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The Stamford horny sluts of the "comput- ers-are-for-boys" attitude may be- come painfully apparent when girls begin to enter the job marketplace of tomorrow. A Strategy Jor Equity. So what's a parent to do? First, understand the problem: When giv- en free time or elective choices, many girls avoid the computer. Why Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 girls turned off? For many youngsters, initial exposure to computers has been through com- puter games.

Frequently, such soft- ware features science-fiction encoun- ters with death-dealing aliens, star-war battles, or fast-action sports that appeal more to boys than to girls.

Studies indicate that girls tend to be more people-oriented and to pre- fer programs that offer a tangible- end product. A national month project, concluded this year, called the Computer Equity Training Proj- ect, has shown that boys will play at the computer just for the fun Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 it. Accord- Women want hot sex Dumont Texas to the study, girls are typically more social and prefer working in groups rather than individually in- teracting with machines.

In some cases, early educational experiences have made matters worse by relegating the computer to science, math, and programming, areas in which girls may be some- what phobic. The stereotype of the student who excels at computers calls to mind the male math genius who wears thick eyeglasses, dresses in disheveled clothes, and is dubbed a "nerd.

When one 9-year-old girl was asked why she didn't use a com- puter at home very much, she re- sponded; "My brother won't let me. He beats me up if I go near it. Give pQsitive messages early. Don't make "male" toys taboo. She may eventually turn away from them, but at least she'll learn to make her own choices as she develops.

Break down sex stereotypes. If the toaster needs to be fixed or the oil in the family car needs to be changed, have your daughter partici- pate in the process. Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 home chores reasonable.

Daughters are often saddled with re- sponsibilities from babysitting to housecleaning that keep Ihem from taking part in after-school activities. Allow — and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 encourage — your daughter to join an after-school com- puter club or simply to use the school's computers after hours. Ar- range to give her some free time. Check out computer courses being offered in your daughter's school that will expose her to basic applications of computers. Learning how to pro- gram is secondary.

After all, when we learn to drive a car, we don't have to know how the engine works — just how to operate it and use it to take us where we want to go.

If your daughter does seem in- terested in programming, encourage her Beautiful housewives wants horny sex Hartford take advanced courses or con- sider sending her to a computer camp during the summer.

When I saw people programming, I thought 'How tedious! How could they sit there? Initiate conversations about careers. Talk about computers and how they are being used. If you use one in your work, be sure to discuss your experi- ences. They encourage me to look into a computer-related ca- reer because it's important to 16 I'AMll. Allow equal access to the comput- eKs in your home. If you own a com- puter, make sure everyone has ac- cess to it. Lo- cate your computer Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 a central area.

If the "boys" of the family begin to hog computer lime, create and mon- itor a sign-up sheet to equalize us- age.

I Looking Sex Tonight Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301

Make sure mothers learn to use the computer. Mothers can set examples for daughters by Mature sex Hundon in a basic computer course and making use of the family computer for work, household tasks, and creative ideas. Since Tan Summers is a freelance writer and does all of her writing with a word processor, she is being a positive role model for her four daughters. Explore a variety of applications.

Give your daughter a sense of the exciting range of computer activities and projects through real uses. Use a word processor to write letters. Try out an elec- tronic service for research. With a graphics program, you can design holiday greeting cards or create orig- inal artwork. And don't forget that game playing is an activity your daughter is sure to enjoy; you just have to find the right types of games. Laurel, loves to play games. They're quiet, thinking games. Laurel also likes games that have pretty music and nice scenery.

She doesn't like the shoot "em ups. Stress the ease of homework. En- courage your daughter to use Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 computer to help her with her home- work. Emphasize how much more easily she can write and correct re- ports, illustrate term papers, re- search, and keep track of data. If she doesn't have access to a comput- er at home, suggest that she use a school computer during free periods.

Encourage girls to work with friends. Suggest that your daughter get together with several friends to use a computer either at home or at school. By encouraging girls to work in groups, parents can help shift peer pressure in support of computer usage.

After all, if a girl's friends are computer users, then it's OK — and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 even "cool" — if she is. Cherry, has a best Suck your cock in Derry New Hampshire who is a computer fanatic. She comes over to our house to play games, and they Beautiful couple seeking friendship Bellevue Washington games back and forth.

On the other hand, when my 9-year-old son, Howard, brings his friends Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, they usually don't go near the computer. Pay attention to the signals you're giving your daughter. The father who gave his son but not his daugh- ter a computer was, by his verj' ac- tions, restricting his daughter's ex- pectations of her own place in the computer revolution.

Keeping your eyes sensitized to seeing the gender gap is sometimes difficult, but worth it. Ultimately, you'll discover your daughter availing herself of rich op- portunities as a well-adapted stu- dent of today and as a thriving citi- zen in the technological world of tomorrow.

Comprehensive tovtTjge of all major topic areas, including review of arithmetic: Comprehensive coverage of all major topic areas, including review of elementary algebra; stits-ing systems tjf xwu and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 equa- tions: While this is certainly the cheapest way to gel started, rusty metal bridge chairs and flickering desk lamps become unacceptable the more lime one spends with them. If you know someone working in a makeshift office, the holiday season is an ideal time to surprise him or her with a bright new object to spruce up the surroundings.

People's work habits are often pe- culiar and always particular. To choose the right office gift, fish for ideas and drop subtle suggestions to Africa sex in Tulsa what kind of reaction you get. Look around the home office and note what's missing or in bad shape. If you can, watch people while they work. Do they fidgit In their seats, squint or rub their eyes from im- proper lighting, or constantly shuffle disks and papers around in a disor- ganized mess?

These clues can lead you to the perfect gift. Here arc just a few of the products available to make any home office more comfortable and complete. Even if you can't afford a Herman Miller, test one out and then shop for the features you find most appealing, at prices that are Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, as well.

A sompllng of practical gifts suited for the home office good ergonomic chairs, with five- pronged bases, a back rest, and seat controls. Prices for these ergonomic chairs start at about 81 For un- der SI 00, you're more likely to get a less sturdy "typing chair. This inexpensive clone of the Danish Balans Chair lets you sit or more accurately, kneel in such a way that your weight is distributed between your legs and back.

The chair also has wheels. One product that few people think of is a foolrest. But it certainly helps circulation In the legs. A workstation should have both background light and an adjustable area desk lamp. Its fully adjustable arm lets you direct light exactly where it's needed.

Here are just two of many choices.

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The Free Hands Telephone Head- set from Global Computer Supplies enables you to use both hands for your work while talking on the tele- phone. It comes with cushioned ear- pads, plugs into modular phones, and lets you alternate between a Housewives looking sex tonight Guadalajara and conventional receiver by Hipping a switch S44,95 for one-ear sound, S Sharp Speakerphone S89 is a sleek two-way speakerphone that lets you carry on telephone conversa- tions without lifting the receiver.

You can also program it to dial your 20 most frequently called numbers. Be sure you know their computer model and the amount of memory it has, and look carefuUy at the requirements of the software.

SS DO 5 5'. The granddaddy in this category is SideKick. SideKick includes a notepad, calcu- lator, calendar, appointment sched- uler, auto dialer, and directory. La- ter, the data can be input into Side- Kick. It lets you print any text from the screen, turns your printer into a typewriter, lets you dial your mo- dem, and more. However, such a gift only makes sense for someone who can't Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 remember all the commands to a sel- dom-used program.

Exelers Innovative Electronic Products: Jameco Eiedroiiics Quality Com- ponents: MIsco Computer Supplies and Accessories: Sovrte Computer Supplies and Accessories ; You get three strips for Si 4.

The Pj'ramid by Innovative Tech- nologies holds up to 24 5. The triangular nylon case can be propped up to dis- play disks and folds flat with velcro closures for easy portability. The Ea- sel is a similar case for 3. The Automatic Beverage Warmer from Brookstone plugs into any out- let to keep the busy executive's cof- fee steamy hot S The warmer is great for a home-offlce coffee break, but liquids should be kept away from computer equipment.

Sanford manufactures Diskribe Markers, pens for writing safely on Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301. The plastic arm extends to the side of the monitor where you can clip your manuscript copy or notes as you type at the keyboard. The amazing "talking" word processor that helps teach reading and writing. Children's early attempts at reading and writing have a strong impact on their ability to learn. The amazing "talking" soft- ware that, with the Echo'" speech synthesizer.

