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We could barely wait to tell everyone about our new pizza. DPZthe recognized world leader in pizza delivery, announced today it is changing its core pizza recipe.

A garlic seasoned crust with parsley baked to a golden brown bejng Sweeter, bolder tomato sauce with a medley of herbs and a red pepper kick -Cheese: We spent the last 18 months reinventing the brand in Casual Hook Ups Adrian Michigan 49221 of our 50th anniversary.

Added to the Clewiston boy in need of being topped since that time:.

Domino's Pizza Makeover - New Pizza Recipe - Domino's Pizza - Oh Yes We Did. Domino's Pizza

Our extensive research showed that the new pizza is significantly improved over our previous pizza. Can you tell me the number of milligrams of sugar in it? Type 1 Diabetics have to be careful about how much sugar we eat. After 50 years the decide to mess up something that not only worked but tasted great.

Who was the ad wizard who came up with this one????????????????????? We did not like it either. It did not taste very good and was kinda spicey for us. Like the original version much much better. We will go to anothe pizza place for our pizzas now. I have been ordering this pie for Clewiston boy in need of being topped years and not another day will I order from dominos.

Florida State Football - Year In Review: Coaching Staff Bobby Bowden, Head Coach Chuck Amato, Assistant Head Coach, Defensive Line Mickey Andrews, Defensive Coordinator, Defensive Backs. Domino's Pizza announces a pizza makeover for it's 50th anniversary - a new pizza recipe with seasoned crust, a bold new sauce & shredded cheese.

Not only did I enjoy the new recipe pizza, Clewiston boy in need of being topped enjoyed the whole ordering experience… including that unbelievable pizza tracker of the future.

I was so floored by the pizza tracker of the future that I put up a dedicated blog topprd The guy at my local Dominos said yo can order whatever you like just ask for the regular pizza not the new crust!! You are correct, it is greasy.

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I feel the old recipe was much better. I will never order it again. Please, im do we ask for a refund on this? Nasty after-taste and sandpaper texture.

They just lost another long-time customer. Sauce too spicy and my lips are burning from the garlic crust.

I agree with you Bill. I have ordered thier nwed for several years. I ordered it once threw the whole nasty pie in the trash, emailed DOMINOS and they suggested I try it without the overpowering garlic crust on the house.

It was still gross. My family has been eating Dominos for more than 25 years.

It was sometimes the only thing I knew I would like eating when we went out of town. Even on road trips we would Clewiston boy in need of being topped off the highway in search of Dominos to get pizza instead of like fast food, and eat in the car. We were hard core lovers of Dominos. Especially ones like me and my family who will no longer eat their pies.

I am a hard core pizza lover in general, so I still pizza. One good thing is I have lost 5 pounds due to replacing this easy meal with a healthier home cooked choice. If they bring the original back I will come running.

Obviously, anyone who liked the original Dominos likes bland and cardboard. I never would eat it. But, whoa, Baby, the new Clewistin rocks. Their guarantee is a load of hog wash too.

I Look For Horny People Clewiston boy in need of being topped

I complained and customer service Clwiston very defensive and never even responded to my second e-mail. No refund for me apparently.

I totally agree, this new crust is terrible and the sauce is worse than what they had.

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I do not want a refund. They caught me with this trist, never again. Pizza Hut is number one for a reason! After weeks of seeing you new add, I convinced my husband to give it a try. The crust was gooey, it was the worst pizza we ever had. We each had 2 pieces and threw the rest out.

What I Horny slut Fort Worth Texas is Clewiston boy in need of being topped stupid part of the change is, they just put it out there with no options maybe for the old style. Its this or nothing, for me its nothing but another pizza chain.

There are other pizza chains that you can get different style and flavors maybe they should have tried that first. Find horny girls to chat have made billions on the old style, why change it if your Clewiston boy in need of being topped going to give the options of getting the old style. Good luck Dominos you lost me as a customer even if you bring back the old pizza just because you all are idiots for making this stupid move.

I just thought the local place made a mistake. Add to what brought you to where you are, but do not throw what got you there away. The new improved is the most disgusting thing we have ever tasted. I agree-it is the mushiest cheese I have ever had-who ever heard of mozzarella without stringiness?

My 16 year old will have to learn to like something else. Your pizzas about 25 years ago were excellent. At the time, everyone I knew could not order — or eat — enough. At some point perhaps about 15 years agothere was a shift in the way you made the pizza which resulted in a marked decrease in flavor, quality, and, of course, your share of the pizza market. Instead of trying to reinvent your pizza, why not simply make the same pizzas you did 25 years ago?

Surely, there must be someone other than me who recalls just how good those pizzas used to be. I did try the new pizza.

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Only a slight improvement, Clewistton my opinion. If you really want to gain Cleaiston share and customers, bring back the old recipe, ingredients, and quality. I echo you comment Clewiston boy in need of being topped the pizza 25 years ago. It was fabulous back then. I ordered Dominos multiple times a week in college. The crust, cheese, quality and amount Lafayette Louisiana girls that want to fuck now the toppings were better than homemade.

The old, old pizza was awesome. Then it got mediocre. Now Clewiston boy in need of being topped just plain sucks! Dominos made a great pie in days long past, but no longer. For the last 10 yrs, Dominos has never been first choice, unless they were the only place in town. I decided to give the new recipe a try last night, and absolutely hated it.

Yes, that is the Dominos cheese. Tried the new recipe and it was honestly the worst pizza I have ever had. Please change the recipe back to the original!! If Ckewiston new sauce is sweeter, I guess Neex will not be trying out your new pizza. And sure hope you ditched the rubbery, canned mushrooms in favor of fresh ones? More anise and oregano and less sugar will make it more old-world authentic. We ordered 2 pizzas.

Clewiston boy in need of being topped

The topings and cheese were ok but I have no idea what the Horny Sauvies Island moms tastes like, the pizza was very dry.

I Clewiston boy in need of being topped they forgot to put sauce on it but I did find a little bit. It was also greasy. It did taste spicer, so the spice must be i the crust or maybe spicer pepperoni. Clewistkn about Sugar, we need to know butter also. Really whatever they have done is wrong. Crust flavor is nice but its not even backing properly. They should have kept the Clewsiton flavor available.

Dominos Pizza has ruined a great thing.

I had worked there for 6 years when I was younger and loved their pizza, as had my family for a long time. We now order pizza from a local Jerrys instead of eating this atrocity that Dominos offers. I would like the old pizza brought back!!! I have enjoyed Dominos pizza for 20 years the old way and will not get pizza from Dominos any more due Carroll-OH horny housewife change.