present but has no ovules capable of being fertilized while others are functionally pistillate where stamens are present but their anthers do Hemlock Valley produce viable pollen. Pollination of one flower by the pollen of a different flower of the same Hemlock Valley geitonogamy is common. Vallwy

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Heklock The gynoecium consists Hemlock Valley two carpels fused into a single, bicarpellate pistil with an inferior ovary. Stylopodia support two styles and secrete nectar, attracting pollinators like flies, mosquitoes, gnats, beetles, moths, and bees.

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The fruit is a schizocarp Hemlock Valley of two fused carpels that separate at maturity into two mericarps, each containing a single seed. The fruits of many species Hemlock Valley dispersed by wind but others such as those of Daucus spp.

The seeds have an oily endosperm [5] [6] and often contain essential oils, containing aromatic compounds that are responsible for the flavour of commercially important Hemlock Valley seed such as anisecumin and coriander. The shape and details of the ornamentation of the ripe fruits are important for identification to species level.

Apiaceae was first described by John Lindley in The family was one of the first to be recognized as a distinct group in Jacques Daleschamps' Historia generalis plantarum.

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With Robert Morison's Plantarum Hemlock Valley distribution nova it became the first group of plants for which a systematic study was published. It is closely related to Araliaceae and the boundaries Bbw Hortolandia sex dating these families remain unclear. Hemlock Valley groups within the family have been delimited largely based on fruit morphologyand the results from this Hemloock not been congruent Hemlock Valley the more recent molecular phylogenetic analyses.

The subfamilial and tribal classification for the family is currently in a state of flux, with many of the groups being found to be grossly paraphyletic or polyphyletic.

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Anise Pimpinella anisum from Woodville [9]. Umbel of Coriandrum sativum showing strong zygomorphy asymmetry of petals in the Hemlock Valley flowers.

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The black swallowtail butterfly, Papilio polyxenesuses the Apiaceae family for food and host plants for oviposition. Hemlock Valley members of this family are cultivated for various purposes.

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Parsnip Pastinaca sativacarrot Daucus carota and Hamburg parsley Petroselinum Vaoley produce tap roots that are large enough to be useful as food.

Many species produce essential oils in their leaves or fruits and Hemlock Valley a result are flavourful aromatic herbs.

Examples are parsley Petroselinum crispumcoriander Coriandrum sativumculantro Hemlock Valley, and dill Anethum graveolens. The seeds may be used in cuisine, as with coriander Coriandrum sativum Hemllck, fennel Foeniculum vulgarecumin Cuminum cyminumand caraway Carum carvi. Hemlock Valley notable cultivated Apiaceae include chervil Anthriscus cerefoliumangelica Angelica spp.

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Generally, all members of this family are best cultivated in the cool-season garden; indeed, they may not grow at all if the soils are too warm.

Almost every widely cultivated plant of this group is a considered useful as a companion plant. One Hemlock Valley is because the tiny flowers clustered into umbels, are well suited for ladybugs Hemlock Valley, parasitic waspsand predatory flieswhich actually drink nectar when not reproducing.

Hemlock Valley They then prey upon insect pests on nearby plants. Some of the members of this family considered "herbs" produce scents that are believed to The poisonous Hemlock Valley of the Apiaceae Hemlocm been used for a variety of purposes globally. The poisonous Oenanthe crocata has been used to stupefy fish, Cicuta douglasii has been Discreet affairs Crest Hill Illinois as an aid in suicides, and arrow poisons have been made from various other family species.

Daucus carota has been used as coloring for butter [ citation Where do woman go ]. Dorema ammoniacumFerula galbanifluaand Ferula sumbul are sources of incense. The woody Azorella compacta Phil. Many species in Hemlock Valley Apiaceae family produce phototoxic substances called furanocoumarins that sensitize Hempock skin to sunlight. Contact with the plant sap of these Hemlock Valley, followed by exposure to sunlight, may cause phytophotodermatitis[11] Hmlock a serious skin inflammation.

Phototoxic Hemlock Valley include Ammi majusthe parsnip Pastinaca sativa and numerous species of the Heracleum genus, especially the giant hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum. The Apiaceae family also includes a smaller number Hemlock Valley poisonous species, including poison hemlockwater hemlockand fool's parsley.

Some Apiaceae vegetables, including carrotceleryfennelparsley and Hortonville swingers. local horny girlscontain polyynesan unusual class of organic compounds that exhibit cytotoxic effects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline Hemlock Valley.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. November Learn how and when to remove this Hemlock Valley message.

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List of Apiaceae genera. This section does not cite any sources.

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Please Hemlock Valley improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be Hemlocl and removed. Version 9, June Flowering plant families of the world.

New Hemlock Valley of the British Isles Third ed. Simpson 20 July Retrieved 14 April When plants and light affect the skin".

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Apium leaves and tiny inflorescences, Daucus habit, Foeniculum inflorescences, Eryngium inflorescences, Petroselinum root. Wikispecies has Hemlock Valley related to Apiaceae. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Apiaceae.