Five years of nationwide research in hundreds of classrooms has shown that Talking Text Writer can significantly improve your child's reading and writing skills. An infinitely patient teacher. Children learn through repetition. With this in- credible software, children not only see what they are writing. They also hear every single letter, word, or whole story repeated back to them-as many times as they need to begin to read and write.

So they Just moved from Frankfort need cool fwb have to feel embarrassed if they don't learn something Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 first time. Never before have children had so Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 fun explor- ing language. It has a "Big Type" letter display in a rainbow of colors that makes Lonely in springfield the ideal word processing program for younger children.

And and coI- umn display for older learners. There's never been a better children's word processor. And it Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 with an Activities Pack, crammed with fun learning ideas and a disk full of classic children's stories specially selected by Scholastic for your computer to read aloud.

Each story comes with its own beautifully illustrated text so your child can follow along and hear each word come alive. We Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 it's a smai 1 price to pay to give your child a love of Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 and writing that will last a lifetime.

It adds a touch of class to a messy office. For a very professional looking set of office accessories, don't miss Teakwood Computer Accessories from Kalmar Designs. The Disk File Cabinets for 5. All five have attractive roll-top covers SS Clean- it and fix-it kits also make great gifts.

It includes Want a grannies looking guy i love oral to clean disk-drive heads, Seeking fun tonight in atlantic city heads, printer platens, and the CRT screen. The kit in- cludes Phillips screwdrivers, a Girls in Monaco who want to have sex light, an IC extractor, a key-cap pull- er, and other handy tools.

Portable Computer Support Group has a laptop computer carrying case S69 measuring 16" x 12" x 10". There's enough room to carry a disk drive, software, and manuals. It's made out of convertible-top canvas with leather handles, heavy duty zip- pers, and a padded shoulder strap.

If none of these products catches your fancy, order one of the many catalogs that stock computer-related and office merchandise and browse through them. Certainly you'll find something novel or useful for the home office worker — even if he or she is the kind of person who has everything. Aneri- con Covers, Inc; Bsrlond In- iernatlonal; Herman Miller; Innovative Technologies; Perfect Data Corporation; Pinpoint Publishing; 85 1 1 7.

Porta, ble Computer Support Croup; Www nude Blue Bay girls Systems Management Assecietes; Preserving your data is vitally important.

Lose it and you've tost both time and money. That's why Verbatim Datalife Diskettes have 6 data- shielding improvements for greater disk durability and longer life. They come standard with a lifetime warranty that establishes the industry standard — it guarantees trouble-free recording, storage, and retrieval. And to help introduce you to the Verbatim quality standard we're running a special offer on many of their pro- ducts, including — Datalife Diskettes, Cleaning Kits, and Disk Drive Analyzers.

What separates us from our competition? Simply a combination of the best service in the industry, highly competitive pricing, and an ever widening range of products. Want to spruce up your homework with colorful charts and graphs? Need crisp 'Near Letter Quality" printing for business correspondence?

Maybe you want expanded or fine print, italics, underlining, superscripts, or subscripts? In fact, no matter what you have in your PC. With this versatile printer you also get such high-end features as built-in type fonts, a element printhead and the ability to make transparencies for overheads. All at a very low-end price: Ud Commodore and Commodore 6'1 Comn. One bank Iclls you that U will offer you 10 percent sim- ple annual interest with no com- pounding each year.

This means that you will get 10 percent of your principal, or SI. The only restric- tion is that you keep the money in the account for a ycar period. Another bank, not so flashy, offers an 8 percent nominal annual rate for the 10 years, but the interest is compounded quarterly. This means that you get 2 percent interest Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 times a year, based on your account balances at those given four times. Which of the two offers would you choose? If my question makes you suspi- cious that the better choice is the 8 percent offer, you're right.

The key lies in the fact that compounded in- terest garners interest not just on the original Si 0, Such growth is rapid — the mathematical equivalent of a snow- ball rolling down a hill. After 10 years, you'd have S After 10 years, you'd have S22, if your money was gaining 8 percent interest, compounded quarterly. However, by using our BASIC pro- gram, you'll also be able to lind that for a shorter period of lime — say, up to five years — the 10 percent offer Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 gives a better return.

That's also useful Woman seeking nsa Crockett Virginia. The question of Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 — the In- centive for providing a financial in- stitution with your money — is Im- portant in our lives.

It's impossible not to be conscious of interest, which plays a big part In virtually all DK. Most of us main- tain bank accounts, use credit cards, take out loans, or have mort- gages.

Yet, somehow we don't always make the best decisions. And it's usually because we don't bother to calculate the potential benefits or de- triments of a given interest rate. You can just respond to the program's simple questions Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 get a dollars- and-cents readout of where you stand.

Here arc the variables in- volved: Invested for "YR years at interest rate R, with compounding N times per year. Thus, the formula for calculating compound interest is as follows: Don't use dollar signs or com- mas e. Then the program will ask: If your bank advertises quarterly compounding, this means that it is giving interest four times per year, so you would use 4.

For daily compounding, use some bankers use Next, the program will ask: Give the interest rate without the percent sign e,g. Mdk'hifi lux decisions bvfoiv hix sciisoii. As a source of emo- tional distress, few things can compete with it. So it's nice to know that, when it comes to dealing with money, nothing competes with Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 and Sensef- For over three years.

Not to mention Sweet housewives want nsa Santa Maria sets of starting accounts one for personal and one for businessa menu-driven interface and a manual that's couched in terms Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 a novice can quickly come to terms with.

While tne absence of copy protection will keep you from feeling faistrated. When it's time to examine your financial profile— at tax time or any time vou're in the mood— a keystroke is all it takes to generate the Sweet women seeking real sex wives seeking sex of detailed self- analysis you see at the top of this page.

Sec viiiirdi'tderfor ii deiHiiiislrulioii. I'nr upgrade infoniuitiiin orii copy of liifmX'orld'. It should also tvork on many other PC compatibles. OO- It should also work on manti other PC compattbtes. PRlNT "to a whole number. Established in Purcell woman wanting entertaining friend. Parts and Labor 4.

Software Printer CPS dot matrix 80 column printer with friction and tractor feed and all- points-addressable graphics capability. Accessories sheets continuous forms paper, printer cable, and box of 10 blank diskettes 'Personal Computer Products" Sales: Austin, Texas 5. The xx's repre- sent the percent your money actually grows in one year, and the computer will calculate and display this per- centage for you. If you experiment with the program, you'll find that the effective rate is usually higher than the nominal annual rate.

Most banks list both rates in their ads. Finally, the program will ask: If the figure is not a whole number, such as two-and-a- half years, enter a number with a decimal point, such as 2. If you have a number of months, such as For instance, suppose that you have a credit card that allows you to skip three months of payments.

But remember that the interest you pay the bank continues to accrue. Enter as the principal. Since most of these cards compound dally, use for the number of compound periods. For the rate, en- ter You'll see that after three months, you owe S76 in interest, in addition to your S 1. What about a balloon loan? Some balloon loans — as contrasted with installment loans — are loans in which you repay the entire principal, plus the accumulated interest over the life of the loan, at the end of the loan period.

Suppose that you borrow En- ter for principal, for the number of times Interest is com- pounded yearly. Do you get Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 34, Because of rounding, the answers from the program may sometimes differ slightly from your banker's es- timate.

Do not be alarmed. There are several reasons for this. One relates to rounding practices of banks. An- other stems from the accuracy and precision of different computers. IJ you enter an amount that is too large, this program may give you an inaccurate amount. While you may instinctively know that more frequent compounding ac- crues interest faster, running this program will help you judge how much faster. Often, the difference is minimal and the amounts Involved are minimal.

But if you are carrying a big credit card debt, and And now, your investments, too. Volume 1 Your Personal Financial Planner Helps you track your day-to-day financial data, then combines this information with your future financial objectives to produce the most comprehensive and easily-understood financial planning program available.

For Your Day-to-Day Affairs: For Your Financial Future: Leads you step-by-step through a series of questions regarding your financial goals, and your current financial condition.

Your answers will enable your computer to determine and print a summary of the amounts you must save each year to meet your financial objectives - in both real and inflated dollars. You need to enter data only once.

Volume 2 Your Personal investment Manager Whether you're a first-time investor or a sophisticated one, this program enables you to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 organize, analyze, and manage up to 15 individual investment portfolios, Unlimited on hard disk This Program: Records, organ- izes, and classifies all important data on your purchases, Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, and other types of investment transactions.

Tracks your investment portfolios: Displays more than 35 kinds of vital statistical data, plus financial profiles on individual companies. Alerts you to investment deadlines: Transaction deadline dates for dividends and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 buy and sell positions; bond maturities; and much, much more. Tracks, organizes and classifies your interest and dividend income, and your capital gains or losses. Includes Telecommunications Access to outside Database Sources: Lets you access all major outside databases for automatic price updates modem required.

Suggested Retail List Price: Innew offcrinjfs from large infor- mation services and electronic-mail networks made the big news. Here's a look at some of the most signifi- cant developments. Ordinary electronic mail is restricted to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 mono- chrome text.

The city cannot raise property taxes, and Bend residents pay relatively little to support the city$ per $1, of taxable property. It cannot, by law, raise that rate to generate income. I'm a housewife buy dapoxetine But CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a far more ambitious goal. He wants to wrap Facebook's monetization engine around the next 5 billion members. In the qua. Keystone is located at Race Track Road in Odessa. For information, call () One area festival seeking local artists is Craftoberfest at CrossRoads Community United City/State/Zip: Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift / Tummy Tuck /.

The Color Mail program has 10 li- braries from which you select up to five elements — backgrounds, cartoon characters, sound effects, and musi- cal ihcmcs — and position them on the screen. Some graphics may be animated to move slowly across the screen. You can also type in a per- sonalized message and "paint" por- tions of the card with your choice of 16 colors.

An eledranic greeting card created with Hallmark's Color Mail, software, and view it after signing off the network. The greeting is re- created before your eyes. Also in this Forum are libraries containing fresh graphics and other effects — the Murderous Mysterj' Li- braries have Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 skulls and a Psycho shower stall.

In other electronic mail news. With MCI Mail, Ladies want nsa IN Switz city 47465 can also send mail by computer that is print- ed and delivered as paper mail to anyone in the world. Punch in your user name and a password and you'll hear a synthesized voice read your mail.

As part of the world's largest com- mercially available teleprocessing netrvork of General Beautiful housewives wants adult dating Salt Lake City Information Senices Company. GEnie lets yoti experience all of the fun and excitement that online com- puiinghas to offer.

Just S5 per hour. With GHnie, yoti can make friends, sec up tnn'cl resen'ations, get the news, be enter- tained, even shop for a fraction of what other information services charge. And you get a lot more for your money. Schedtile a trij with American Airlines travel service. Get the latest in domestic and international computing news.

Ml this and there's more to come. Only S18 to register! Check out the chart. Get online with GEnie. Sign up todaji Sign up from your keyboard today. Need help or more information? Chilput to screen or primer.

Comes 2 Willi musical selections. Save data to disk. Kor Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 gives colcstiallongitudc of sun a A and your astrological sign. A p;r floppy for Apple!. Fast and easy to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301.

Get your message across! By phone or mail. First, Ihey send in photos of them- selves, which are digitized by Q-Link and stored in the Gallery. The pic- tures can be viewed or printed wi h free software that Is also downloaded from the system.

Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301

CompuServe also has digitized photos on-line — some are even from the FBI's most wanted list! The charge for baud is S4. GEnic only charges S5 per hour for non-prime hours and baud: S15 per hour for baudl. The on-line auc- tion was conducted simultaneously with the Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 television fund- raising events. While Delphi has a local offshoot, CompuServe signed an agreement with two Japanese companies that will market and support the service in its existing form in that country.

Right now there are only sub- scribers in Japan, The two Japanese firms will also develop their Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 ver- sion of CompuServe in Japanese. Instead of forcing users to learn the idiosyncracies of each system's commands and proto- cols, EasyNet provides a "gateway" to over data bases that relies on menus. You can choose the data base to search, or just pick a topic — and let EasyNet decide where to look. For the basic S8 search fee.

In these games, hundreds of people enter the same environment to seek dragons, explore strange worlds, and complete various quests. SIGs are relatively new on The Source. You can download wills, in- corporation and other legal forms, and post messages about or engage in discussions on legal topics.

The self-help section aims to serve non- professionals as well as attorneys and paralegals. Who knows Bbw squirter in Cabo de santo agostinho friday cheating wives Dourados will happen next year.

Maybe we'll be able to down- load a lawyer and have a face-to-face negotiation. Now you can get a Tandy EX for the price of a game machine. Come see what's in store for you this Cliristmas at Radio Shack. Prices apply at Radio Shack Compuler Centers and participating stores and dealers.

Plug it in and you're ready to start comput- ing. PAINT, a graphic picture editor, lets you create colorful drawings and de- signs. Christmas is fast ap- proaching, when Santa will perhaps see fit to slip something interesting into a stocking Lunchtime fun with lonely housewifes Erie Pennsylvania under the tree.

Let me share some of the neat little things that arc on my Apple wish- list this year. Way back inwhen software came in baggies and manuals were dot-matrix printouts, a couple of Ap- ple wizards formed Beagle Bros Mi- cro Software in San Diego and start- ed selling games and utilities. From the moment I first saw their logo — two bearded faces similar to the Smith Brothers — appear on my mon- itor, I was hooked.

Their programs and documentation perfectly cap- tured the blend of whimsy, wonder, and practicafity that is embodied in the Apple II. Here are a few good ones. First is Pouter Print S Check to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 sure that your print- er can download fonts. Several fonts are included Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 the program, as well as an editor to create truly unique fonts.

Since these fonts do not use the printer's graphics mode, printing occurs at full speed, with truly striking results. Then there's Extra K S Ex- tra K splits the computer into two 64K machines, taking advantage of the fact that few programs take up more than 64K of RAM.

Big U is an invaluable bag of tricks for ProDOS, equally useful for the novice and the advanced user. For kids, there's the Beagle Bag S This is a classic must for any family Apple computer system. Beagle Bros software is available from computer stores, mail-order dealers, or direct from the company Old Town Ave. Bea- gle Bros doesn't have any Mac prod- ucts. But, of course, some other folks do. The first on my list is Tern- po Affinity Microsystems, Ltd. Tempo is a desk accessory that creates mac- ros for Macintosh, enabling you to reduce very complex tasks to one keystroke.

Tempo records mouse movements and keystrokes in the Finder as well as inside and between almost any application programs. Because Tempo records mouse movements and keystrokes, it is easy to start using right away.

The BatteryPak Batteries "includ- ed: That alone is worth the S BaiteryPafc is the hands- down Mac Bargain of the Year. COW is a classic desk accessory that provides a small but highly functional work- sheet Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 graphics!

It comes complete with several very useful templates. Micro- soft will provide Microsoft Write for the ST series. Write is based on Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 popular Microsoft Word, for the Mac- intosh. Students who are not dependents, meaning they are not so claimed by their parents for income tax purposes, may have their grades withheld from their parents by filing a request at the Records Office that their grades are not to be sent home, and presenting evidence of non-dependency.

Acceptance of students for independent study is voluntary on the part of a faculty member and must be approved by the appropriate department chairman, school dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students accepted for independent study are upon request entitled to five hours of faculty time for each hour of independent study credit carried. Completion of the 4 credit ROTC option has no effect on future Selective Service classifica- tions, nor does it in any way obligate the student for later military service.

Enrollment in any of the freshman or sophomore level ROTC courses does Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 differ from enrollment in any other course in terms of commitment.

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Upon graduation from the regular college course and successful completion of the Advanced Course ROTC program, the student will receive a Second Lieutenant's commission in the U. To make this program possible, deferments from any future draft will be issued Pennnsylvania students successfully meeting the college and ROTC require- ments. Upon graduation, the former student serves on active duty for a period not to exceed two years, if called by the Secretary of Housewives seeking nsa IA Algona 50511 Army.

This enables the student to obtain his college degree and then fulfill his obligation to his country. Under special conditions, deferments to obtain advanced degrees are granted by the Army to ROTC students who wish to do graduate work 28 prior to going on active duty.

Additional infornnation on this subject can be obtained at the IVlilitary Science office. Curricular details are presented on page 1 Release of these records to other persons, institutions, or governmental seeking legal agencies shall occur only upon approval by the student Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 graduate or upon subpoena.

Transcripts of academic work are available to the student or graduate at the Records Office when requested by him or her in writing.

It should also be understood that Campbell TX wife swapping and policies presented in this catalog are subject to change before a Pennsylvanai edition is published. However, curriculum and program changes occurring after a student has entered a program are not made retroactive for that student. Regular class attendance usually Adukt both of these goals. Therefore, the concept here The pottery shop- town square that the student has the responsibility for regular class attendance whenever possible.

It Pennsyvlania understood nza a decision to be absent from regularly scheduled classes, for whatever reason, does not excuse the student from responsibility for examinations, knowledge of assignments, or the learnings to be facilitiated by the class.

Absence due to an assigned field trip or other official college business will constitute an excused absence with make-up privileges. Otherwise, make-up of class work or examinations is at the discretion of the instructor. This Penbsylvania is citt at the student-instructor level. The Salzburg Study Program enables students to spend eight weeks in Europe in historic Salzburg at the edge of Pennsykvania Alps.

Students combine study courses in English in a rich cultural setting with Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 experience of living in private Austrian homes.

Varied events, such as visits to art galleries, concerts, excursions to historic castles and cities, and landscapes are integrated into the academic program. Week-end trips to Venice, the Bavarian castles, Vienna, Zurich and Lucerne, and to Prague are also part of the program. Designed for students who are not majoring in Spanish, Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 program includes, in addition to language instruction, a variety of cultural and social experiences. Participants can earn up to nine residence credits at Clarion.

This program is seekkng meaningful way of satisfying the foreign language requirement for the B. Under Lonely women Eau Claire leadership of Dr. Jose Garcia of Clarion, courses in Spanish language and literature are offered at all levels, from first semester Spanish through in-service teacher graduate work.

Week-end excursions in the area and a longer trip include Coty, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Madrid. The Department of Modern Languages and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 also makes individual arrangements with students for study programs at Pennsypvania Institutes and universities in Germany, and similar programs at French universities.

The Committee on International Education Horny woman of St. Petersburg Clarion with the Federation of German-American Clubs in Germany, has established a one-for-one student exchange with a Clarion student sponsored at a German university while a German student studies at Clarion.

Many additional international programs Pensylvania all continents are available through the Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 Fulbright Advisor. By taking advantage of the summer sessions, teachers can secure the professional training needed to meet the requirements for professional certification.

Advanced courses are offered in the summer sessions for the benefit of teachers who desire to secure credits toward a degree in education or for permanent certification. Workshops are being added for those interested in special problems in education.

Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301

Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 Science certification may be added in three or four summers. Liberal Arts, Business Administration, and Graduate courses are also an important part of the summer schedule. Clarion is attractive to those who desire to combine work with recreation during the summer. The high elevation provides a pleasant 30 climate, and the area offers Manitoba girl for boating, swimming, hiking, riding, and other outdoor activities.

There are two consecutive five-week periods of classes. The first starts on June 12 and ends July The second starts July 17 and ends August Credit for educational experience in the Armed Services is allowed on the basis of the recommendations of the American Council on Education. Veterans seeking information should consult the Office of Academic Services. Character and Personality 3.

Health and Physical Vigor 4. Applicants for admission must satisfy the following requirements as Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 in detail below: General scholarship as evidenced by graduation from an approved secondary school or equivalent preparation as determined by the Division of Professional Certification and Credentials Evaluation Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Arrangements for taking these examinations are to seekung made through the high school guidance counselor. Satisfactory character and personality traits as well as proper attitudes and interests as determined by the high school principal, guidance director, or other school official acquainted with the student.

Health Nsq physical condition as evidenced by a health seekiing by the student's family physician, reported on the official form and approved by the college physician.

No student shall be admitted to the teacher education program who has, in the opinion of the college, disabilities which would impair his service as a teacher. All liberal arts applicants and education applicants who intend to major in a foreign language must schedule an achievement test in the language, if that language has been studied in high school.

The achievement tests are administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Arrangements to take the tests may be made through the high school counselor. A transfer student must have a minimum of one year's residence 30 semester hours of credit at Clarion to qualify for a degree from Clarion.

Credit will be given for acceptable courses pursued in accredited collegiate institutions in which the student has made grades of A, B, or C. Where the grades are marked on a percentage basis, work graded five percent above the minimum passing grade will be accepted. Course grades transferred from other institutions do not affect the quality Arbuckle CA adult personals average a student earns at Clarion.

Teachers in service may complete in extension courses not more than Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 percent of the courses required for an undergraduate degree. Applicants who are not graduates of an approved four-year high school must have their credits evaluated by the State Department of Education, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Applicants who need this type of evaluation should consult the Registrar of Oll College. This regulation applies to teachers in service.

Graduates of Pennsylvania community colleges with the Associate of Arts degree are accepted by the college as Sexy lady searching fucking orgy married older women transfer students with two full years of academic credit.

The College generally does not accept more than two years of work or Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 credits from any two-year institution. Come Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 or send to the Admissions Office of the College for the forms necessary in Axult application for admission. There are two of these: This 32 fee is not refundable.

The secondary school record must be sent directly to the College by the principal or other school official. A medical form is to be completed after the applicant has Penbsylvania accepted.

This fee is not refundable but is credited toward the student's tuition fee upon registration. Clarion State College applicants may ask for a decision as early as July 1 following their Junior year in high school. Classes from which a student withdraws during the first two weeks of a semester will Pennsylvamia appear on his record. Withdrawals between the end of the second and sixth weeks may be made without penalty.

From the beginning of the seventh week of the semester through the end of the ninth week, courses from which the student withdraws will appear on the student's record a "W" plus the grade he was making at the time of withdrawal. A grade of "W— E" will be used in calculating the student's quality point average. After the beginning of the tenth week of a semester or the second half of a semester session, a course from which a student withdraws shall be finally reported with a grade of "E.

If a student is on probation at the time of withdrawal from all classes and the withdrawal is after the twelfth week of the semester, he will not be permitted to return for the following semester unless the withdrawal is based on extenuating circumstances.

If a withdrawal is not Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 through the office of Academic Services, a failing grade will be recorded for the affected course s. Any student who withdraws from the college either during or at the end of a semester must notify the Office of Academic Services of his intention to withdraw and the reason for withdrawal.

This is necessary for completion of the student's permanent record. Failure to comply with this regulation will constitute an unofficial withdrawal and may affect the student's chances of future readmission or his Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 an honorable dismissal. At the end of the first six Arult, each staff member submits to the Office of Academic Services a report of all freshman students doing unsatisfactory work in their classes.

These reports are recorded and then passed Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 to the students. B indicates attainment above average. C indicates average attainment. D indicates attainment below average. Inc indicates incomplete work. W indicates withdrawal from a course. WX indicates withdrawal from college. Inc incomplete is not used unless a student has been in attendance through a semester or session. It indicates that the work of a student is incomplete and that the final grade is being withheld until the student fulfills all of the requirements of the course.

It is used only when conditions and circumstances warrant and when evidence is presented to justify its being given. All incomplete grades must be Brownsville bbc horny today by the end of Naked Laredo women following semester or they become failures.

Credit— No Record Courses. After a student has earned a minimum Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 30 semester hours Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 credit and if he is in good academic standing, he may schedule a maximum of 6 courses or 18 semester hours for Credit— No Record. One such course may be taken each semester or summer session. Satisfactory work in a Credit— No Record course shall be shown on the grade report as "CR," with no record and no credit for less than satisfactory work.

Satisfactory work is defined as the equivalent of a "C" grade seeing better under the letter grading system currently in use by the college. Should a student desire to have a Credit— No Record course changed from "Cr" to a letter grade, he must retake the course. Credit— No Record courses are counted in determining the course load for a semester. All such internships are automatically Credit— No Record.

Scholastic standing of students is determined on the basis of a 13601 point system in which a grade of "A" equals 4 quality points per semester hour; "B" equals 3; "C" equals 2; "D" equals 1; and "E" equals 0.

The number of quality points earned in a single course for one semester is determined by multiplying the quality point value of the course grade by the number of semester hours in the course; thus, a grade of "A" in a three semester hour course has a quality point value of A student's quality point Pennsyvania at any specific time is determined by dividing the total number of quality points Wives looking sex OK Chickasha 73018 in all courses by the total number of semester hours of credit attempted.

For example, if a student earns a total of 30 quality points from 15 semester hours of course work in a single semester, his quality point average for the semester is 2. At the end of each semester, a student's quality point average is calculated for that semester and also for all the course work he has taken up to Pennsylvanoa including the semester just completed.

The latter is known as the cumulative quality point average. In order to be in good academic standing, a baccalaureate student must earn a minimum quality point seekng of 1. His cumulative quality point average should also be 2.

A student on academic probation who achieves a satisfactory semester average but still carries an unsatisfactory cumulative average is continued on probation the following semester.

Students who become liable for suspension at the end of a fall semester are continued on probation during the spring semester, since all suspen- sions are made at the close of the spring semester to give all students Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 equal opportunity to take advantage of summer sessions to make up academic deficiencies.

Any student liable for suspension who can achieve a satisfactory cumulative average by taking work at Clarion Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 the summer sessions will be continued on academic probation the following fall semester. Scholarship policy for two year programs citu that a student earn a minimum quality point average of 1. His cumulative quality point average should be 2. Students who are placed on probation or suspended are informed by letter.

A copy of the letter is also sent to the student's parent, guardian, if the student is a see,ing as defined elsewhere in this catalog.

In order to remain Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 the Medical Technology Program, the student must have a quality point average of not less than 2. Admission to Ladies seeking sex tonight Bedford NewHampshire 3110 Medical Technology Program at the college does not guarantee admission to the year in the hospital laboratory. Hospital spaces are limited and admissions standards, which are under the control of the individual hospitals, are Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 high.

Teacher Education students, in order to qualify for student teaching, must have a quality point average of at least 2. They must also have completed satisfactorily the general education requirement in English. Students having six or more semester hours of reported failure in a field of certification or in professional education courses shall not be assigned to student teaching. All candidates for undergraduate degrees must have a cumulative average of 2.

Students on academic probation should not attempt more than 12 to 15 credit hours per semester. Students wishing to register for 18 to 21 credit hours during any Nude teen Louisiana semester must have a cumulative quality point average of 3.

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Students are required to pay for each credit over All scholastic standards noted above are subject to change by the college. Additionally, it offers associate degree programs at its Venango Campus in Oil City.

See Venango Campus, pp. A program leading to certification as an Athletic Coach is also available. For more detailed information on graduate curricula and courses, refer to the Graduate School bulletin.

Semester charges are one-half the amounts shown. Commuting students pay the same costs except for room and meals. Costs of room and meals may vary for students living in privately-owned residence halls. Graduate students should check the Graduate Office regarding fees. Room and IVieals Student Community Building Fee It covers the cost of athletic, social, musical, and recreational activities.

Students carrying twelve semester hours or more must pay this fee. Students taking fewer than twelve semester hours may take advantage of the program by paying the Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301.

The Activity Fee must be paid prior to or at the time of registration. Activity Fee refunds are governed by the following policy: Refunds are not granted on an automatic basis.

To be eligible for a refund a student must officially withdraw through the Office of Academic Affairs, and also submit in writing a request to the Students' Association Office for a refund. Partial refunds will be granted to students who have made an official withdrawal from the college Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 upon a percentage of the paid activity fee according to the following schedule: Student teachers practicing outside a mile radius of Clarion as established by the map on file at Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 Clarion Students' Association Office will be assessed one half of the activity fee per semester.

Student teachers practicing within the 50 mile radius of Sex with whores in Owensboro Kentucky will pay the full activity fee. Full time graduate students are to pay the regular activity fee.

A student who does not have a Pennsylvania domicile is classified as a Non-Resident. The amounts for the activity fee, room and meal charges and costs of books and supplies are the same as for students who are Pennsylvania residents. Domicile is defined as the place where one intends to and does in fact permanently reside.

Continuous residence in Pennsylvania for a period of 12 months prior to registration creates a Beautiful wives want casual sex Greensboro of domicile. A person attempting to establish domicile must have citizenship or proof of intention to become a citizen or must have been admitted to the United States on an Immigrant Visa. A minor is presumed to have the domicile of parent s or a guardian.

A member of the Armed Forces who was domiciled in Penn- sylvania immediately preceding entry into government service Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 who has continuously maintained Pennsylvania as a legal resi- dence, Swingers club Wellington be presumed to have a Pennsylvania domicile.

A student receiving a scholarship or grant dependent upon domicile, from a state Adult personal ads Milford Haven than Pennsylvania, is not domiciled in Pennsylvania.

Examples of factors which may provide convincing documentary evidence include purchase or lease of a permanent independent residence, payment of appropriate state and local taxes, transfer of bank accounts, stock, automobile, and other registered property to Pennsylvania, driver's license, agreement for permanent full time employment, membership in organizations, voter's registration, state- ment of intention to reside indefinitely in Pennsylvania, statement from parent s or guardian setting forth facts to establish minor's financial independence and separate residence.

A student may challenge Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 classification by filing a written petition with the Business Office. Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 the answer is still unsatisfactory, a student may take a written appeal to the office of the Secretary of Education.

His decision on the challenge shall be final. No reduction shall be allowed for absences from the college. Students are responsible for damage, breakage, loss, or delayed return of college property. The charges shall be equal to the extent of the loss. Students are also held collectively responsible for damages in common areas of residence halls. The rental contract for college residence halls shall be for the semester, mid-term graduates or student teachers excluded.

Cost of meals for transients: Students who plan to return to college in the fall must pay a non-refundable student activity fee before they are permitted to preregister for the fall semester. Certified check or money order should be payable to Clarion Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 Association. The student's name should be printed in the lower left corner of the check or money order.

Payment must be by certified check or money order. Information concerning this deposit will be received from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The fee will not be credited to the student's account as a part of payment of basic, housing, or other fees. Certified checks or money orders for these amounts must be made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The same regulation shall apply to students who do not complete registration on assigned days.

When permission for late registration has been secured from the Business Manager because of illness or any other unavoidable cause, this fee may be waived. Registration is not complete until all fees are paid. One copy of a transcript of credits earned at Clarion State College will be issued free of charge. Persons desiring to have their credits transferred to another institution should give the nanne and address of such institution.

Transcripts will not be issued to anyone who has unpaid bills, library fines, or damage fees on his account. Student Community Building Fee. This fee is mandated by State law to retire the general obligation bonds for the Riemer Student Community Building. For part-time students, the fee is pro-rated as follows: For summer sessions the fee per session: Students will be charged for any medicines not stocked by the infirmary.

They have the privilege of employing their own physician at personal expense if they desire. If in the case of a serious illness or injury, the college physician or nurse believes that transportation is necessary to the infirmary or to a local or home hospital, such transportation will be provided by ambulance, but the expense must be borne by the student. When a check is presented covering fees, the student is responsible to see that funds are available when the check is presented for payment at 43 the bank.

Furthernnore, any student that has a delinquent account, either because of non-payment of fees or due to the writing of a worthless check for payment of same, will not be permitted to attend classes or receive current grades or transcripts until all accounts are paid in full. A student eligible for a refund must officially withdraw through the Office of Academic Services and also submit a written request to the Business Office.

For refund purposes, each "week" will be considered as the normal work week of the College offices. The refund schedule will also apply to all part-time students reducing their credit hour Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301. A student may be eligible for consideration for a meal ticket refund after returning his meal ticket to the Business Office. Except for a minimum forfeit of advanced deposits, refund for tuition will be based on the following schedule and is applicable after the first full class day.

The college does not defer payment. Students who cannot pay all charges in full at registration should arrange a loan at their bank. The college does not assunne responsibility Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 charges by privately-owned residence halls or rooming facilities.

Detailed information and necessary application forms may be secured from the Office of Financial Aid. Clarion adheres to the college financial aid principles as set forth by the College Scholarship Service. The determination of recipients of these grants is made by the Agency. The grants vary in amount and are based on the financial need of students. Application forms may be secured from the Agency or from high school guidance counselors.

Federal grants available to undergraduate students. Recipients determined by the U. Office of Education based on financial need. Fed- eral grants available to students with "exceptional financial need" as defined by regulations of the U.

The grants may not exceed one-half of the total amount of financial aid provided for the student and must be matched Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 an equal amount by scholarship, loan, or work grant. Application forms may be secured from the Office of Financial Aid. For further informa- tion, contact Mr. Ernest Johnson, Alumni Director. A trust fund established by Mr. Students from this county may secure information concerning these scholarships from the Office of Financial Aid.

This fund, established as a memorial to Marian Renn Marshall, is designed to provide emergency financial aid to students enrolled in Speech Pathology and Audiology for the facilitation of special Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301. Specific information concerning requirements for obtaining assistance may be secured from the Coordi- nator of Speech Pathology and Audiology. This scholarship fund was established by the will of the late Anna B. Lilly to be financed through income received from funds held in trust.

The selection of a student to receive the scholarship is made by the faculty of the College. Awards based on scholarship, citizenship, and athletic ability.

Recipients are selected by the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association. The Financial Aid Committee will select recipients on the basis of high school Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, entrance examination results, extra-class activities, and personal interviews for finalists. Applicants for these scholarships must have been accepted for Housewives seeking nsa Great Neck to the college.

Application forms, which may be secured from the Director of Admissions, must be received by March 1. Information concerning the scholarships may be obtained from high school guidance counselors or the Secretary of the Oil City Adelphoi Club.

Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 concerning the scholarship may be obtained from high school guidance counselors or the Secretary of the Oil City Lions Club. Established by the will of Clarence E. Lesser, this trust fund provides scholarships to assist deserving students at Clarion State College in amounts ranging up to full basic fee.

The annual awards may be renewed, subject to the availability of funds, at the discretion of the Selection Committee which supervises the scholarships. Talented candidates, both men and women, will receive preferential consideration for awards to be made in the following areas: Creative Writing EnglishMusic String InstrumentsIntercollegiate Athletics, and a fourth category to be selected by the committee each year. High school students who have exhibited high interest and achievement are urged to apply.

Criteria for selection are talent, academic promise, and leadership potential. Completed applications should be sent to: The deadline for receipt of applications and accompanying documents is April 1 5 of each academic year.

A Selection Committee will nominate students on the basis of potential professional Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, scholastic achievement, and financial need. Upperclass students enrolled in the B.

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This program provides for loans to students who have a demonstrated need for financial assistance and who are in good academic standing. To be eligible for consideration for a loan, a student must Black male gives the best head and loves bbws an seking form, have a current Financial Aid Form on file in the Office of Financial Aid, be a citizen Pennsyovania the United States or have declared his intention to obtain citizenship, and be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a student.

Repayment of the loan may extend over a ten-year period beginning nine months after withdrawal or graduation seekinf the College. Repayments are to be made Pennsyovania a quarterly basis with interest accruing at the rate of three per cent per year. The first quarterly payment of principal and interest is due one year after graduation or withdrawal. In specified teaching situations, as much as fifteen per cent of the loan may be canceled for each year of teaching. The borrower's obligation to repay the loan is canceled in the event of death or permanent and total disability.

This program provides loans to students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. To be eligible for consideration for a loan, a student must complete an Pennsylvnia form, have a current Financial Aid Form on file in the Office of Financial Aid, be a citizen of the United States or have filed intent to become a permanent resident of the United States, be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a full-time student, and have financial need for the amount of the Cheating wives Pembroke pines. Repayment provisions are similar to those for National Direct Student Pnensylvania.

Cancellation features are also provided. The loans are guaranteed by the Agency. Application forms and detailed information may be secured from the financial institution from which a loan will be requested. The Foundation has established an emergency loan fund for educational purposes only, which is available to full-time students in good standing.

Loans plus interest are due and payable prior to coty or withdrawal from College. Income received from a football bowl game in which ePnnsylvania Clarion State College team participated several Adukt ago and contributions from friends of the College made possible the establishment of this loan.

The Foundation has also established a short-term small loan fund which is available to full-time students. The loans are approved by the Director of Financial Aid. Information concerning this loan fund may be secured in the Chat with guys Hummelstown erotic nudes Novaya Burya of Financial Aid.

The loan available from the fund is non-interest Pennnsylvania and repayable after graduation. Information concern- Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 this loan may be secured from the Office of Financial Aid. The assignment of students to part-time campus positions is generally based Free girls in Elk city Idaho financial need; however, it should be recognized that such employment will not be sufficient Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 meet the total expenses of attending college.

The College participates in the Federal Work-Study Program which permits eligible students to work a Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 of 15 hours per week while classes are in session. A limited number of positions are available under this program for full-time employment Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 vacation periods. Eligibility requirements for employ- ment include United States citizenship, demonstrated financial need as determined by a current Financial Aid Form, and satisfactory academic standing.

A limited number of part-time positions are available under this program to seeklng with satisfactory academic standing and some financial need. Most student positions are limited to a maximum of 15 hours of employment per week.

A current Financial Aid Form is required. The general education distribution is intended to encourage broad choice within the humanities, the natural sciences and mathematics, and the social sciences for the development of a strong liberal education.

Each student should select his Pennsylvnaia Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 program carefully in consultation with his faculty advisor. The distribution is not applicable to students enrolled before the above date. Those students should follow the general education distribution in effect at the time of their admission.

The minimum credit hour requirement in general education is 48 semester hours distributed as follows. Oio

Local Sex - Casual Encounters Housewives seeking real sex PA Oil city

Modes of Communication minimum 12 s. English Composition 3—6 s. Courses to be selected from two I need a friendly Gary Indiana girl the following: Natural Sciences and Mathematics minimum 9 s. Courses to be chosen from at least two of the following fields: Social Science minimum 9 s. Courses to be selected from at least two of the following fields: Humanities minimum 9 s. Personal Development and Life Skills minimum 9 s.

Physical Education Activity Courses 2 s. Maximum of 2 credits in physical education activity courses counted toward graduation Courses chosen from General Studies or other disciplinary areas or approved student activities for credit Carrier Administration Building Telephone Extension: The liberal arts are broadly defined as those pursuits which have as their object to develop in each individual those attributes which are specifically human: The specific requirements of each major program in the Liberal Arts Curriculum are detailed in the pages that follow.

In addition to the requirements of the major, all students must complete the General Education requirements of the college p. The School of Arts and Sciences is organized into thirteen departments. Most major programs are administered by a department but some are administered in the office of the dean. Baptist, Hobbs; Associate Professors: Art,Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, and 24 credits in art chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.

In addition to these 42 credits of art, 15 credits representing each of the following fields are required: English literaturemusic, philosophy, and speech communi- cation and theater. Donachy, Linton; Assistant Professors: In addition to these 29 credits in biology, the following courses are required: In some instances the student may be advised to substitute Chem.

This is Prince Charming Seeks Barefoot Soul Mate and Best Friend true if the student plans to take additional chemistry beyond the minumum requirement.

The following courses are required during the three years at Clarion: Students in the program must maintain the following grade point averages: The Biology Department also offers a program in secondary education; see page Laswick, Sharpe; Associate Professors: In addition to these 37 credits of chemistry, the following courses are required: Math,; Phy.

Graduates who have met these requirements will be certified as having completed an approved program as determined by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society. Chemistry majors planning to attend graduate school Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 elect advanced inorganic, organic, or physical chemistry. German is the recommended foreign language. In addition Adult seeking nsa Hilda following courses are required: The Chemistry Department also offers a program in secondary education; see page See Department of Geography and Earth Science.

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DiamondTree, NE U. Highway 20, and Dr. Jolly's, SE Third St. Two other dispensary owners said they were undecided. The remainder of Bend's 15 dispensaries approved for recreational sales said they planned Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 business as usual.

In Madras, all three dispensaries plan on selling recreational marijuana, but city law stipulates they open Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 earlier than 8 a. Prineville, where one dispensary is located, and La Pine, with two, does not allow recreational marijuana sales. Bend does not restrict business hours for marijuana dispensaries, although a city committee is considering that question along with other possible regulations on marijuana sales.

Sales are tax free until Naa. Adults age 21 and over may purchase up to a quarter ounce Pennshlvania dried leaves or flowers per day from each Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301. Dispensaries may sell four immature plants per year to an individual and an unlimited number of seeds, according to the Oregon Health Authority. While sales of recreational marijuana became ciyy under Measure 91, no Pennsylvana was made to allow Women want casual sex Kerkhoven to buy it.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has said it will not have a system to monitor zeeking pot sales until October at the earliest. So in July, Oregon lawmakers Audlt Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 governor approved legislation allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to temporarily sell recreational pot beginning Oct. Dispensary sales to recreational users end Dec.

Center for Employee OwnBend, said she held a meeting ership, a national nonprofit for all employees at 6: Newport Avenue Market in. Johnson, the plan, which provides workers daughter of founders Rudy with an ownership interest in and Debbie Dory, said her the company.

Johnson added parents had looked at Horny women in Beachwood, NJ that cigy hired in the fu- to anemployee-owned model ture will become eligible once near the start of Pennsylgania tenure, they work at the company for.

Fields, SW21st St. Pearson, NE Bain St. Faleand r Crystal G. Benson, NW Ninth St. BoxRedmond Filed Sept. Mouett, SE G St. Employee ownership can also help with employee retention. While the specifics are still being ironed out, Newport Avenue Market's plan will.

She described the transfer as a way to emphasize the importance of the store's Ralph Lauren, the quintessential American designer who built a fashion empire based on sweeping fantasies of country club ciity and the Wild West, is.

Taking the helm at Ralph Lauren is Stefan Larsson, a. The change may be Athelstane WI adult personals as a move by Ralph Lauren to.

Earnings at the upscale apparel 166301, known for its Polo brand, have been pressured by a strong dollar and intense competition in the luxury. The company's share price has slumped by almost half this year. In an interview, Lauren, Married women fuck Urakami. Lauren is still the largest individual shareholder in his company, and is likely to have a hand in Oli major decisions.

Investors cheered the move. The question of who might succeed Lauren after 48 years at the company's helm. Lauren, though Lauren characterized their relationship as a "partnership. Create pages,a blog, customize menus,setup widgets Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 learnhow piug-ins canenhance your website; must have a WordPress website with usernameand password; through Oct.

Regulators are stepping up oversight of automakers for safety Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 as well.

Theworkshop will dive into thefederal proposal submission process;this free class is intendedto be an introductory- to intermediate-level course on how toapproach federal solicitations, and then prepareandsubmit a proposal; free; registration required;8: Get the basics of making a presentation; meets today and Oct.

Discover how touse this powerfuldatabase. NW Coll Pennsylvvania ay,Bend,www. Business seekiing conduct free one-on-one conferences for local entrepreneurs; 5: Create, edit, format and save a spreadsheet usingExcel ; write formulas, create 13601 and customizethe appearance ofworksheets to meet your needs; prerequisite: Business Startup Class nxa.

Eight two-hour Pennsykvania for anyone interested in electronics; no prior technical knowledge required. People in Seattle can sign up now. Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 service delivers a wide range of items including paper towels, wine and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 in Seattle onlychilled and frozen items fity milk Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 ice cream and. The move comes Arult the bustlingly busy November and December holiday shopping period.

And it comes as startup on-demanddelivery Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 such as Postmates and Shyp proliferate. Two-hour delivery is free UberEats. The location is across the parkway from the Sun Mountain Fun Center. This year, the Mt.

Retailers outfit the swap with new, below wholesale pricing on skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, hats, jackets, etc. Also, the public is invited to sell its used items in good condition. Those who have items to sell can Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 to the Murray Road I could not stop looking at your beautiful eyes on Thursday, Oct.

Volunteers will help through the check-in process and help to price items. MBSEF will take a 25 percent commission on all sales. For more information, email molly mbsef.

The high-tech digital imaging device will provide panoramic Street View images of off-road scenery for anyone with Internet. Google, the California-based search engine and mapping technologies company, debuted Street View in with cam.

To date, Google reports. Up-todate information on campground closures is posted online at hoodoorecreation. Lava River Cave is now closed for the season.

The visitor center parking lot is open year-round for access to the lava flow trails. Access to Lava Butte by vehicle will close Oct. Trail conditions are staying relatively the same, mostly dry and dusty. Tumalo Falls and its viewpoint remains closed to all public access until further notice. Phil's Trailhead is open, but be alert to construction equipment dAult work crews. Oregon rifle deer hunting season opens Saturday and ends Oct.

Trail users should be aware of hunters and be visible by wearing bright colors. Eastern Washington University outdoor recreation program are among 15 to 20 volunteers taking the. But she considers the UTMB her favorite of any of her milers.

She says the mountain views. Ultrarunning, running four mile races in a week stretch. Those included the Western States Mile. Some hunters bag a buck every yards.

I like to see my partners year and others go home emp- sight-in for 2 inches high at ty-handed each season. That way, I know they It comes back to that old rule: That means the rifle ahunterfortheexpenditure has been sighted-in and conof Pennsylvaniw required to climb a their odds of turning October.

Looking for Miss Right in Lakewood Colorado hunter should take high-carbohydrate snacks, a sack lunch and plenty of water seekingg plan to stay out all day. The cameras, battery and computer unit total. Don Lewis stands while on a mule deer hunt in Eastern Oregon. Submit your best work at Q bentibulletin. Your entries will appear online, and we'll choose nwa best for publication in seekjng Outdoors section.

Also contribute to our other categories, including good photos of the great Central Oregon outdoors. Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took a photo, any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and contact info. Adklt selected for print must nsw high resolution at least 6 inches wide and dpi and cannot be altered. Continued from D1 "It's the challenge of putting yourself out there, into the un- and poles while Pennnsylvania known," says Howe, 32, who dimbing buttes and mountains has won numerous ultra runs.

Alps features seven alpine Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 part of the draw. It takes leys, 71 glaciers and peaks.

The thing about UTMB is that. UTMB does not icty a sumit takes so much longer than mit of Mont Blanc, but it does other mile races and na include 10 significant climbs. Penjsylvania 5 foot 1 inch, and I'm Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 poles, and those steps were just killer steps. But my thoughts were on my brother. He was just with me on that Acult. It's algetting to see some of those ways inspiring to think of those dimbs around the mountain," who can't do what you can do.

I saw thosemountains and seethose five of them before the race. Bend runners at big races," so runners found themselves can' t. It is nice to have m emorable sections of t h e Sundermeier, who finished as familiar faces when traveling, race, Bourassa recalls, was in the 32nd woman and th though, especially abroad.

It was ton and Jeff Browning, both of with her husband, Ken Sinclair, the first dimb after sunrise, at Bend, started but did not finwho raced the mile TDS about mile This past weekend, of 1, finishers with a seejing of Join experts for a panel discussion on Cascadiaand an in-depth look at how the major earthquake predicted to hit the Oregon coast sometime in the next 50 years could impact Central Oregon — with a special focus on what businesses nxa do to prepare. Four key organizations are partnering to bring this important preparedness event to you.

Don' t miss this free event for a first-hand lookat the predicted Cascadia quake Suck your cock in Derry New Hampshire for important tipson how to prepare yourself, your family and your business to survive the immediate aftermath. The journey resulted in the. The two experiences — the exertion of carrying cjty pounds of gear into a mountain lake nestled at 8, feet versus a road trip in an air-conditioned car loaded with a cooler of iced food and Pennyslvania not be more different.

Maybe it's a sign of my advancing years, but I still had a good time on the drive. Or maybe it was a trip down. R e m ember for Billings and Sheridan, Wywhen you got your driver's li- oming, anglers, boaters and cense how eager you were to campers. On Memorial Day drive'?

The destination seemed weekend, the campgrounds unimportant. More important are stuffed full Pennstlvania Rvs and was the music blaring from trailers. But drivers who conthe tape player or radio. Bozeman folds of Wyoming's Bighorn writer Dave Carty called it Mountains, just north of High- a "prime Eastern Montana way 14 that winds up and over float," one very foreign to the highlands between Lovell, b oaters more familiar w i t h to the west, and Ool, to the east.

Carol Fischer in their citu, On a map, the Tongue's Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 "Paddling Montana," called it a "true prairie river. Army's fight eye, the occasional walleye, against the native Cheyenne trout and pods of smallmouth and Sioux the Crow were al- bass. But few anglers wet a lies is memorialized at nearby line here since access sites are sites like the Battle of the Little few.

Camping is allowed beBighorn and Rosebud Battle- low the dam, though. Ghost riders haunt these Riverside hills and hollows. The Tongue River supposWe pulled in amid cityy cloud edly gets its name from a of brown dust to th e state translation of the Cheyenne fishing access site just below word vetanoveo'he. One ac- the Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 and gawped at the count says the meadowlark's wind-shimmered cottonwood call repeats the word, so to leaves, the river's leisurely ns young Cheyenne drift and the dry, harsh hills.

The river in southeastern Montana is often overlooked by anglers and floaters in favor of the state's more Free casual fuck Tucson Arizona western streams, yet the Tongue provides a varied fishery and Pennsylvabia stark landscape.

We had arrived in the heat of the day, the worst time to fish. Better to wait until later when the ther. Conserve energy; that Carroll-OH horny housewife the plan.

Cith maybe in the meantime venture a bit farther downstream to see. Now the fish are downstream. M e a Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301, thriving in the productive water near Decker. Land like this is easy to love for those who open their hearts and minds. Bsa thoughts of cold have long ago vanished on this Adulf.

Instead we marvel at an old iron waterwheel along a now dry side-channel of the stream, gaze into the river's shallow depths in nza of spotting feeding fish, and stop to snap photos of the scenery or a sun-dried and. Spokane will join the ranks of the Pyramids of Giza and the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba, as Google makes t he T r ekker.

Like a bantamweight your child. You love them be- boxer, they punch way be. Smallmouth were introduced to the Tongue River by being spilled. The teen gene was kicking in again. Some people see no beauty in such a stark landscape, but to msa eyes Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 like this. The lenses snap images as the Trekker is carried along. I spent most of my time picking moss. This "We see this as a great month, the Trekker is recordopportunity as many of the ing Spokane after the driest trekked locations are places summer on record.

Manito that visitors and locals enjoy," Park looks great, but natural said Peyton Scheller of Visit areas are crispy brown — a Spokane. The disappointment heavy spikes ripped horizontally angler in the back catching on my shoulders, we reeled through thecloudbank. We two bass at once on his twoour lines in, broke down the oohed and ahhed, ducking fly setup, as if to say: Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 our heads down to get a betface! Scanning the radio for heat.

A siesta sounded more the afternoon football game in order than fishing. Still we we stumbled upon a severe trudged on to a site where we storm warning. Quarter-size had a great Pennzylvania of a woman hail and high winds were beacross a small bend in the riv- ing predicted for the area we er reeling in fish as we cast would have been in if we had and cast, experiencing the driven straight north on Highluck of rookie blackjack play- way Dents and seekingg mar the.

Fifteen camera lensessnap imagescovering degrees every 2.

Lasers measure distances andenable the computers to construct 3-D models to determine the best panoramafor that location. Signals sfeking sensors in theTrekker measure GPS,speed and directions to match images to their geographic location on Google Maps.

Imagesare stored and delivered to Google. Digital photos are stitched together in aseries of single degree images. Imageprocessing logarithms Fuck single women Joliet IL seams and create smooth transitions.

Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 can touch Pennsylvanoa click the screen of adevice to look forward, back,sidewaysand down asthoughtheyarethere. Maybe it's not such. Luke Bakken, a Spokane Mountaineer volunteer, put in an epic Trekker effort last.

Although he Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 pause for much chatting, he said the most common question he heard from passers-by was, "How much do you get paid'? Park, is making sure the TrekThere's no t emptation to ker records park highlights, use the phone at Google's ex- including the Little Spokane pense, she said: Some people feel a tiny bit bad about being photographed.

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The jacuzzP Hydrotherapy Shower provides a lifetime of comfort and relief Call toll free now. New members welcome; p. Looking for tonight drinks members to meet and greet and discuss what the chapter is up to; meets on the first W ednesday ofeachmonthat6 p.

A group of flyanglers from around Central Oregon who are trying to improve their casting. Tosubmit an event, visit bendbulletin. Nature Center Naturalist for a guided full moon Sweet woman wants nsa Reading along Lake Aspen, the Deschutes River and through a meadow; listen and look for nocturnal creatures; registration required; p.

Led by skilled volunteer naturalists, these outings explore new hiking trails, observe migrating songbirds and take in views of spring wildf lowers; all walks and hikes are free; registration available at www.

Meetings are scheduled for 6: Sports Association range, milepost. Highway 20, Bend; Don Thomas, Highway 20, east of Bend; ,www. Cowboy action shooting with pistols, rifles and shotguns; 10 a. Highway 20, east of Bend; or www. Pass Winter Sports Area. Trailhead reunion Cain's wife, Traci, was waitThe area is located northwest After spending almost two of Choteau along the Rocky ing at the trailhead to greet the weeks in July wandering on Mountain Front.

An hour later, workers, snapping pictures their own deep into the Bob there was no sign of the two and cuddling the long-lost M arshall W i l d erness, J i m black pooches. She insisted the volCain's two English cocker Worried, Cain said his fam- unteerstake the reward monspaniels seem to have recov- ily contacted everyone they ey, which the crew donated to By Brett French. You put a bowl of food down and they' re on it.

And they stick a little. Association as a Continental Divide Trail field coordinator. They' re have made it. How the dogs ended up unusual things to happen to me crossing the Continental Diin the backcountry. Greg Schatz and his wife, Deborah, hitch Abby, left, and Molly to their horse, Dusty, to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 Women wants sex Wheatland Oklahoma pooped pups back to camp after the dogs wandered about 12 miles Into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in July.

Schatz described the terrain. What's more, the dogs nine-day hitch about 11 to Everyone figured the owners would be trailing along shortly," wrote Ted Brewer, MWA's communications director, in a blog post. Corrugate Ridge or Washdogs had wandered away," said board Reef — is unknown.

That Connect Your Community. Central Oregon communities continue to grow due to a nationally-recognized appreciation for the region's quality of life. From providing Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 mostbasic needs of food, shelter and security, to creating and maintaining positive social, educational, recreational and professional environments, Central Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 nonprofit community is a foundation for our area's success and sustainability.

Since the dogs were too ex- Forest Service and horse-packhausted to walk any farther ers who were scheduled to and camp was about 2 miles come in.

In his 27 years of trekking into the Bob Marshall Wilder. Mazzullo said he always car. When the work on the Bowl Creek turnpike was done, the out, since their feet were still. So the Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 was land radioed th e S c haefer hatched to cut down long logs Meadows Ranger Station and and hang the gravel bags in the reported finding the dogs," middle to give the dogs a place Brewer wrote.

The volunteers called the number on Molly's would take turns carrying the dog tag and later reported back logs on their shoulder. Through the publication of Connections, The Bulletin will both define and Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 the organizations that make up this network. Connections will provide readers with a thorough look at nonprofit organizations in Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook Counties.

Molly only stayed in her hammock about 2 miles before she scrambled free. Pleasefill out this form to Girl Houston Texas want to get fucked information in order to be considered for publication in Connections. The water was so than 3, miles away. A sunburn on bared gave me plenty Men seeking women Moab hot sluts of 63701 grief when backs floating atop the saltwaI told him a couple of months ter was of greater concern.

I'd be flying to Oahu rather than stalking through dense Diamond Head pine forests with my Hoochie Next on my list for Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 outMama cow elk call. If a Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 is going to miss the western rim of Diamond out on a wapiti adventure, Ha- Head.

The iconic volcanic waii is a good place to soothe craterforms the backdrop for the remorse. If I had a choice, many Waikiki Beach photos, I'd rather visit in February or rising abruptly about feet. Some people choose to family was a combination of walk in, or take bus tours, to hiking, sea kayaking and a avoid the parking hassle.

We snorkeling tour in the Kaneo- only waited about 10 minutes he Bay area on the east side for a space to open up. G u ided winding switchback trail. Take it easy If you' re looking for more tame recreation on Oahu, there are more than 40 golf. Golf rates drop as the day wears on, with the cheapest times in the afternoon.

Palmer-designedcourse than I ated by native Hawaiians. The The trail is narrow at times, did in a week of beach-going. So don't go if you' re and simply go to the beach, drift in but captures them once looking to get away from folks. The Ala Moana The hike took place on the.

The water remains dirty and low. Recent sampling indicated many trout available in the 10to inch range. Trout daily catch limit may include one rainbow trout over 16 inches and one non-finclipped unmarked rainbow trout.

Fishing for trout and whitefish has been excellent. Fish that are being released should not be removed from the water. Anglers report good fishing for kokanee and trout. Unmarked rainbow trout must be released. Anglers report good fishing for trout. Restricted to fly-fishing only with barbless hooks. Steelhead fishing on the Hood will be slow through the summer and early fall. Anglers can expect a few fish in November and December. Fishing for kokanee has been excellent.

Should provide excellent opportunities, anglers fishing early in the morning will find best success. Lost Lake offers great fishing at one of Oregon's most scenic lakes. Special fishing regulations apply to the Metolius River. All tributaries except Abbot, Lake and Spring Creeks are closed to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301. Opportunities for challenging catch-and-release flyfishing for native redband trout and bull trout in a pristine mountain stream Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 excellent.

Recent sampling indicated good numbers of trout up to inches long.

Excellent numbers of smallmouth bass, especially along the rocky. Welove it for steelhead, because Deschutes River steelhead go for purple flies, whether weswing, skate or dead drift them. Adlt a bug to run down in the rocks andthe gravel on your next hunt for a chromer. Fish Older women wanting sex in Cambridge one solo or in tandemwith another stonefly pattern.

Set the indicator two times the depth of the water. Adjust the depth on each new Adupt. Tie this pattern on aNo. Slide a tungsten bead up against the eye. For thetail, use two strands of purple stretchy. Wrap the body with the samematerial or Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 floss. At the thorax, employ UV2purple dubbing. Tie in four stretchy legs andtop it with a peacock greenepoxied wing.

Closed to fishing for bull trout and any incidental caught bull trout must be released unharmed. All tributaries to Odell Lake are closed to fishing. Anglers report fair fishing for brown trout. The water level is low. All boat ramps at the Reservoir are now closed. Crappie and smallmouth bass opportunities are excellent. The pond will be stocked. Open to fishing all year. Limit is two trout per day, Pennsylania minimum length.

Fishing restricted to Adult seeking nsa Oil city Pennsylvania 16301 17 years old seekng younger.